A screenshot of Super Street Fighter IV's Staff Roll.

The staff roll, generally known as the credits, is a feature in Street Fighter games that usually plays after an "Arcade Mode" playthrough. The credits also play at the conclusion of the main story in Street Fighter V: A Shadow Falls.

The staff roll will usually feature most if not all of the characters that appear throughout the game, along with the usual credits for animation, executive production, direction, and so on.


Champion Edition Staff Roll

Champion Edition Staff Roll

The credits for the original Street Fighter II is relatively simple in design, and recycles the "Continue?" theme that normally plays upon a loss. In later CPS1 and CPS2-era Street Fighter II games, the player must beat the arcade mode without losing to see the Staff Roll. In the case of Super Turbo, the end of the credits hints at the existence of Akuma.

Sometimes odd names are displayed in Credits Roll's such as someone called "Shin" who uses an M. Bison icon. Most main series Staff Rolls tends to heavily feature characters from within the game.

Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact is notable, as it has two different staff rolls, the first one uses the ending screen of the character used to beat the game (as the example in the gallery), however if the player defeats Shin Akuma a different, more animated, Staff Roll plays where it shows scenery from the game. This version of the Staff Roll ends showing a defeated Gill coming back to life and disappearing with the words "To Be Continued". This is the only time where a game directly announces there will be a successor.


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