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"Got you!"

The Spin Raider (スピンレイダー Supin Reidā?) is Cammy's Drive Impact, introduced in Street Fighter 6.

Classic Arcade-Button-HPunch+Arcade-Button-HKick
Modern Modern dl



Cammy performing Spin Raider.

"Lunge forward with a powerful attack. Can be used to absorb an opponent's attack while launching your own offensive."
Street Fighter 6

Executed by pressing Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick simultaneously (or pressing Drive Impact for Modern Control), Cammy spins twice toward her opponent before delivering a heel kick that knocks them back.


Like all Drive Impacts, Spin Raider has 2-hits of armor during the startup frames. This makes it useful to absorb the opponent's attacks and retaliating as they are recovering. Hitting the opponent with Spin Raider as a Punish Counter puts them crumple state on hit, allowing Cammy to follow up with Crouching Heavy Punch to start off combos. In the middle of the screen, this move can push the opponent back on block. This allows Cammy to create separation and reset the neutral game if her opponent is putting the pressure on her.

Spin Raider becomes a bigger threat in the corner. Even if the opponent blocks this move, the pushback causes a Wall Splat; causing them to bounce off the wall and crumple to the ground. This gives Cammy a free opportunity to deliver powerful combo to the opponent. The drawback for a Wall Splat is the scaled damage for the next combo. On an airborne hit that results in a Wall Splat, the opponent bounces higher off of the wall for more juggle potential.

When the opponent is in Burnout, they opponent is then stunned if Cammy hits them with Spin Raider in the corner. The opponent remains standing for over three seconds before collapsing to the ground. Because of the effects of Burnout, Cammy can potentially put the opponent in a frame trap using her Standing Heavy Punch and cancelling into Quick Spin Knuckle. Once she has them on their heels, Cammy can cancel into Spin Raider to break through their defenses and inflict tons of damage.