Round One Fight

Cover art for Round One: Fight!'s DVD

Street Fighter Round One: Fight! is a straight-to-DVD "animated comic" based on the UDON comic book series. Released on February 3, 2009,[1] it presents the comic book art in a slightly animated fashion, with the option of including or excluding word bubbles.

Eventually, a sequel would be produced in the very same format, Street Fighter - The New Challengers.


Voice actor Character
Adam Kasprowicz Ken Masters
Alexis Martino Cammy
Bern Sundstedt Gouken
Hospital doctor
Hannah Church Sakura Kasugano
Jesse Kuntz Guile
Mike Vanderwyst Ryu
Vanessa Prokuski Chun-Li


Chapter ZeroEdit


Ryu in training

The story begins with Ryu training at the base of a waterfall. A voice-over by Ryu's master Gouken explains that Ryu, who is both his student and his adopted son, has mastered his art and is now at a crossroads. His drive for perfection reminds Gouken of another man who, when his development had reached a plateau, decided that further improvement required brutality and ruthlessness. Ryu is now at the same crossroads and must decide whether to choose the same path or to follow in Gouken's footsteps of peace; he must confront this part of himself that would follow the path of destruction. As Gouken speaks, we see Ryu facing evil version of himself, and a battle ensues. Gouken's voice states that "negativity, wrath and cruelty often seem to overcome goodness, pease and honor"; as he says this we see the Evil Ryu accordingly outclassing Ryu, and grinding Ryu's face into the dirt. Nonetheless, Gouken asserts that he must not give in.

Ryu then hears Gouken cry his name, and snaps out of what was a trance-like meditation. Rushing back to the dojo, Ryu discovers a defeated, bloody and dead Gouken lying in a heap against the dojo wall; behind his body, a huge Japanese symbol "Ten" (which means "Heaven") is written in Gouken's blood on the wall.

Chapter OneEdit

We see an image of M. Bison and his lieutenants standing triumphant over a helpless Charlie. Bison grins as he apparently finishes Charlie off.

Two months later, Charlie's best friend Guile sits in his office and wonders what happened to him, as the rescue team which was sent in to find him was able to recover only his dog tags. Guile's superiors have told him to accept that Charlie is dead, but Guile refuses to give up on him.

Meanwhile, Ryu has arrived in America, at the mansion of his friend Ken Masters. Ken's guard dogs rush towards Ryu with bared teeth, but Ryu shoots them a harsh look and they run off whimpering. Alerted by the dogs, Ken comes out to meet Ryu and tells him that he has been waiting for their rematch a long time. He launches a barrage of attacks which Ryu blocks. Ken tells him that he will be insulted if Ryu doesn't fight back, but a solemn Ryu tells him that it is no time for games. As the words leave Ryu's lips, Ken's fiancée Eliza comes out of the mansion to see what the commotion is. Ken tells her that Ryu has come to visit them, but notes that something seems to be wrong. He asks Ryu what the matter is, and both he and Eliza are stunned when Ryu tells them of Gouken's murder. Ken tells him to come inside.

Back in Guile's office, one of Guile's subordinates, Lt. Gibson, delivers a report on Shadaloo that he requested, informing him that Shadaloo has been "very active over the past month". According to Shadaloo agents the U.S. military apprehended, Shadaloo have been intensifying its operations on the west coast - mostly the usual weapons and drug trafficking, but with the new development that Shadaloo also had numerous surveillance reports on a man named "Ryu". Guile remembers that Ryu was the one who defeated Bison's right-hand man, Sagat, in the last street fighting tournament, but is perplexed as to why Bison would go to such trouble over one man.

We then see - via flashback - the match between Ryu and Sagat, with Sagat taunting Ryu that he poses no challenge. The two launch fireballs at each other, with Ryu coming out of the exchange the worse for it. Sagat declares that the match is over and as he begins a Tiger Knee to finish his opponent off, the Satsui no Hado overwhelms Ryu, who cannot accept the possibility that he might lose. He performs a Messatsu Shoryuken which rips Sagat's chest open. He has won, but is ill-at-ease with the feeling which has overtaken him.

With the flashback over, Gibson tells Guile that they know little about Ryu, but according to the Department of Immigration, he entered the United States this morning. Before she can show Guile Ryu's profile, Guile receives a call informing him that Shadaloo agents have been causing trouble in Chinatown. He heads out, telling Gibson that she can finish briefing him when he gets back.

