Rose using Soul Power in her attack, Soul Spark, as seen in the Street Fighter Alpha series.

The Soul Power (ソウルパワー Souru Pawā?) is a power possessed by Rose and Menat in the Street Fighter series. It is best known as the antithesis to the corrupted Psycho Power that is wielded by M. Bison.


The Soul Power is, as its name implies, energy manifested from the soul. In appearance, Soul Power is a kinetic, color-changing energy that Rose and Menat channels from their bodies, often through the former's scarf and the latter's orbs, allowing them to control the objects as weapons and supplement their attacks with Soul Power. It can be released as projectiles of concentrated energy, zap their opponents, and in Rose's case, project temporary copies of herself.

In Street Fighter Alpha: The Animation, the Alpha manga series, the cartoon series and the UDON comics, Rose is able to turn into a soul like Bison due ther being the embodiment of Bison's other half, and is able to manipulate space, use telepathy as well as sense the globe around her. Soul Power appears to cause a great chance to the body of an individual, as they will gain green markings on their face, as revealed in the case of her master. In Street Fighter Alpha: The Animation Rose could warp the very aspect of time itself.

Rose's tarot cards have an additional link to her Soul Power, as seen when Rose quick-changes after a battle with an enlarged "The Fool" card. Soul Power also grants her the ability to seal foes within (presumably blank) tarot cards and seal off evil energy. However, she cannot see a person's fate if they are from the future, such as Ingrid.

Concept Edit

Given Rose's design and fighting style inspirations of Lisa Lisa from the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga/anime series, it's likely that Soul Power is intended to be a counterpart to Hamon.



Rose has a variety of moves which are shown to use this power; most of them contain 'Soul' within the name. Advanced versions of certain abilities are prefixed by "Aura". Soul Power moves include:


Practitioners Edit


  • Illusion Spark and the Nefertem are the only moves that do not share either naming scheme, although the former is likely a combination of Soul Illusion and Soul Spark.
  • Allen Snider's Soul Force shares a similar name to most of Rose's move, though it is completely unrelated, making this a coincidence.
  • Acorrding to M. Bison in Street Fighter V, the Psycho Power is fueled by hatred, anger, fear and despair. It is possible that Soul Power is fueled by the opposite emotions: love, calmness, hope and happiness.
  • It seems that the fighting style of Psycho Power and Soul Power users are inherently different. So far the Soul Power users have been elegant fighters who's refined movements are augmented by said power effect while the Psycho Power users have been more heavier individual hits type of characters. Furthermore all Soul Power wielders have been shown to use their power through a proxy (Rose with her scarf, Menat with her orb, and Maggio with his yo-yo)
  • In Ingrid's Alpha III story mode she says Psycho Power belongs to her while being very familiar with Soul Power (possibly exceeding Rose's knowledge on the power), it is currently unknown if Soul Power is also Ingrid's. It should be noted that Ingrid's story mode is highly inconsistent with the overall arc of the game and her claim to being the owner of Psycho Power may not even be canon.
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