"Move it! Sonic Tempest! (じゃまだ!ソニック、テンペスト! Jama da! Sonikku, Tenpesuto!)"

Sonic Tempest (ソニックテンペスト Sonikku Tenpesuto?) is one of Guile's Critical Arts in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V Arcade Stick CBArcade-Stick-RightArcade Stick LR+Arcade Button Punch



Guile performing the Sonic Tempest

Executed by charging backward, pressing forward, then performing a backward-then-forward motion and pressing punch while in V-Trigger I, Guile unleashes a massive Sonic Boom which whirls in place directly in front of him, dealing significant damage to any foe caught in it.


Like most Critical Arts, this move is used to end combos to deal large amounts of damage to the opponent. The Sonic Tempest can be canceled from Guile's special moves such as Flash Kick and Sonic Boom. Compared to his Sonic Hurricane, this move is a stronger version. It is larger, covering more area on the screen. It also hits fifteen times as opposed to six. In addition, the amount of damage inflicted is increased. The only drawback of performing this move is that is drains all of Guile's V-Gauge.



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