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Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game is a role-playing game based on the Street Fighter series. It uses most of the basic game mechanics from White Wolf's World of Darkness games. It was released in 1994 and contains most of the characters from Super Street Fighter II. The game is currently out of print.

Character generation[]

Character generation was similar to White Wolf's other games (Vampire, Werewolf, Mage, etc.). The character has nine attributes divided into three categories (Physical, Mental, Social). The player then distributed points among these stats and selected a Concept, Demeanor, and various skills and backgrounds. Instead of a clan, Street Fighter characters selected a fighting style based on the styles of the characters from the game. The character's style determined which martial arts techniques the character could learn by spending less points. For example, practitioners of Shotokan Karate and Kung Fu could learn the Fireball technique more easily than someone who selected Sambo as his style. The character's style also determined how much Chi and Willpower the character started with. Certain special moves required the character to spend Chi or Willpower. In addition, characters also had an Honor score. Honor helped the character regain Chi; a character with high Honor recovered Chi more easily than a character with low Honor.

Game mechanics[]

Gameplay was based on previous White Wolf games. The player rolled a number of ten sided dice based on his skill level, attribute score, or both and needed to achieve a number of "successes" based on the difficulty of the feat in question. In addition to skills found in many other White Wolf games (Drive, Computer, Survival, etc.) several new skills were introduced. For example, a Style Lore skill that allowed a character to determine what fighting style an opponent is using and what his approximate level of skill is. Players also distributed points to Punch, Kick, Grab, and Block skills. These skills not only increased the character's fighting ability but served as prerequisites for some martial arts techniques.

A new addition to gameplay was a Combat Card system. The combat card system was added to give the players the sense of excitement on what move would the players picked and who made the best decision.


A total of one basic module and five supplements books were released for this game. They are listed in order of the White Wolf Code.


See Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game/Characters


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