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The Spiral Arrow (スパイラルアロー Supairaru Aroo?), called the Cannon Drill (キャノンドリル Kyanon Doriru?) is one of Cammy's special attacks in the Street Fighter series, introduced in Super Street Fighter II. The move is also usable by fellow Dolls Juni and Decapre in Street Fighter Alpha 3 and Ultra Street Fighter IV respectively. In Street Fighter V, Seth gains access to this specific move if his first V-Skill is active with Cammy against his opponent.

Input (All appearances)
Cammy Arcade Stick QCF+Arcade Button Kick
Modern SP
Juni Arcade Modifier (Air)Arcade Stick CBArcade-Stick-Right+Arcade Button Kick
Decapre Arcade Modifier AirArcade Stick CBArcade-Stick-Right+Arcade Button Kick
Seth Arcade-Button-MPunch+Arcade-Button-MKick
(vs. Cammy)



"A spinning kick with both legs that travels low along the ground. Useful for launching surprise attacks from a distance or used out of normal moves to create combos."
Street Fighter 6
Cammy spiral arrow

Cammy's Spiral Arrow

Cannon Drill

Spiral Arrow/Cannon Drill, as seen in Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival

Executed by performing a quarter-circle forward motion and pressing kick (or Special Attack for Modern Control), Cammy/Juni lunges forward while spinning in a corkscrew manner with their foot extended, performing a short sliding kick along the ground upon landing. Though the move targets the opponent's legs, the technique can be blocked from both standing and crouching positions. The technique hits once and causes knockdown on hit. In some incarnations, Spiral Arrow hits twice from the appropriate range. The move tends to be very unsafe on block, except when done at the maximum distance. The traveled distance is determined by the kick button pressed.

The EX Special version introduced in Street Fighter IV has the "drilling" motion hit twice and pass under projectiles (excluding Sagat's Low Tiger Shot).

Certain crossovers allow Cammy to perform this move while airborne, with flame or 'ki' emphasis added.

In Street Fighter V, Spiral Arrow is similar compared to previous incarnations. Heavy and EX version hits twice, while EX version usually puts Cammy on the opposite side. When Cammy activates her Delta Drive V-Trigger, the hit count Spiral Arrow increases, going up to five hits and usually ending with a side switch.

Since its debut, Spiral Arrow was classified as a low attack and can only be blocked from a crouching position. But starting from Street Fighter V onward, Spiral Arrow no longer hits low, along with some key animation changes to reflect this property, namely with Cammy pushes herself further off the ground and targets the midsection of the opponent instead of their feet.

In Street Fighter 6, Cammy gains an addition amplified version of her Heavy Spiral Arrow. By holding the Heavy Kick button, Cammy rotates her hips to briefly charge up her attack before placing one of her hands on the ground and delivering a spinning kick that hits the opponent multiple times and launching them in the air for a short moment.


Decapre's version of the move is executed with the same motion as Juni; however, her version is airborne only, and she comes down in a diagonal trajectory with her body perfectly horizontal.


Seth's version of this attack is executed by pressing Medium Punch and Medium Kick simultaneously after hitting Cammy with Tanden Install. Its appearance is the same as the Heavy version of Cammy's Spiral Arrow in Street Fighter V, with midscreen range and hitting her twice. It can be cancelled from most of Seth's normals or special attacks, such as Hecatoncheires or Cruel Disaster. Additionally, Seth's Spiral Arrow can be used to extend combos; allowing him to link with EX Hecatoncheires for more damage. If Seth's first V-Trigger is active, he can cancel Spiral Arrow into Titanomachy for a side switch.


Spiral Arrow knocks the opponent as soon as the handle. Most Cammy players usually end combos with Spiral Arrow. While it does less damage compared to Cannon Spike, the move ends in a knockdown. Also, Cammy ends up very close to her opponent, setting herself up for easy offensive pressure with meaties, tic throws, frame trap combos, etc. The EX and Delta Drive V-Trigger version can go through fireballs, making it easier for Cammy to close the distance against other characters who specializes in zoning. Cammy can cancel her Spiral Arrow with a Super Move, such as Spin Drive Smasher, Gyro Drive Smasher or Cross Stinger Assault.

  • Decapre can already use it before an DCM anti-air or after a Psycho Sting.
  • Juni can also use the Spiral Arrow in the air as Decapre.

In Street Fighter 6, Spiral Arrow can be used to extend combos when the opponent is near the corner. After launching them in the air with Assault Blade, Cammy can follow up Light or Medium Spiral Arrow to juggle the opponent while having enough time to perform a Medium or Heavy Cannon Spike for extra damage. Similar to her EX version, her OD Spiral Arrow hits the opponent multiple times, launches them in the air, and allows Cammy to perform a side switch. This is an effective way to escape the corner, while still inflicting decent damage to the opponent. When Heavy Kick is held to perform this move, Cammy can also perform an OD Spiral Arrow without spending any meter. The drawback is that it has a 27-frame startup. She can cancel into this version from a Punish Counter from her Standing Heavy Punch. She can also cancel from her Aerial Killer Bee Spin on an airborne opponent to create more juggle and combo opportunities.


  • Juli is the only playable Doll not have Spiral Arrow on her move list; but Juli has a Spiral Arrow version Sniping Arrow.




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