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"Let the spirits guide you! (魂が導くままに! Tamashii ga michibiku mama ni!?)"

The Soul Satellite (ソウルサテライト Souru Sateraito?) is Rose's second Ultra Combo in Super Street Fighter IV. In Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, this move becomes her second V-Skill.

Super Street Fighter IV
Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition
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Executed by pressing two quarter-circle backward motions and all three kick buttons, Rose generates two spheres of Soul Energy, which revolve around her in whatever direction the quarter-circle motions were performed. These spheres move with her, and disappear after a short time. However, they are capable of hitting the opponent (disappearing once they do) and their rotation can be used to attack the opponent from both the front and behind.

In Street Fighter V, the input for this move is pressing Medium Punch and Medium Kick simultaneously. Rose swings her arm upward to generate an orb consisting of Soul Power; able call forth up to two orbs that circle around her. The speed of the rotating orbs increase when she summons two of them.


By themselves, the spheres inflict a low amount of damage (as compared to most other Ultra Combos), but if they are used as part of a combo setup, they can inflict a significant amount of damage.

While this Ultra's pressure is rather limited due to Rose not having an Overhead, she still has some mix-ups. She can use Soul Throw while the opponent is waking up, and while this attack whiffs the opponent will have to guess which side to block Rose's orbs. Rose can also use her high throw range that has more horizontal range than the distance her orbs reach in front of her to grab the opponent who is expecting to block an orb.

In Street Fighter V, it has a 40-frame startup. Once the orb is on the screen, it remains for about four seconds (or four rotations) before disappearing. Rose can also summon a second orb before the first one disappears to reset the timer of the orbs. Similar to the previous rendition, Soul Satellite is mainly used to set up combos. Rose's second V-Skill allows her to pull off fancy, yet unique combos that can inflict a lot of damage while filling up her V-Meter every time the orb(s) hit the opponent. However, pulling some of these combos off requires precise timing and finesse.

Another use for Soul Satellite is that it amplifies Rose's pressure game. While some of her unique and special attacks are unsafe on block, the opponent is forced to respect the rotating orb(s) around Rose. This makes some of her moves more difficult to punish when the orbs make contact with the opponent during Rose's recovery frames. As long as Rose has one orb surrounding her, she has a slight advantage over her opponent since she can safely approach with a pseudo-shield to keep them on their heels.




Super Street Fighter 4 - Rose Ultra 2 Soul Satellite

Soul Satellite (Japanese voices).