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Street Fighter: Duel (街霸对决 or ストリートファイター対決 Jiē Bà Duìjué or Sutorīto Faitā Taiketsu?) is an upcoming JRPG mobile game first released by TOPJOY, Tencent Games, and Capcom in China only for mobile phones on November, 26 2020 for IOS and Iphones in the same region. It was revealed in late 2019, and it would be released worldwide in the near future. A beta version of the game was available to play until its crowdfunding campaign was finished before the final game was released.


In the game, players form a team of three fighters to face off against various other teams and opponents. The enemies range from other fighters, to cyborgs, to street thugs, to Shadaloo agents and soldiers. The game also has a 3 vs. 3 "real-time" system mechanic. Similar to The King of Fighters '98 Ultimate Match OnlineStreet Fighter: Duel includes a single-player story mode with plenty of dialogue cutscenes that advance the plot, unlockable character cards, hard-hitting team combos, quick time elements (which involve pressing the on-screen buttons with precise timing to defeat opponents, or to fill up a meter below the screen) and a level-up system for each fighter as the player progresses through the main game, among other features. The game will have more than 30+ stages, consisting of stages from previous Street Fighter games, as well as all-new ones made for this title. There is a tutorial level after downloading the game the first time that can be played through. After clearing it, the player will need to have to register and have an account created to continue playing.

More than 30+ characters are playable in Street Fighter: Duel. Each one has their own character cards that must be unlocked, as well as their own set of attacks, special moves, Super Combos, and Ultra Combos. The V-Gauge and Super Gauges are also present, Stuns will be appearing as a status effect, and Personal Actions (or Taunts) will also be returning for characters to use during battle. There are also some new features added through updates, such as Ultra Skills. Characters will also be able to ride on vehicles in the game. Some characters have alternate versions of themselves that can be unlocked.


Every character is assigned to a Rarity and has one of several Types, in addition to having one of several Roles. A combo of returning fan-favorites and new characters will appear in this title, and more characters will be added in the future.

Character Rarity Type Role
Abel A Wind Tank
Adon A Mountain Balance
Akuma S Fire Assassin
Balrog S Mountain Balance
Blanka A Forest Balance
C. Viper S Fire Attack
Cammy S Wind Assassin
Chun-Li S Wind Assassin
Cody B Wind Balance
Gentleman Cody S Fire Support
Dan B Forest Support
Decapre A Dark Assassin
Dee Jay A Forest Balance
Dhalsim S Fire Attack
Dudley A Mountain Balance
E. Honda S Mountain Tank
Evil Ryu S Dark Assassin
El Fuerte S Wind Support
Elena A Light Support
Fei Long A Fire Balance
Gen S Wind Assassin
Guile S Mountain Attack
Guy A Wind Assassin
Gouken S Light Tank
Hakan A Fire Tank
Hugo A Mountain Tank
Ibuki B Wind Attack
Juri S Dark Assassin
Ken A Fire Balance
Red Lotus Fighting King Ken S Fire Balance
M. Bison S Dark Attack
Makoto A Forest Tank
Oni S Dark Assassin
Poison S Forest Attack
Rolento A Fire Balance
Rose S Dark Support
Rufus A Mountain Support
Ryu A Mountain Balance
Sagat S Forest Attack
Sakura B Forest Support
Seth S Dark Attack
T. Hawk A Light Tank
Vega S Wind Assassin
Yang A Wind Assassin
Yun A Wind Assassin
Zangief S Forest Tank

Original Characters[]