In San Francisco's Chinatown, Ken and Eliza have taken Ryu out for dinner at the Happy Go Lucky restaurant. As Ryu fills them in on the details of Gouken's murder, he says that although he could see a great battle had taken place, he knows of no warrior who could have so brutally defeated their master. He tells them of the "Ten" behind Gouken, though he doesn't know what it meant. He concludes that all he knows is that the man who took him in as a son is dead, and that he needs Ken to help him avenge their master.

Guile ROF

Guile triumphant over Birdie

Suddenly, Birdie and some other thugs come into the restaurant and tell the owner that he owes them their protection money. The owner replies that he already pays the Raging Storms, and that there will be trouble if Birdie doesn't leave. Birdie laughs that he took care of "those candy-asses" four days ago, and that, with backing from Shadaloo, he's the new player in town. The owner refuses to pay, and Birdie is about to brutalize him when Ryu holds him back. Before Birdie can do anything, Guile and several police officers arrive on the scene. Ken tells Ryu to back down, as the authorities can now handle things. Birdie won't go down without a fight, and attacks Guile. Guile quickly defeats him, and comments that these thugs aren't real Shadaloo agents; just Shadaloo wannabes. When Guile doubts whether Bison even knows Birdie's name, Birdie attacks again and is felled by Guile's Flash Kick. One of the other thugs makes a break for it through the back door, but is ambushed by a Chinese woman, who takes him down with ease.

Chapter TwoEdit

At an unknown location, Bison receives a report from agent "Killer Bee". Killer Bee reports that Ryu has been located in San Francisco, and transmits the accompanying surveillance photos. Bison orders her to continue her surveillance and inform him of any significant movements.

Back at the restaurant, Guile pursues the thug out the back door and is impressed to see him already apprehended. He asks the lady her name, and she replies that she is Interpol (Hong Kong division) agent Chun-Li, and that she was following some leads in the area. Guile introduces himself, and says that they're on the same team as he's liaising with Interpol for this assignment. He asks her what brings her all this way, as there's surely plenty of Shadaloo activity in Hong Kong to keep her busy. She tells him that she is here to meet her U.S. contact Commander Charlie Nash to discuss the co-ordination of the global Shadaloo investigation. Guile informs her of Charlie's disappearance while he was investigating Bison, and that Bison is now the reason why Guile has accepted this assignment. At the mention of Bison's name, Chun-Li insists that Guile tell her everything he knows about him. Guile picks up on the her animosity towards Bison, and she simply says that she is in a similar situation to Guile's. Guile recognizes a vendetta when he sees one, and tells her to meet him at Interpol HQ the next morning.

A sleeping Ryu has a dream about an incident he once witnessed as a boy. In the dream, Gouken and a stranger are arguing about the true nature of their art, with the stranger insisting that until Gouken embraces its murderous nature, he will be incomplete. Gouken counters that their art will never be about destruction and death, and that it dishonors their master Goutetsu's name to suggest otherwise. The stranger says that even Goutetsu did not understand; that he put the master to the test and defeated him: if the stranger is truly wrong, then how could he have been able to kill the master? An enraged Gouken calls the stranger a murderer and a fight ensues with a young Ryu watching. When the stranger loses, he accepts defeat and tells Gouken to kill him. Gouken says that the stranger knows he will do no such thing, and goes on to say that he will continue to teach their arts with the aim of preserving life, not destroying it. The stranger chides him for his mercy which he decries as a weakness, and accuses Gouken of accepting a half-truth as his way, and says that Gouken will never truly be free as he himself is. He turns his back and leaves, promising that Gouken will regret not killing him, addressing Gouken as "brother". The young Ryu watches him leave and sees on his back the symbol "Ten".

Ryu awakes from his dream with the name "Akuma" on his lips. Incredulous that Gouken could have been killed by his own brother, Ryu swears revenge. He wakes Ken and Eliza up and tells them that he has remembered where he saw the symbol before. Ken is also incredulous that Gouken's own brother would have killed him, noting that Akuma disappeared years ago. Ryu tells him that they must return to Japan to search for him. Ken agrees and Eliza says that she will come too. Ken reluctantly agrees and tells them that he will call to have his private jet readied immediately. Ryu seems confused and Ken explains that his father gave it to him as a present when he won the U.S. Championship a few years ago.

