The Sonic Move (ソニックムーブ Sonikku Muubu?) is Charlie's V-Reversal in Street Fighter V.

Sonic Move - Hide Arcade-Button-HPunch+Arcade-Button-HKick
Sonic Move - Steel Air Arcade-Stick-Right+Arcade-Button-HPunch+Arcade-Button-HKick
Sonic Move - Blitz Air Arcade-Stick-Left+Arcade-Button-HPunch+Arcade-Button-HKick


When used it allows him to move himself above, away or behind his opponent and follow up with a normal attack[1]


Sonic Move is one of Charlie's primary mix-up and escape tools. By throwing a Sonic Boom and triggering Sonic Move, Charlie can create an ambiguous blocking scenario and easily cause his opponent to make a mistake. Sonic Move is also one of Charlie's best options to escape pressure, and the vertical teleport can be used to reverse the offensive momentum of a match. The move can also be used to extend combos by cancelling the recovery of certain moves as well as moving into range if an attack pushes an opponent too far to hit by conventional means.


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