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Street Fighter × Tekken (ストリートファイター × 鉄拳 Sutorīto Faitā Kurosu Tekken?, pronounced Street Fighter Cross Tekken) is a crossover fighting game featuring characters from both the Street Fighter series and the Tekken series of 3D fighting games, released on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, iOS, and PlayStation Vita.[1] The game is one of a pair of games, with the other being Tekken × Street Fighter, which was in development by Bandai Namco until they put it on hold in 2016.[2][3] Street Fighter × Tekken uses Street Fighter IV's engine; Tekken × Street Fighter, on the other hand, would be using Tekken's engine.



Zangief and Heihachi in battle.

The game uses a modified Street Fighter IV engine. Gameplay is focused on "Tag Team combat where players select two fighters to deliver knockout assist attacks and special combos". The KO system works similarly to Tekken Tag Tournament, where the fight ends when one member of the team has been knocked out. There is also a "Customize Color" option and "Scramble Mode" battle, where all four chosen characters battle at the same time in their respective teams, reminiscent of the Street Fighter Alpha Dramatic Battles.[1] A new feature is the "Pandora" mode, where players can relinquish their partner in order to gain a temporary surge in power. As seen in the trailers, this new mode also ties in to the game's story.

Another new feature is the Gem System, where players can add up to three gems to their character in order to enhance their abilities and stats. Most gems are immediately in effect, though some gems will only take effect when certain conditions are met on the battlefield alone.

Several other gameplay features are added, including:

Color Edit Mode, which was last seen in Capcom vs. SNK 2: Mark of the Millennium 2001, has also returned; players are able to color skin, hair, and all layers of clothes, starting with very few colors but being able to download more via the Store.

Version 2013[]


In the latest updates, several cosmetic changes were done. Provisional Damage for example was changed to be an easier color to visually detect.

A final update for this game was released in Jan. 29, 2013 (April 22, 2013 for PC players) dubbed the "Version 2013". This update brought many cosmetic changes. Two of the in battle changes were the recoloring of Provisional Damage and the "FIGHT" text disappearing faster.

Several universal changes were implemented. the Rolling mechanic was made less safe, throws were made to remove all provisional damage (before the only way to accomplish this was to use Cross Arts, and Supers did no provisional damage). Most invincible reversals such as Shoryuken having less hitstun and screen freeze to make DP Switch Cancels less safe, and Launchers doing less screen freeze. Lastly Cross Arts have had their damaged universally increased from the previous 100 to 150. These changes and others were done in an effort to prevent time outs that have plagued the game in previous versions.

Several character balance changes were also done in an effort to fix the game's balance issues. Previously dominating characters such as Rufus, Rolento, Raven, and Cody all were toned down. Weaker characters such as Asuka and Elena were buffed. This patch was not without criticism, as many questionable decisions were done in terms of balance. One of the biggest concerns was overpowering already good characters such as Hwoarang, Nina, and Chun-Li. Furthermore there appears to be a bias towards the Tekken side, as most of the cast was buffed while most of the Street Fighter cast received at least one nerf to their power. Furthermore some already weaker characters were further nerfed, such as Ibuki, who despite having no major representation in tournaments and being considered weaker by top players, had nerfs to her jab, frame data, and damage. Poison, a rather weak character, had very minuscule buffs that did not compare to others who were much stronger than her pre-2013. Lastly more concerns are done at anti air buffs, the biggest example is Law. Law had problems anti airing in the previous version but in the 2013 version he was given an anti air that has a wide angle, ignores jump in attacks, and juggles a standing opponent. This anti air (and some others) make some Tekken characters borderline immune to Cross Ups.


Main article: Pandora

The main story of the game revolves around a strange, cubical object that crash-landed on Earth, somewhere in Antarctica. Nobody knows exactly what the object is, where it came from or what purpose it has, only that it appears to release a powerful energy when beings come into conflict around it. As a result, researchers nickname the strange box "Pandora". Several characters from the Tekken and Street Fighter universes form teams of two and search for Pandora, each with their own motivations.[4]


Street Fighter[]


^1 Downloadable characters

^* Playable on the iOS edition

Guest characters (PS3/Vita exclusive)[]


The following characters, while not playable, appear or are referred to in various trailers, stages, etc.