As Ken explains that his family are wealthy, Killer Bee spies on them through a window and informs Bison that the "target" appears to be preparing to leave for Japan. Bison calls one of his lieutenants, Vega, and informs him that he will have a "special" assignment.

The next morning, at Interpol HQ, Chun-Li tells Guile how her father disappeared half a year ago while undercover in Shadaloo. She hasn't given up hope, but it appears Shadaloo caught on. Guile gives her all the information that he has, including the report on Shadaloo's interest in a man named Ryu. Chun-Li looks at the file and recognizes Ryu from the restaurant. Guile, frustrated that such a good lead had been under their noses, makes a call to tell his department to be on the lookout for Ryu. However, he is informed that Ryu has left the country for Japan. Guile decides to follow Ryu as whatever is going on, Ryu seems to be at the center of it.

In Japan, back at Gouken's dojo, Ryu asks Ken whether Eliza will mind being left alone for the day. Ken jokingly says not to worry, as she will be happy in the 4-star hotel with "a mall full of designer boutiques and a credit card and she won't even notice I'm gone". Ryu smilingly asks him what a guy like him did to get such a good woman, and Ken laughingly replies that she asks him the same question every single day. Ken then asks if Ryu similarly has someone special he has his eye on, but when Ryu has no answer, Ken observes that Ryu has always been "all work and no play".

They arrive at Gouken's memorial, with their master's prayer beads hanging around it. Ken addresses the spirit of his master, and tells him that although he was going to bring flowers, he has decided he'd bring something that Gouken would appreciate more: he has developed a special technique in his honor. Reflecting on how Gouken always told him that the Shoryuken was his strength, Ken demonstrates the Shinryuken, a very powerful, flaming version of the Dragon Punch. Ken dedicates the technique to Gouken, and vows to help Ryu avenge his death.

Back in the city, Vega calls Bison and tells him that finding Ryu may be difficult, as Killer Bee seems to have lost track of him as he left America. Bison asserts that as Japan's greatest fighter, Ryu should not be difficult to find. Vega complains that the situation could've been avoided if Killer Bee had done her job, and that he unable to understand why Bison puts such faith in her and the other "Doll" agents. Bison, losing his patience, tells Vega that his Dolls have never failed him and that Vega would be wise to do the same, then disconnects. Vega, seeing an advertisement for an event involving "Japan's #1 Warrior", decides that finding Ryu might not be so difficult after all. Nearby, a schoolgirl named Sakura exclaims that she has waited two months for this event.

At the event, Edmond Honda is introduced as Japan's greatest warrior, and the Sakura enthusiastically looks on. Her friend complains that the event is boring, and Sakura asks her how she's not excited to be in the presence of E. Honda, the "greatest there is". Sakura declares that when she grows up she wants to be just like him, to which her friend replies "You want to be 400 lbs?". Sakura says that she'll try her best, and that she has already entered a hotdog-eating competition to help her bulk up.

Suddenly Honda is confronted by Vega, who is disappointed to see a "fat, diapered slob" instead of Ryu. Honda takes offence, and challenges Vega to a fight. Vega apathetically consents, insulting sumo wrestling. Honda throws himself at him, but Vega quickly dodges and counterattacks. Sakura cheers Honda on. Honda attacks several more times, each time being outmaneuvred by Vega, who finally defeats Honda with an Izuna Drop. Vega taunts Honda and leaves him lying unconscious, saying that he will not maim him with his claws as he is "more than ugly enough". However, he accidentally drops a picture of Ryu, which Sakura picks up, wondering what kind of fighter it was that Vega was looking for.

Once again walking the streets, Vega looks at his reflection in a window, where he sees and recognizes Ken and Eliza. He smiles to himself as he goes after them.

Chapter ThreeEdit

The chapter begins with Ryu beating a bruised Ken. Ken tells Ryu that Gouken was his master too, but Ryu, enraged, says that Gouken was like his father and that no-one understands what he is going through. In his rage, Ryu unleashes a powerful Hadoken on the helpless Ken, seemingly killing him. Staring at the hole in the dojo wall where Ken was before the Hadoken, Ryu wonders what he has done. Looking through the hole at the empty grounds outside, Ryu remembers that Ken is not there because he is with Eliza, and realizes that he was dreaming. He wonders if he's losing his mind.

