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Rose utilizing Soul Spiral.

The Soul Spiral (ソウルスパイラル Souru Supairaru?) is one of Rose's special attacks, introduced along with her in the Street Fighter Alpha series. This move is also Menat's second V-Skill.

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Rose using Soul Spiral to drive through the midsection of her opponent.

Executed by performing a quarter-circle forward motion and pressing kick, Rose rapidly dashes forward and drills her scarf into the opponent, charring them with her Soul Power blue flames. The move in the Street Fighter IV series has Armor Break properties. In Street Fighter V, the scarf's color changes depending on which punch button is pressed. The scarf turns purple during the Light version. It becomes sky blue during the Medium version. The Heavy version changes the color of the scarf to green. EX Soul Spiral turns yellow.


Executed by pressing Medium Punch and Medium Kick simultaneously, Menat slides toward her opponent and thrusts her orb/hand, creating a drill-like attack that's filled with Soul Power. If no directional input or button is pressed, Menat juggles the orb back to her front hand and returns to her stance.



Soul Spiral in Street Fighter V

Being a rush attack, this move is best used as a close-up counterattack due to its range and damage. It is recommended Rose players learn the distance of these attacks, as hitting at the tail end of active frames makes Rose very safe and even positive on block. It should be noted at the ranges that the non EX spirals are safe on block off a blockstring the opponent can interrupt Rose with invincible reversals.

The range and startup time are determined by the kick button pressed: light kick version performs the fastest and stretches about a standing character's size; heavy kick version performs the slowest but goes nearly half the stage; and medium kick version balances in-between them. The EX Special version introduced in the same game has even less startup time than light kick version, travels a longer distance than heavy kick version and hits twice.

The EX version used to be invincible to every type of incoming hitbox, but ran out of invincibility just before the attack ran out, making it easier to find Option Selects against Rose, in Ultra this was changed so that Rose's invincibility and attack matched up, so Rose does not run out before attacking, however the invincibility would not protect her against grab hitboxes such as Ibuki's Yamikazura or Zangief's Spinning Piledriver. This is important to remember for Rose players who enjoy using Edition Select.


Menat plowing through her opponent with her own version of Soul Spiral.

In Street Fighter V, this move can be selected as Menat's V-Skills. Similar to her first V-Skill, it can be performed with or without the orb. She can cancel Soul Spiral from her Medium or Heavy normals for decent damage. Menat can also cancel her second V-Skill from her special attacks, such as Soul Sphere: Ankh, Soul Spark, or even her Critical Art.

The startup, range, and damage output is the same with or without the orb. She also scores a knockdown on hit. Performing Soul spiral without the orb is significantly less safe, putting her at -20 on block. While Menat is -14 on block with the orb, she can use it nullify single-hitting projectiles. Her first V-Skill has a faster startup and inflicts more damage, but Soul Spiral gives her enough range for her to end combos in which mostly Soul Reflect cannot reach. In exchange, unlike her first V-Skill, Menat cannot link her second V-Skill from her Light normal confirms due to the long startup.

Menat gains V-Meter when the attack is blocked or hits the opponent. If she cancels Soul Spiral into Soul Sphere: Ankh, she can potentially get a nice mix-up from close range since the special move brings her opponent close to her. Menat can break through their defenses with throws or continue offensive pressure with Light normals to push them back.

Her first V-Skill is faster, inflicts more damage, and has more consistency when converting juggle combos. It also has more ways for Menat to build V-Meter, from hitting her opponent with it to reflecting and absorbing projectiles. However, Soul Spiral gives her extra reach to help her with hit-confirm combos. When combined with Soul Sphere: Ankh, she can keep her opponent on their heels and maintain pressure.


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