"Sonic...Hurricane! (ソニック! ハリケーン! Sonikku! Harikeen!?)"

The Sonic Hurricane (ソニックハリケーン, Sonikku Harikeen) is one of Guile's special attacks, introduced as one of his Super Combos in Street Fighter Alpha 3.


Guile unleashes a massive Sonic Boom which whirls in place directly in front of him, dealing significant damage to any foe caught in it. The Level depends on how much hits it does due to how long it will last.

In the crossovers (especially in Marvel vs. Capcom 2), the move has a vacuum effect and can as much hits as the Level 3 version along with having increased ranged.

The SVC Chaos version however, has smaller range and does not have a vacuum effect, and is mainly placed directly in front of Guile. This stays true in the Street Fighter IV version as well.

In the EX series, the Sonic Boom Typhoon is an alternate version of this attack.


Guile preparing the Sonic Hurricane in Super Street Fighter IV.


In the Street Fighter IV games, a player can use a level 2 or 3 Focus Attack, then Dash Cancel into a Guile High Kick, follow with a Flash Kick, and then use a Focus Attack to dash cancel into the Ultra Combo.




thumb|left|300px|Sonic Hurricane in SSFIV (Japanese voices).
Guile Sonic Huricane SFXT

Guile Sonic Huricane SFXT

Sonic Hurricane trial in Street Fighter X Tekken.

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