Elsewhere, at Gouken's memorial, Akuma senses what is transpiring and mocks his dead brother, saying that although Gouken was too afraid to embrace the "final teachings" and withheld them from Ryu, Ryu is now finding them within himself. Lifting Gouken's prayer beads from the memorial, Akuma places them around his own neck.

Back in the city, Vega "accidentally" bumps into Eliza, knocking her shopping bags to the ground. He helps her pick them up again and compliments her choice of scarf, saying that she "obviously knows something of beauty". Presenting her with a rose, he goes on to flatter her "loveliness" while an annoyed and jealous Ken hurries Eliza away. Vega gets out his cell phone and reports his progress to Bison.

Meanwhile, Chun-Li and Guile arrive by plane in Japan, and discuss how Ryu will likely lead them straight to Bison. However their stewardess observes them and, withdrawing to a bathroom, gets out a cell phone, identifies herself as agent Juni and reports their arrival to Bison.

VegaEliza ROF

That evening, Ken leaves the hotel to get some noodles from a favorite restaurant of his, and having done so, calls Eliza and tells her that he'll be back in ten minutes. Eliza promises to show him some of the "lacy" things she bought that day, and Ken reduces his estimate to two minutes. After hanging up, Eliza answers a knock at the door, expecting the drinks she ordered. When she opens it, a masked Vega bursts in, leaving a dead bellhop in the hallway. Vega grabs her by the throat, points his ninja claw at her jugular and asks her where Ryu is. Eliza feigns ignorance and Vega warns her that his claws "haven't tasted the blood of one as beautiful as you for a long time", adding that it feels as if they "thirst for it". Fortunately Ken arrives at that moment and in the second in which Vega is distracted, Eliza punches him. Enraged that she dared to touch his face, Vega is ready to kill her but Ken grabs and throws him across the room. Landing gracefully on his feet, Vega wonders aloud why Bison is so interested in "pathetic" shotokan practitioners such as Ken and Ryu, also mentioning Shadaloo. Ken and Vega trade blows and Vega's claw is knocked twirling away, slashing Eliza's neck. Vega mocks Ken for his carelessness and Ken loses control, unleashing a Hurricane Kick to Vega's face. Unlike Eliza's punch, Ken's kick breaks Vega's mask and draws blood and Vega, concerned for his appearance, withdraws by leaping out the window to an adjacent rooftop.

As Ken rushes to call an ambulance, a shadowy figure observes the action and reports to Bison. He asks Bison whether he should engage the "secondary target designated 'Ken'", but Bison, grinning, informs him that an "interesting development" has come to his attention and that it seems only fitting that the mysterious agent handle it personally.

Later, at the hospital, doctors inform Ken that Eliza will be fine and that they'll be holding her for observation. When the doctors leave, Eliza asks Ken why he's so quiet. Ken blames himself for what almost happened to her and says that this is the second time he's almost lost her because of his fighting. Eliza tells him that Ken was the only thing that stopped Vega from killing her and that he has no time to go soft since he has to go and warn Ryu since there's no phone at the dojo. Ken refuses to leave her but she insists, saying that Ryu is the one Shadaloo wants and whatever the reason, they're willing to kill for it.

Guile and Chun-Li are also on Ryu's trail, with Chun-Li stopping their car at a motel and announcing that apparently Ryu trains at a dojo nearby and that they'll have to proceed the rest of the way on foot tomorrow. As Chun-Li gets some ramen from a vending machine, Guile sees a shadowy figure across the street and suddenly goes after him down an alleyway, shotuing that it's "impossible". Chun-Li follows, but before she can catch up, she hears a familiar voice shouting "Sonic Boom!" and when she arrives she sees Charlie holding an unconscious Guile. When she addresses him, he informs her that he is not Charlie but Shadaloo Agent Shadow.