Street Fighter[]

  • E. Honda (cameo in "The Pit Stop 109" stage, Jack-X's Swap Costume).
  • Mike Haggar (seen in one of the cinematic trailers)
  • Mad Gear Gang
    • Sodom (cameo in "Mad Gear Hideout" stage, Heihachi's Swap Costume).
    • Abigail (cameo in "Mad Gear Hideout" stage).
    • Damnd (cameo in "Mad Gear Hideout" stage).
    • Axl (cameo in "Mad Gear Hideout" stage).
    • Edi. E (cameo in "Mad Gear Hideout" stage, Cody's Alternate Costume).
    • Grandfather Andore (cameo in "Mad Gear Hideout" stage).
    • Belger (cameo in "Mad Gear Hideout" stage).
  • Mech-Zangief[5] (cameo in "Cosmic Elevator" stage).
  • El Fuerte[6] (cameo in "The Half Pipe" stage, Marshall Law's Swap Costume).
  • Alex[6] (cameo in "The Half Pipe" stage, King's Swap Costume).
  • The Dolls
    • Juli (cameo in "The Half Pipe" stage, Christie's Swap Costume).
    • Juni (cameo in "The Half Pipe" stage).
    • Enero (cameo in "The Half Pipe" stage).
  • Sarai (seen in the background of the "Mishima Estate" stage with Kunimitsu and chases in the 2nd scene)
  • Yun Lee (cameo in "The Half Pipe" stage).
  • Yang Lee (cameo in "The Half Pipe" stage).
  • Hoimei (cameo in "The Half Pipe" stage).
  • Dan Hibiki (cameo in Sakura and Blanka's ending, Lei Wulong's Swap Costume, also runs the training mode).[7][8]
  • Oni (seen in Akuma's cinematic ending).
  • Rainbow Mika (Kuma's Swap Costume).
  • Dee Jay (Hwoarang's Swap Costume).
  • Charlie Nash (Steve's Swap Costume).
  • C. Viper (Jin Kazama's Swap Costume).
  • Gill (Ogre's Swap Costume).
  • Geki (Lars Alexandersson's Swap Costume).
  • Urien (Bryan Fury's Swap Costume).
  • Don-chan (Ibuki's promotional artwork).
  • Jessica (cameo in "Mad Gear Hideout" Stage, PS Vita version)


  • Kunimitsu (seen in the background at the "Mishima State" stage).[9]
  • Armor King (seen in King and Marduk's prologue and ending, Abel's Swap Costume).
  • Alex (seen in the background of the "Jurassic Era Reseach Facility" stage).
  • Ganryu (seen in the background of the "Blast Furnace" stage, Hugo's Swap Costume).
  • NANCY-MI847J (seen in the background of the "Urban Warzone" stage).
  • Eddy Gordo (seen in Christie and Lei's cinematic ending).
  • Miharu Hirano (seen in Xiaoyu's background picture).
  • Panda (seen in Xiaoyu's promotional artwork, Chun-Li's Swap Costume).
  • Tiger Jackson (seen on a bilboard in "The Half Pipe" stage, Dudley's Swap Costume).
  • Jinpachi Mishima (Dhalsim's Swap Costume).
  • Sergei Dragunov (Sagat's Swap Costume).
  • Devil (Poison's Swap Costume).
  • Angel (Rufus' Swap Costume).
  • Zafina (Juri's Swap Costume).
  • Lee Chaolan (cameo in "Mishima Estate" stage, PS Vita version)

Stage Cameos[]


Downloadable Content[]

Swap Costumes[]

Main article: Swap Costume

DLC costumes, called "Swap Costumes", were announced; Street Fighter Swap Costumes are Tekken-inspired, and Tekken Swap Costumes are Street Fighter-inspired. Swap costumes came out for the non DLC roster in the PC version but the DLC characters didn't get any alternate outfits in said version.

Alternate Costumes[]

Also present are "Alternate Costumes" in which most are some-all new outfits.[11] for both the Street Fighter and Tekken cast. These alternate outfits were not released in the PC version of the game. In Ultra Street Fighter IV, on startup the game checks for SFXTK save data and checks for the alternate costumes, if they are purchased the Ultra Street Fighter IV newcomers that were in Street Fighter X Tekken alongside Decapre all get their alternate outfit in USFIV as well (Decapre getting Cammy's alternate costume).

Since the PC version doesn't have these outfits purchasable. The PC version of Ultra instead just simply checks to see if the user has SFXT save data in general instead.

DLC Gems[]

Some gems were made available for a limited time, An option for 4 gems was also available as DLC for a limited time.


Prior to tournament EVO 2010 at Las Vegas, Nevada, Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono was teasing a yet to be announced game which was initially believed to be a new Darkstalkers entry.[12] Before EVO 2010's Super Street Fighter IV finals, Ono was confronted by Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada on stage after teasing more of the game that would officially be announced at the 2010 Comic-Con. During the Super Street Fighter IV panel at Comic-Con, Harada appeared out of the crowd and went towards the stage while handing out free copies of Tekken 6, which was met with cheers and boos. Ono and Harada then confirmed the existence of Street Fighter × Tekken.[13] Both the teaser trailer and early gaming footage of Street Fighter × Tekken was also shown at Comic-Con.[13] During the announcement, Harada also revealed that he has a related project under way, which is being developed by Namco and which the gameplay will be similar to that of Tekken.[13] Other Capcom games are referenced in Street Fighter × Tekken, such as Dino Crisis, which has a stage based around one of its levels.[14]

