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The Step High Kick is one of Sagat's unique attacks, introduced in Street Fighter V.

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Executed by pressing forward and Heavy Kick, Sagat steps forward and delivers a high, spinning roundhouse kick.


Including his Tiger Uppercut, this attack is one of Sagat's anti-air tools. While it has a 16-frame startup, hitting an airborne opponent with this unique attack causes a blowback knockdown. It is one of his Crush Counter moves. If he catches his opponent trying to perform a late jump-in attack, he can use Step High Kick as a good Crush Counter combo starter. Unfortunately, this attack whiffs against a crouching opponent.

On the ground, Step High Kick can be used to begin combos from point-blank range. It is +5 on hit, but only +3 on block, making it one of his safest attacks. This move can be cancelled into Sagat's V-Triggers. However, the Step High Kick is mainly used to effectively enhance Sagat's zoning abilities. Including Step Low Kick, this attack can kara-cancel into his special attacks. By kara-cancelling into Tiger Shot, Sagat can slowly approach his opponent while pestering them with a barrage of projectiles. Additionally, if his opponent tries to forward jump his fireballs, Sagat can kara-cancel Step High Kick into his Tiger Uppercut to extend the range of his anti-air attack.