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Rose using Soul Power in her attack, Soul Spark, as seen in the Street Fighter Alpha series.

The Soul Power (ソウルパワー Souru Pawā?) is a power possessed by Rose and Menat in the Street Fighter series. It is best known as the antithesis to the corrupted Psycho Power that is, most notably, wielded by M. Bison.


Similar to Psycho Power, Soul Power users can infuse their opponents with the aforementioned ability. The biggest contrast is Soul Power is represented by a light blue color while Psycho Power is purple.

The Soul Power is a power that changes mental power into physical power.[1][2] It is the same kind of power as ki.[1][3]Channelling energy through objects makes them weapons from which the user can release concentrated energy, zap opponents, and in Rose's case, project temporary copies of herself. Rose has been shown to utilize Soul Energy with her scarf, and Menat with her orbs. The user is also capable of casting hallucinations on their opponent.[4]

When Rose is asked how she obtained such power, she doesn't say much. According to some information, she has learned how to use Soul Power for several years from a person she calls "master(師)".[1][5][6] The possibilities of Soul Power are endless. Therefore, if it is used incorrectly, it will cause a great disaster.[1][7]However, in Rose's Street Fighter Alpha's backstory, her former teacher warned that Rose would one day step into the battlefield and that Soul Power is Rose's powerful weapon and an insurmountable weakness at the same time.[8]

Soul Power appears to cause changes to an individual's body; they will gain green markings on their faces, as revealed in the case of her master. In Street Fighter Alpha: The Animation, Rose could warp the very aspect of time itself.

Rose's tarot cards have an additional link to her Soul Power, as seen when Rose quick-changes after a battle using an enlarged "The Fool" card. It is also possible for her to seal evil energy within, presumably blank, tarot cards. Despite her fortune-telling ability, she cannot see the fate of a person from the future, such as the case with Ingrid.

In Street Fighter Alpha: The Animation, the Alpha manga series, the cartoon series, and the UDON comics, Rose is the embodiment of Bison's other half. As such, she can turn into a soul and is able to manipulate space, use telepathy as well as sense the globe around her. She also gains immunity to evil powers such as Satsui no Hado and Psycho Power, as she able to undo the mind control of Bison.


Given Rose's design and fighting style inspirations of Lisa Lisa from the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, it is likely that Soul Power is intended to be the Street Fighter counterpart to Ripple.




Rose has a variety of moves that are shown to use this power; most of them contain 'Soul' within the name. Advanced versions of certain abilities are prefixed by "Aura". These moves include:



With the use of his Tanden Engine V-Skill, Seth is able to replicate Soul Power.


  • Illusion Spark and The Nefertem are the only moves that do not share either naming scheme, although the former is likely a combination of Soul Illusion and Soul Spark.
  • Allen Snider's Soul Force shares a similar name to most of Rose's move, though it is completely unrelated, making this a coincidence.
  • According to M. Bison in Street Fighter V, the Psycho Power is fueled by hatred, anger, fear, and despair. It is possible that Soul Power is fueled by the opposite emotions: love, calmness, hope, and happiness.
  • It seems that the fighting styles of Psycho Power and Soul Power users are inherently different. So far, the Soul Power users have been elegant fighters whose refined movements get augmented while Psycho Power users have been heavier "individual hits" type of characters. Furthermore, all Soul Power wielders have been shown to use their power through a proxy (Rose with her scarf, Menat with her orb, and Maggio with his yo-yo).
  • In Ingrid's Alpha 3 story, she states to be the owner of Psycho Power and to be familiar with Soul Power, possibly exceeding Rose's knowledge. However, it should be noted that it may not even be canon since her story is highly inconsistent with the overall arc of the game.
  • In M. Bison's Street Fighter II appearances, an opponent hit by Psycho Crusher would have a blue flame rather than purple, not unlike those produced by Soul Power in later games.


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