Chapter FourEdit

"Agent Shadow" recognizes Chun-Li as his secondary mission target and declares that the objective is "extermination". Chun-Li replies that if Charlie has changed sides, he's in for one hell of a fight. Immediately launching a barrage of attacks, she knocks Charlie down with a Tenshokyaku and then rushes to the aid of the unconscious Guile. Charlie quickly gets up and assesses that "damage: minimal" and readies his "secondary attack sequence". He fires a Sonic Boom and gains the upper hand against Chun-Li, but just when he is about to finish her, Guile suddenly throws him his dog tags. Reading his name, Charlie becomes confused and escapes. Guile and Chun-Li pull themselves together and Guile expresses relief that Charlie is alive. In a Shadaloo helicopter, Charlie stares at his dog tags and, noticing a Shadaloo surveillance camera watching him, destroys the camera in a rage.

At Shadaloo HQ, a scientist tells Bison (who had been watching the footage) that Agent Shadow appears to be malfunctioning and that the test subject may be beyond salvage. Bison orders the experiment terminated and asks to know if Killer Bee has been located yet, as she is the only agent capable of this. When told that she has completely vanished, Bison decides to finish Nash, Guile and Chun-Li himself.

Elsewhere, a woman observes an unconscious Killer Bee and reflects that although the Doll is a mindless puppet, she has recently observed a potential to be more. Stating that the two have much in common, the mysterious woman declares that she has decided to free Killer Bee from Bison's clutches. Reading her tarot cards, the woman draws the "Death" card, noting that for Killer Bee, it signifies the end of an old way of life and the beginning of a new one. The woman declares that Killer Bee is dead, and that she will need a new name, not just a codename, for her new life.

Meanwhile, Sakura and her friend Kei arrive at a run-down dojo, with Sakura saying that since the owner claims to be the greatest Shotokan master in the world, he probably knows Ryu. They enter and are greeted by a "Mr Dan Hibiki", asking if they are looking for the "strongest fighter to have ever set foot in a dojo". Sakura says that she is indeed looking for a fighter named Ryu and asks if Hibiki knows him. Hearing Ryu's name, Hibiki becomes upset and says that Ryu and his "goody-two-shoes master" kicked him out of their dojo for seeking vengeance for his father. Hibiki then suddenly shouts "FATHER!!!" to the heavens with tears in his eyes, making the two girls understandably quite uncomfortable. Dan then tells them that there's nothing Ryu can do that he himself can't do better, and tells them that training with a "real" master will only cost them 5000 yen per class... but if they can defeat him in a match, their lessons are free. Before he can finish warning them that such a thing is impossible, Sakura punches him in the stomach, thanking him for the opportunity. Dan commends her for her strike, and the match starts in earnest. They exchange blows and Sakura asks Dan if she's doing alright. Dan, with multiple bruises on his face, says that her fighting is "adequate", though she lacks technique. He then demonstrates his Gadoken fireball attack, which barely stings Sakura. Sakura wallops Dan with a kick to the face, and Dan acknowledges her as the winner, telling her her lessons are on the house. Sakura suspects that Dan let her win, but Kei remarks that he's stopped moving, to which Sakura replies "uh-oh".

In a hospital hallway Guile and Chun-Li, fresh from receiving stitches, discuss what might have caused Charlie to turn. Guile asserts that Charlie would've died before joining Bison, but before he can continue, he is recognized by a recovering Eliza. Eliza introduces herself to Chun-Li as Guile's sister-in-law, telling her that "this bastard" abandoned her sister Julia and niece to pursue a personal vendetta and the saddest part is that Julia still loves a "pathetic loser" like him. Guile brushes her off with the assertion that he did what he had to do, and Eliza gets even angrier. She asks him what he's doing in Japan anyway, and Guile tells her that he's looking for Ryu at which Eliza is astonished. Guile tells her that Ryu is somehow involved with Shadaloo and asks her to tell him what she knows. Eliza, distraught, tells him that Shadaloo just tried to kill her and her fiancé just to get at Ryu. Guile is surprised to learn that Ryu, Ken and Eliza are as in the dark about the whole affair as he is, and decides to warn Ryu. Eliza tells him that Ken left a few hours ago to do just that.

Ken arrives at the old dojo and, seeing the hole in the wall that Ryu made in his sleep, worries that he might be too late. He finds Ryu meditating inside and, relieved, explains everything. Ryu recalls hearing the name "Bison" before, at the Street Fighter tournament. Ken tells him they can lay low at the abandoned shrine to the west. However, he then gets a call from Eliza.

