Softlock is a glitch in Street Fighter II available to arcade players. It can be triggered when the time is up. In order to do the glitch to trigger Softlock, the player must do a certain combination.

The Softlock freezes and breaks the game. The game is then unable to be played until the game is reset.


Invisible Dhalsim Softlock Edit

To do this Softlock, a player using Dhalsim must do Yoga Fire. Before the fireball shoots out, the player must hit a kick button. After the kick button has been pressed, Dhalsim is invisible. The opponent can hit Dhalsim in order to break him out of invisibility.

If time runs out after Softlock is done, the game is broken, and nothing happens. The background keeps moving, but no events are happening, and the player cannot move their chosen character.

E. Honda Car Softlock Edit

E. Honda has a certain attack which can cause Softlock if it is used on the car. E. Honda will have to damage a corner of the car and leap backward facing the opposite direction (eg. if going on left side, Honda faces left, Honda jumps right, etc.). If performed at the perfect angle, then the car will continuously bounce with Honda staying in the air. Honda cannot do anything in a single player game. When time runs out, the game goes into Softlock and the game has to be reset before it is able to be played again. But the car is still bouncing and Honda is still pumping the car.

The Stance w/ Handcuffs Throw Edit

Guile has the most glitches of all the characters in SFII. If Guile does a upside down click transitioning into a flash kick, Guile will be in a certain stance. Guile can be hit out of the stance, but cannot do any moves. If Guile does a medium throw transitioning into a flash kick, the opponent will eventually follow Guile around. If both are activated, the game will triggered and be stuck in Softlock. Guile and his opponent cannot do anything, which is the Softlock. If Guile gets the opponent out of the handcuffs throw (in which the opponent follows Guile around), the game is stuck in Softlock. There is no time limit and the characters/fighters can keep going.

Screen Scrolling into Dancing-Like Throw Edit

The screen scrolling glitch in Street Fighter II': Champion Edition can be done with Vega and Guile. During the screen scroll, the player can stop the scroll by using a Sonic Boom. If the Sonic Boom is performed when the players are too low to the ground, the players are stuck in a certain stance, which Guile has control of, by moving left or right. The game will then be stuck in Softlock.

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