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"Ready! Spin Drive Smasher! (Ready! スピンドライブスマッシャー! Ready! Supin Doraibu Sumasshaa!?)"

Cammy performing the Spin Drive Smasher Against Ling Xiaoyu in Street Fighter X Tekken.

The Spin Drive Smasher (スピンドライブスマッシャー Supin Doraibu Sumasshaa?) is one of Cammy's special attacks, introduced in Super Street Fighter II Turbo. It often features as one of Super Combos, and is considered her signature move. The move is also used by Juli and Juni.

The move also appeared as Cammy's Super Art in Street Fighter X Tekken.

Cammy 350


The user performs an enhanced Spiral Arrow, then ends with a Cannon Spike. In Street Fighter IV series, Cammy also adds in spinning kicks from an upside down position in between, finishing with a simple strong Cannon Spike. In Street Fighter X Tekken she finishes with a flying upward drill kick with both legs.

A more powerful version also acts as one of Cammy's Ultra Combos in the Street Fighter IV series.



Street Fighter Alpha 3, Cammy's version