Back at the hospital, Sakura and Kei bring Dan in while Guile, finishes talking to Ken on the phone. Guile tells Eliza that he will make sure Ken and Ryu come to no harm, and that if all goes well, he plans to start making things up to Julia soon. Sakura overhears the words "Ryu" and "Miyazaki Shrine" and gets excited. Guile and Chun-Li leave, a doctor calls Eliza to one side and tells her that there's something she should know.

As Ken and Ryu are about to make their way to the shrine, Ryu senses a powerful, dark, warrior's presence approaching. Ken worries that it is Akuma. Hearing that name, Ryu rushes to the front door of the dojo and comes face to face with the towering Sagat.

Chapter FiveEdit

Having landed the helicopter, Charlie regains his memory and wonders what Bison did to him.

Back at the dojo, Ryu tells Ken not to interfere and Sagat attacks. After a brief exchange, Ryu is amazed to see that Sagat is even stronger, MUCH stronger, than the last time. As the two get ready to square off again, Sagat holds back and reminds himself that he's not here to fight, much as might like to. Ryu asks Sagat what he did come for, and Sagat says he's here to warn Ryu about Bison, that Bison is planning on recruiting him. Ryu tells Sagat that he's not interested in joining, but Sagat says that Shadaloo has ways of changing a person's mind, ways that Sagat does not approve of. Ryu asks why Sagat is betraying Bison and Sagat replies that he wants to regain his honor in a fight with Ryu, and cannot do so in a match against a puppet. He says that it is no longer safe in this dojo, and tells them to get away while they can. Turning to leave, he tells Ryu to expect to face the "true" Sagat at the next tournament, not the foolish man he once scarred. After Sagat leaves, Ken reminds Ryu that they need to go to the shrine.

Meanwhile, Sakura and Kei are also making their way to the shrine, and Kei complains that they should studying, that Sakura is a bad influence, and that it's no wonder she's always in trouble - getting in fights with Karin "every other day". Sakura replies that this is why she needs a new master - so that she won't lose a fight to Karin again.

Elsewhere, Guile and Chun-Li drive towards the dojo along a cliffside road. Guile tells Chun-Li that Charlie must have been brainwashed somehow, and that it would explain the types of scientist (neurology, genetics and AI) that Shadaloo has been recruiting. At that moment, Charlie's helicopter lands in the middle of the road and they are forced to stop. As Chun-Li prepares for another fight, Charlie reveals with a grin that he is back to normal. Guile, ecstatic, embraces his friend and asks what happened. Charlie explains that Bison controls some form of energy and used it to brainwash him, to the point that Chralie actually remembers killing for him. Chun-Li asks him if he knows what happened to her father. Charlie tells her that her father is dead, that he saw it with his own eyes - Bison set every single Doll upon him and although he fought valiantly, he never stood a chance. He recalls that the agent called "Killer Bee" was the one who dealt the killing blow.

Suddenly Bison appears in another helicopter, spraying the scene with bullets. Catching Nash with a few, Bison taunts Guile and lands his chopper. Both Guile and Chun-Li attack simultaneously, but are brushed aside by Bison. Bison prepares to finish them off, but at that moment Charlie launches a Sonic Boom, catching him off guard. Bison diverts his attention to Charlie, and though Charlie puts up a good fight, Bison overwhelms the wounded soldier. However, Charlie reveals that he doesn't intend to die alone, and launches a "Somersault Justice" attack which shatters the section of cliff that he and Bison are on. Both men fall into the water below. Guile looks over the side and laments the loss of his friend, but Chun-Li notes that with such power at his command, Bison has probably survived. Guile, silent, sees that Nash has once again left behind only his dog tags.

Ryu and Ken arrive at the shrine, and Ryu senses Gouken's murderer nearby. Sakura and Kei, who have also just arrived, spy on the two men as Ryu, enraged, bellows for Akuma to show himself. The sky turns red and a voice says "as you wish..."; Akuma appears.

Chapter SixEdit

The chapter begins with a flashback to Ryu's youth under the tutelage of Gouken. Practicing katas together, Gouken tells Ryu that he hopes to see the day that Ryu surpasses him.

