Rose Soul Piede

Rose Soul Piede

The Soul Piede (ソウルピエーデ Souru Pieede?) is one of Rose's unique attacks, introduced in the Street Fighter Alpha series. The move is named for the Italian word for "foot", appropriate given its execution.

All appearances Arcade-Stick-Right + Arcade-Button-HKick

Frame Data Edit

Ultra Street Fighter IV (Latest Update)
Startup 11
Active 2
Recovery 17
Advantage Hit: +3, Block: -1.

Description Edit

Executed by forward and pushing the heavy kick button, Rose crouches and performs a back-swinging kick with her following leg, while using her leading hand and her following leg as leverage to lean forward while doing so.

Tactics Edit

Soul Piede is often a typical long range attack, which makes for an optimal in-and-out poke due to how far Rose leans in during the move then moves back. Soul Piede can also be used as an anti-air if calculated at the right time, and then be followed by an Aura Soul Spark. This attack has more reach than her standing HK at the expense of it having a longer low hurtbox that the opponent can hit with crunching attacks.

Gallery Edit

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