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The Soul Offering (魂の献上 Tamashī no Kenjō?) is Necalli's Critical Art under the influence of his two V-Triggers in Street Fighter V.

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Necalli infusing Cammy with dark energy during Soul Offering.

Executed by performing two quarter-circle forward motions and pressing Punch during either of his V-Triggers, Necalli unleashes a mighty roar before lunging at his opponent. If the attack hits, Necalli grabs his opponent by the face and slams them into the ground. He drags and slams his opponent to the stage wall, similar to the Ceremony of Honor. Necalli then gathers energy in his fist and strikes his opponent with a punch in the stomach, infusing them with dark energy. When the infusion is complete, Necalli pulls away from his opponent, causing them to crumble to their knees before falling forward to the ground.

Tactics Edit

Despite its initial appearance, the Soul Offering is not a grab and can be blocked. This move also does more damage than his original Critical Art. However, it requires Necalli to have his V-Trigger active when using it.. Like Ceremony of Honor, this Critical Art is strong and versatile. When Necalli lunges toward his opponent, he travels almost fullscreen, allowing him to whiff punish from afar. It is also one of Necalli's anti-air options.

Necalli is also projectile invincible during this move. If the opponent is constantly keeping Necalli from a distance with fireballs, he can use this move to go through the projectiles and deal massive damage at the same time. It requires a quick read, but it can surprise his opponent if they try to jump in on him.

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The Soul Offering is another reference to the ancient Aztec cultural tradition of human sacrifice, in which souls were offered to the gods to grant them power, so that the end of the world might be postponed.[1].


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