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The Sonic Blade is Guile's first V-Skill in Street Fighter V.

Sonic Blade Medium punch+Medium kick
Sonic Cross

Charge backRight motion+Punch (During V-Skill)


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Executed by pressing Medium Punch and Medium Kick simultaneously, Guile tilts sideways and up performs a double-arm cross slash to create a spinning, stationary, vertical projectile filled with sonic energy.

By throwing a Sonic Boom immediately after activation (charging backward, then pressing forward and punch), Guile performs the Sonic Cross, which is a wide-projectile filled with sonic energy at his opponent. If no Sonic Boom is thrown right after activation, the Sonic Blade diminishes within a mere second.


Guile's V-Skill is one of the more versatile V-Skills in the game. It gives him an extra projectile, as well as another tool to pressure his opponent. After Guile scores a knockdown, he can use Sonic Blade to maintain offensive pressure or add another barrier to his defense.

The strength of the punch button pressed determines the speed of the projectile. The Light version travels the slowest, while the Heavy version travels the fastest. Each version also leads to a knockdown. In addition, the Sonic Cross is a two-hit projectile. This is useful when battling against other zoning characters whose fireball has only one hit. In a battle using projectiles, Guile's Sonic Cross can neutralize the opponent's fireball and attack them at the same time.

Additionally, Guile can use the Sonic Cross as a means to approach his opponent. After releasing the projectile, Guile can stay behind the fireball as he walks toward his opponent. This will keep his opponent on their heels, forcing them to defend against two things at once; Guile and the oncoming fireball.

The EX version is three-hit projectile that travels the fastest across the screen. Like the other versions, this one also causes a knockdown. This version can also be used to blow up the opponent's fireball game.

On the other hand, Guile's V-Skill can be used to bait his opponent into jumping. By throwing out the Sonic Blade, the opponent may assume that Guile will fire a projectile at them, which gives them a reason to jump. If Guile catches his opponent trying to jump, he can forgo throwing the Sonic Boom and stuff their jump-in attempt with Flash Kick.

With so many uses and options with this V-Skill, Guile becomes more of a threat if and when the Sonic Blade cuts through the stage.