The Sonic Break (ソニック ブレイク, Sonikku Bureiku), also known as Sonic Barrage, is one of Charlie's Super Combos first introduced in the Street Fighter Alpha series. Shadow can also use this move beginning in Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter, and the move is dubbed Shadow Break (シャドウブレイク, Shadou Bureiku).

Guile is also able to perform a version of it through his V-Trigger, Solid Puncher.


Arcade Stick CBArcade Stick RLArcade Stick Right + Arcade Button Punch (Arcade Modifier TapArcade Button Punch)


As the name suggests, it is simply a series of fast Sonic Booms in succession. Charlie starts off with one Sonic Boom, saying "Sonic Break!", and can continue to launch more (max. 4) if the player keeps pressing the punch button. It is quite useful, because a regular Sonic Boom has a good amount of Stun, and in rapid succession they can dizzy the foe, not to mention the good damage. However, this mainly applies to the level; Level 1 will allow two, Level 2 allows three, while Level 3 enables the full combo. Once a Sonic Boom leaves the screen, then the move ends. From there players should be cautious of their timing if they choose to delay the projectile throw inputs, which can lead to either failure to capitalize on a certain situation (as well as a waste of meter) or a possible frame trap situation from a safe zoning position.

In crossover games, he can launch more than four of these projectiles in a large volley per Sonic Boom motion. They all fly in an erratic pattern with each projectile following each other closely on the same path, and cover much of the screen in front of him. It acts similar to the Level 3 version in that it's optional for Charlie to do all three extra shots.

Of note is that Charlie shoots the following Sonic Booms after the first one using an uppercut, a spinning back knuckle and a reverse spinning rolling sobat kick, demonstrating his mastery of the move.

In Street Fighter V, Sonic Break is one of Charlie's EX Special attacks, allowing only 2 Sonic Booms to be thrown.

Also in Street Fighter V, Guile is able to utilize it upon activating his V-Trigger, Solid Puncher. Because Guile's lack of mastery for Charlie's fighting style, Guile needs to power up to do so and merely throws each Sonic Boom with only one hand apiece. Guile's version of Sonic Break allows him to throw up to 5 Sonic Booms at a time within V-Trigger's energy bar.


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