Spinning Bird Kick (スピニングバードキック, Supiningu Bādo Kikku, or 回鳥脚, Spinningu Badokyaku, literally "Spinning Bird Kick") is one of Chun-Li's original attacks in the Street Fighter II series. Also known as Kaiten-teki Kaku Kyakushuu (literally "Rotating Crane Leg Kick"), It debuts along with Chun Li's other special move, the Hyakuretsu Kyaku, in Street Fighter II.


Street Fighter II series

Charge backRight motion + Kick

Street Fighter EX

Arcade Stick QCF.png + Kick


Chun-Li jumps up, feet first in the air, and does a split. She then twirls her upside-down body and attacks, with her legs like helicopter blades. It is similar to Ryu and Ken's Hurricane Kick; if the opponent is standing, Chun Li's feet will repeatedly hit the opponent in the face until the attack ends. Its controller input depends on whatever game Chun Li was in, as shown above. A few games allowed Chun Li to perform this move in the air.

Street Fighter IV

The EX version of this attack introduced in Street Fighter IV does not move forward, instead remaining stationary and acting more as an anti-air reversal attack. If the opponent is standing just close enough to be hit by the move, they will be sucked in for additional hits.

Other Appearances

The Spinning Bird Kick also appears in Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game.[1]


Spinning Bird Kick in Street Fighter III: Third Strike.Spinning Bird Kick in Capcom Fighting Evolution.Spinning Bird Kick in the Capcom and SNK crossovers.Spinning Bird Kick in Pocket Fighter.



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