This is a list of quotes used by Sodom.

Street Fighter Alpha series Edit

Street Fighter Alpha Edit

Win Quotes (American version) Edit

  • "Guess I beat you pretty bad. Nothing personal."
  • "Not bad. Maybe you should work for me."
  • "You will not interfere with my plans!"
  • "You're just too weak!"

Win Quotes (Japanese version) Edit

  • "DIE JOB DEATH CAR? (oi oi, mou oshimai ka?)"
  • "DO MORE SWIM A SEND! (otto sumanee!)"
  • "SHOW BY HUNG JAW! (kyou mo zekkouchou da ze!)"
  • "SHOW GUN I DEATH! (ma, akirame na!)"
  • "SHOW SEA SEND BANG! (waracchimau ze!)"

Rival Dialogue Edit

Vs GuyEdit

Sodom: You ruined my life! Time to pay the price!

Guy: You again?

Sodom: I'll make you suffer! You'll never interfere with me again!

Guy: Didn't I beat you enough the first time?

Street Fighter Alpha 2 Edit

Rival Dialogues Edit

Vs KenEdit

Ken: Hey, Shogun, I didn't know this was a costume party.

Sodom: Insolent brat! You'll pay for your disrespect.

Ken: Fight me? But you might get blood on your pretty dress.

Sodom: The only blood spilled will be yours.

Vs GuyEdit

Guy: You're still so outclassed.

Sodom: I'm in a class of my own. You've destroyed my gang. Now you insult me? You will die!

Guy: Bring it on.

Street Fighter Alpha 3 Edit

Rival Dialogues Edit

Vs. Rolento Edit

Rolento: I'm trying to accomplish a vital mission! Join me right now, and you will be rewarded handsomely! Otherwise... I'll assume you are just an obstacle to my plan... and I will eliminate you!

Post-battle Edit

Rolento: I never imagined my plan would end in such failure!

Sodom: Your plan...?

Rolento: Shadaloo is said to have constructed an underground base. We planned to take it over and make it into our own!

Sodom: Oh, that is a nice plan! I'll take that base for myself! I'll make it the headquarters of the new "Mad Gear!"

Vs. Chun-Li Edit

Chun-Li: You there! I'm in the middle of a very important mission! Please do not interfere!

Sodom: The Shadaloo base... It's going to be perfect for Mad Gear! Then, everything will be mine!!

Chun-Li: There seems to be no point in talking to you. Get ready...!

Vs. M. BisonEdit

Bison: Oh well... Another day, another piece of trash... Look... Garbage such as yourself has no place here!

Sodom: I'm not trash! I really have class I tell you! And... now I'll show you my super special move, too!

Bison: I see. Worthless trash came here to spew more garbage. Show me.

Win Quotes Edit

  • "Boku wa itchy bun desu!! (I am the best!!)"
  • "I am the inspiration of all game fans! No... Really I AM!!"
  • "Kick on see mat show! (We are good friends!)"
  • "Meet saw, show you? (How do you want it?)"
  • "My moves are quite special, aren't they?"
  • "No, you've got it all wrong; I don't hate you! I like you!!!"
  • "Oretachi wa mutt achy da! (We are dogs in pain!)"
  • "Please don't thank me. In fact, 'Don't touch my moustache!'"

Final Fight Revenge Edit

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