Soul Sphere is one of Menat's special attacks in Street Fighter V.

Soul Sphere Arcade Stick QCF+Arcade Button Punch (with Crystal Ball)
Soul Sphere: Ankh Arcade Stick QCF+Arcade Button Punch (after Soul Sphere)


Soul SphereEdit

Executed by performing a quarter-circle forward motion and pressing punch, Menat sends her crystal ball out toward her opponent. After this, the orb floats in place. The strength of the punch button determines the angle and the distance of the projectile.

The EX version also depends on the two punch buttons are pressed. If EX Soul Sphere hits her opponent, it triggers a special animation with various properties at the end of the move.


Menat pushing Cammy closer towards her using EX Light Soul Sphere.

  • Pressing Light Punch sends the crystal ball low at the opponent's legs and travels halfscreen. Pressing Light Punch and Medium Punch simultaneously performs the EX Light Soul Sphere. If Menat successfully hits her opponent with the EX Light version, she then rotates her body. This makes the orb catches her opponent by the leg and spins them around. As they recover, Menat throws her arms behind her, which allows the crystal ball to drive into the opponent's back, pushing them closer towards her.

Menat shoving the orb into Cammy's midsection using EX Medium Soul Sphere.

  • Pressing Medium Punch sends the orb straight at the opponent and floats about 3/4 of the screen. Pressing Light Punch and Heavy Punch performs the EX Medium Soul Sphere. If Menat successfully hits her opponent with the EX Medium version, she then spins around once, pushing the crystal ball into her their midsection. During the rotation, the orb pulls the orb closer toward Menat. When her opponent is in range, Menat throws her hand out to shove the crystal ball into her opponent's stomach, knocking them on their back

Menat hoisting Cammy up using EX Heavy Soul Sphere.

  • Pressing Heavy Punch sends the projectile upward and covers almost the whole screen. Pressing Medium Punch and Heavy Punch performs an EX Heavy Soul Sphere. Hitting a grounded opponent with this version results in the same hitstun as the Heavy version. If Menat successfully hits her opponent in the air with the EX Heavy version, she throws both of her hands up. Pushing the crystal ball into their midsection, she raises her opponent high above the ground and keeps them suspended in midair. Finally, Menat throws her arms down. This makes the orb roll on top of the opponent and drive into their back, causing them to crash stomach-first into the ground.

Soul Sphere: AnkhEdit

If the crystal ball has been deployed, Menat can then perform Soul Sphere: Ankh, by performing the same command as Soul Sphere. Doing so causes the orb to return back to Menat. If the opponent makes contact with crystal ball while it is being recalled, it results in an attack and inflicts a small amount of damage. However, if Menat is hit during the recall, the hitbox on the orb disappears.

Tactics Edit

Soul Sphere is Menat's primary special move. This attack is very versatile and is essential to her gameplay. Despite its slow startup and minimal damage, Soul Sphere can create opportunities for Menat and cause problems for her opponent.

Because of its slow startup, it can be difficult to use Soul Sphere during a combo. While each version is unsafe on block, Menat can still be safe if this attack is properly spaced. Each version sends the crystal ball to a different location on the screen. Menat can place the orb anywhere she wants, depending on the strength of the punch button pressed. This is a solid tool to zone out her opponent. By keeping the orb on the screen, her opponent has to respect the crystal ball as a potential threat. In addition, Menat can safely approach her opponent and still be ready to use the orb when she chooses.


Using Soul Sphere: Ankh to recall the orb is a great way to keep her opponent on their heels. As the orb is coming back, they are forced to defend against the projectile coming back to Menat. While hitting her causes the attack to lose its hitbox, it is risky to interrupt. Sometimes the orb isn't on the screen when Menat recalls it, meaning that it may appear during their counter attack. Additionally, if the crystal ball hits the opponent, Menat can use Soul Sphere: Ankh as a combo extender to inflict more damage and place the orb back on the screen at the same time.

The EX version inflicts more damage and stun. The properties are determined by which two punch buttons are pressed. Pressing Light and Medium Punch may have a longer startup than the normal versions, but it's safer on block. On hit, it brings the opponent back toward Menat, allowing her to extend combos. Pressing Light and Heavy Punch is mainly used as a combo ender. It results in a knockdown and gives Menat a free chance to send the orb back on the screen. Pressing Medium and Heavy Punch gives Menat a solid anti-air option. In addition, it is a good way to end air combos.

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