The PC port of Street Fighter × Tekken was developed by Polish studio QLoc.[15] A portable version of the game was announced for the PlayStation Vita at the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2011.[16] Downloadable content is cross-compatible between both the PlayStation 3 and Vita versions of the game.[17]

Nathan Drake from Naughty Dog's Uncharted series was considered for inclusion as a guest character, but the idea was scrapped during development.[18] Yoshinori Ono stated that there is no exclusive character for the Xbox 360 version, stating: "We do have the exclusive characters for the Sony platform. We have Cole, the two Sony cats, Kuro and Toro. But basically for the Xbox 360, we were in discussions with them (Microsoft) for which character to put in as an exclusive, but we weren't able to decide on a character because of differences in timing and things like that".[19]


The music featured in cinematic trailers included "Honest Eyes" by Black Tide,[20] "Knock Me Out" by Street Drum Corps,[21] "In Love With You" by Jared Evan,[22] "My Town" by Hollywood Undead,[23] and "From Heads Unworthy" by Rise Against.[24]


Capcom senior VP Christian Svensson stated that there would be no North American retail release for the PC version and that it would instead be sold digitally through Steam. However, Asia and Europe would receive a retail box release of the PC version. Ono stated that the reason is because he does not want an on-disc DLC for the PC version, out of fear that hackers may create mods to crack the game and access the DLC.[25][26]

Special Edition[]

The Special Edition features a "build-it-yourself arcade cabinet bank" (approximately five inches high), prequel comic book by UDON and 36 gems, which includes all pre-order DLC packs ("World Warrior", "Iron Curtain" and "Lightning Legs") plus an exclusive Special Edition DLC pack ("King of Iron Fist").[27] The Special Edition also comes with nine exclusive gems ("Cross Arts" DLC) only available as a pre-order bonus for the edition, making it total of 45 gems if the edition is pre-ordered.[28] The Collectors Edition features the "World Warrior" DLC, which includes nine gems, all of which provide characters with different attributes and properties. Also included is a 46 track original soundtrack spanning two discs and a 44-page art book.[29]

In the Asian market the special edition includes DLC for a complete pack of gems, a two-disc soundtrack, 41 character cards with art on one side and move details on the other, and Bobble Budds bobble heads modeled after Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono and Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada.[30] The three big game retailers in Australia, EB Games, JB Hi-Fi and Game shared three pre-order bonuses. EB Games offers the exclusive Special Edition, JB Hi-Fi offered the standard edition, along with a 60 cm × 90 cm wall scroll featuring Ryu and Kazuya Mishima, while Game offered the standard edition bundled with a Kazuya and Ken T-shirt.[31]


Both console versions of Street Fighter × Tekken received positive reviews from most critics, with praise going to the game's modes and tag team gameplay. The PlayStation Vita version however received lesser reviews than its console counterparts, being criticized for the graphics, long loading times, clunky controls and "poor competitive balance".


The most complaints Street Fighter × Tekken received was the inclusion of characters on the disc that can only be used by paying more, this resulted in heavy criticism by fans and publishers as gamers would pay an additional amount of money for something that was completed before release and on disc.[32][33] Capcom responded stating they intended to add the characters locked in the retail versions to save hard drive space but the response was only met with more criticism.[32][34] The game's DLC scandal led to many online debates and articles about on-disc DLC, and the controversy of game developers having buyers paying more than necessary for something that is already completed, in the gaming industry.

Other subjects of criticism were missing fan favorites in the playable cast, certain aspect of the game mechanics (such as the Gem System which was met with mixed response) and that online tag-team matches are not available for the Xbox 360 version of the game although the feature was advertised and printed in the manual. Capcom stated this would not be fixed with a patch.[35]


By two months after its release, Street Fighter × Tekken sold over 1 million copies.[36] However, this was about 40% short of Capcom's expectations.[37] Initially, as of March 31, 2012, Street Fighter × Tekken had sold 1.4 million units worldwide, in contrast to Capcom's expectations that it would sell 2 million units (though sales have since continued to rise to 1.7 million as of March 31, 2014).[38] Capcom believed that the game's poor performance may be in part due to "cannibalism" of the fighting game genre, meaning too many fighting games were released in too short a time.[39] The PlayStation 3 version got to number 3 in the UK physical sales charts.[40] The PlayStation Vita version received a lukewarm response, selling only 5,420 copies during its first week in Japan.[41] However, in May 2017, following the release of Tekken 7, this version of the game topped the European download chart.[42]



Box Art[]

Official Art[]

To view all official character artwork, see: Official Art.


See Street Fighter × Tekken/Screenshots.



See Street Fighter × Tekken/Trailers.

Audio files[]


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