Character Rarity Type Role
Akaebo B Fire Attack
Aris B
Artemis S Wind Assassin
Athena S Light Balance
Baldwin B Fire Tank
Bethany B Forest Support
Black Jay A Mountain Balance
Boxing Champion Balrog S Dark Balance
Cammy & Vega S Fire Attack
Carolyn B Fire Attack
Chang'e S Forest Support
Christmas Rufus S Forest Support
Coquettish Dudley S Mountain Support
Diaochan S Mountain Assassin
Dionysus S Forest Support
Fashion Blanka S Fire Balance
Fashion Cammy S Forest Assassin
Fashion Chun-Li S Wind Attack
Fashion Dhalsim S Forest Attack
Fashion E. Honda S Forest Tank
Fashion Ken S Fire Attack
Fashion Ryu S Wind Balance
Fashion Sakura S Mountain Support
Field Warfare Guile S Forest Assassin
Fire Leopard Adon S Fire Attack
Flame Chun-Li S Fire Assassin
Fortune-telling Rose S Forest Support
Formal Wear Abel S Forest Tank
Gore Magala Ken S Dragon Balance
Heavenly King C. Viper S Dark Assassin
Hodi B Mountain Tank
Jay S Mountain Balance
Jonin Ibuki S Light Assassin
Lü Bu S Fire Balance
Mad Rat B Fire Assassin
Mad Ryu S Mountain Attack
Mechanical Seth A Forest Balance
Monkey King S Dark Assassin
New Year's Eve Sakura S Mountain Support
Nezha S Fire Attack
Pharaoh Dhalsim S Dark Attack
Pharaoh Sagat S Light Attack
Philip B Wind Assassin
Road Hog B Mountain Tank
Ron B Mountain Balance
Sanji B Wind Attack
Seifuku Poison S Wind Attack
Shi' Zhian S Light Balance
Summer Ibuki S Light Assassin
Taoist Gen S Mountain Support
Water Chun-Li S Forest Attack
Witch Juri S Dark Assassin
Wolf King Zangief S Wind Balance
Yakuza Ken S Forest Attack
Yakuza Guy S Wind Assassin


Fighter Type
Steel Zangief Forest
Mech Akuma
Gore Magala


There will be more than 30+ stages in the game. Most of them are brand-new ones made for this title, as well as stages returning from previous Street Fighter series games.

Stage Country  Reference game
Air Force Base U.S.A. Street Fighter V
Ancient Temple Arena Japan New
Battle Arena Unknown New
Bustling Side Street China Street Fighter V
Blast Furnace Russia Ultra Street Fighter IV
Bonus Stage Scotland Super Street Fighter IV
Chinatown Street at Night China New
City in Chaos U.S.A Street Fighter V
Crowded Downtown China Street Fighter IV
Cosmic Elevator Unknown Ultra Street Fighter IV
Destroyed Town at Night Unknown New
Deserted Temple Japan Street Fighter IV
Dudley's Garden England Super Street Fighter IV
Dojo Japan New
Drive-in At Night U.S.A. Street Fighter IV
Exciting Street Scene India Super Street Fighter IV
Festival At The Old Temple South Korea Super Street Fighter IV
Honda Sento Japan Street Fighter V
Kanzuki Estate Japan Street Fighter V
Kasugano Residence Japan Street Fighter V
Lair of the Four Kings Secret Location Street Fighter V
Morning Mist Bay Vietnam Street Fighter IV
Ring of Destiny U.S.A. Street Fighter V
Outside Dojo Japan New
Overpass Japan Street Fighter IV
Pitch-black Jungle Brazil Street Fighter IV
Secret Laboratory Unknown Street Fighter IV
Suzaku Castle Japan Street Fighter V
Suzaku Castle at Dawn Japan Street Fighter V
Street Area Unknown New
Skyscraper Under Construction USA Super Street Fighter IV
Training Stage Unknown Street Fighter IV
Volatile Volcano Oceania Street Fighter IV



Promotional Artwork[]


Character Artwork[]


List of references[]

In Street Fighter: Duel, there are a number of references to previous Street Fighter series entries and media, in some of the stage backgrounds, and in the promotional material for the game. For a list of them, see this page.


  • The game's early promotional artwork is based on, and inspired by Persona 5's title screen.
  • This game's quick-time events are inspired by the Reality Shift segments in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance and it's HD port. Also, during these events, the sequences are progressed as comic-book panels.
  • Some of the game's promotional artwork is drawn by Xin Wang.

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