The Spinning Mixer (スピニング・ミキサー Supiningu Mikisaa?) is one of Rashid's special attacks introduced in Street Fighter V.

Spinning Mixer Arcade Stick QCF+Arcade Button Punch
Dash Spinning Mixer Arcade-Stick-Right+Arcade Button Punch (During forward dash)

Description Edit


Executed by performing a quarter circle forward motion and pressing punch, Rashid spreads his arms out and spins toward his opponent with wind covering his body. Mashing the selected punch button makes Rashid continue to spin.

Rashid can also perform a Dash Spinning Mixer. By pressing any punch button during a dash, Rashid will perform the Light version of Spinning Mixer.

Tactics Edit

The Spinning Mixer is seen as Rashid's primary combo ender. Additionally, the strength of the punch button determines the damage output, as well as Rashid's trajectory. The Light version sends him flying across the floor. However, it does the least amount of damage, even when mashed. The Medium version sends Rashid flying in a diagonal forward motion and does slightly more damage than the Light version. The Heavy version does the more damage out of the three and sends Rashid flying straight up. The EX version has the same trajectory as the Medium version, but it does the most damage and makes Rashid invincible during the startup. 

The Light version is mainly used to pester his opponent and get in close, even though it does minimal damage. It is also effective for ending Light attack combos. The mashed Light version does lead to a knockdown, but can be punished if blocked. While the unmashed version doesn't lead to a knockdown, it does give Rashid great corner carry and okizeme. If the opponent blocks the unmashed version, it will be difficult for them to punish. Rashid can followup with the EX version of Spinning Mixer to make his opponent's scared to push buttons. This will open up the opponents and allow Rashid to add throws and low attacks to apply even more pressure.

Spinning Mixer

The Medium version goes up in a diagonal trajectory, making it one of Rashid's anti-air attacks. It does more damage than the Light version and has tremendous corner carry and okizeme. It also scores a knockdown on hit. Rashid can even combo this move from EX Eagle Spike. However, it is very punishable on block. Additionally, it can sometimes whiff crouching opponents and it isn't one of Rashid's reversals.

Similar to the Medium version, the Heavy Spinning Mixer is also one of Rashid's anti-air attacks. It has a quicker startup, making this move more effective as an anti-air option. The Heavy version is the primary combo ender when Rashid has his opponent in the corner. Still, it is very unsafe on block.

The EX version is often used as a reversal. It makes Rashid invincible at the startup and has better corner carry than the Medium version. This is his best option to escape pressure and to anti-air the opponent. However, Rashid can be vulnerable to Crush Counter moves if the opponent blocks it.

The Dash Spinning Mixer is also good as a rush-in attack. However, it should be known that while the Spinning Mixer can do plenty of hits, it deals lower damage than Rashid's other special moves.

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