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The Stomping Combo is one of Balrog's unique attacks, introduced in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V Arcade-Stick-Down.png+Arcade-Button-MKick.png>Arcade-Stick-Down.png+Arcade-Button-MKick.png


Executed by pressing down and Medium Kick, followed by down and Medium Kick again, Balrog delivers a crouching punch to his opponent's legs. Once his attack connects, Balrog steps forward and follows up with a stomp to his opponent's feet.


This is the only target combo in Balrog's arsenal that doesn't result in a knockdown. Both attacks hit low, which his opponent to crouch block during the combo. The damage is minimal at best. Additionally, it is unsafe on block at -7, like most of Balrog's target combos.

However, this combo can be cancelled into Balrog's V-Trigger to maximize pressure. Even if his opponent blocks the combo, he is still +5, making it one of the more safer ways to cancel into V-Trigger. On hit, Balrog is +13. This allows him to go for a Crouching Heavy Punch before cancelling into Heavy Screw Smash. If Crazy Rush is active, Balrog can pull off some high damaging juggle combos that can carry his opponent to the corner. He can also cancel into his Critical Art for maximum damage.



  • This attack is notably the second time Balrog has attacked with his legs, a stomp with the first being his Dirty Bull Ultra Combo where he also uses a stomp in the Ultra Combo.