"Time to dance! Sobat Festival! (踊るぜ Baby! ソバットフェスティバル! Odoru ze Baby! Sobatto Fesutibaru!?)"
Dee Jay
"It's all over, Baby! (終わりだBaby! Owarida Baby!?)"
Dee Jay, when cancelling Sobat Carnival

The Sobat Festival (ソバットフェスティバル Sobatto Fesutibaru?) is Dee Jay's first Ultra Combo in Super Street Fighter IV.

All appearances Arcade Stick CBArcade-Stick-RightArcade Stick LR + Arcade Button Kick x3
Dee Jay 473


Sobat Festival

Dee Jay finishes Rufus with a Sobat Festival.

Executed by charging backward, then pressing forward, backward, forward and all three kick buttons, Dee Jay performs a short backflip and spins his torso backwards. He then performs a series of slashing dread kicks and jackknife kicks while shouting the Ultra Combo's name, and finishes with an Air Slasher-powered uppercut.


Sobat Festival

Full Sequence

The attack has a relatively slow startup and cannot usually be used to punish blocked attacks, although the brief startup invincibility granted to most Ultra Combos allows it to pass through projectiles; the attacker should ideally be as close as possible. It is also possible to cancel Dee Jay's Sobat Carnival into the Sobat Festival.



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