Back in the present, Akuma tells Ryu that it has been a long time. Ryu gets even angrier when he sees that Akuma has taken Gouken's prayer beads. Ryu tells Akuma that Gouken once spared his life, but Akuma replies that this was a weakness of Gouken's and they should thank him for ending it.Ken refuses to listen to any more and he and Ryu attack. Akuma easily outclasses them and demands that they show him something better. Ryu distracts Akuma while Ken attempts a Shoryuken, but Ken hesitates a split second too long and Akuma dodges it. He beats Ken mercilessly and tells him that he has too many earthly attachments, too many things to think about, to ever be a complete fighter, asking whether it is a child, or perhaps a woman. He tells him that he will never fight without hesitation until he has nothing to lose. Akuma tosses Ken aside and Ryu attacks.

Unlike Ken, Ryu fights without hesitation, and Akuma is pleased. From a distance, Sakura and Kei watch the fight, with Sakura admiring Ryu's rapid onslaught. She rushes towards the two fighters to compliment them, thinking that they are only sparring. Ryu, startled, tells her to leave but Sakura insists that he must teach her, saying that she'll prove her worth in a sparring match like she did with Hibiki-san. Before Ryu can reply, she challenges Akuma to a fight and rushes towards him, but Akuma casually knocks her aside. Sakura, with a severe head injury, woozily suggests that maybe she should try that again, but Ryu tells her that she's proven herself and that she should lie down while he attends to some business. Tearing off a piece of his gi, he bandages her head and returns his attention to Akuma, asking how Akuma could do that to a mere child. Akuma replies that she attacked with complete abandon and that Ryu could learn something from her. Ryu says he already has, and attacks with a Shinkuu Tatsumaki Senpukyaku, drawing blood from Akuma.

Akuma suddenly grins dementedly, saying "Finally!". He suddenly starts to fight with a killing intent, and moving with lightning speed, easily overwhelms Ryu. Disappointed, he states that he thought Ryu was stronger than this, and that if Ryu was the best student Gouken could produce, then Gouken was even more incompetent than he thought.

At this, we are treated to a flashback to Ryu's youth. Gouken has decided that Ryu has studied enough to have his first sparring match, and Gouken's friend Retsuand volunteered to be the opponent. Gouken teases Retsu by telling Ryu to take it easy on his elderly opponent. Ryu replies only that he won't disappoint him. When the match starts, Retsu says that Ryu needn't hold back, but this proves to be a mistake as Ryu unleashes a savage attack.

Back in the present, Akuma's insult triggers a violent response from Ryu, who attacks with full strength, Akuma dodges, and as Ryu lands, the young fighter has a look of shock on his face, horrified. Akuma notes that this is because the blow would have killed him had it connected, and is pleased that Ryu is finally taking the fight seriously. Declaring that Ryu is a true heir to Dark Hado but that he still has only had a taste of its power, Akuma tells him to seek him out at the next tournament. Akuma spares Ryu's life, but only in the hope that Ryu will embrace his power and be more of a challenge next time.

As Ryu fades into unconsciousness, he remembers Gouken being forced to pull him away from a defenceless Retsu, with Retsu declaring that he's fine but Ryu is... "stronger" than he appears. Ryu tells Gouken that he simply didn't want to disappoint him. Gouken replies solemnly that he hasn't; that he has always known that Ryu, like all true masters, possesses a strong drive to constantly improve. Gouken warns him that although that drive propels them to their greatest heights, the acceptance of nothing less than perfection can also destroy them. He tells Ryu that this powerful force drove his brother mad. When Ryu asks what he should do, Gouken replies that no matter important victory seems, he must never forsake his humanity to sate that hunger. Ryu promises to follow this principle.

When Ryu wakes up from this dream, he finds Ken tending Sakura's head and Ken asks him what happened. Ryu tells him Akuma's reason for sparing them, and Ken marvels at Akuma's arrogance, saying that Akuma simply surprised them. Ryu wishes that were so; but he acknowledges that neither of them were a match for Akuma. Ryu says that he won't wait around for the tournament, and decides to travel the globe in search of a way to defeat Akuma without using the Dark Hado. He says that Bison and Shadaloo are insignificant and he can't afford to allow himself to be distracted by them. Ken decides to go with him.

When they return to the city, Eliza hugs Ken, delighted he's okay. Ken tells her that he has to go away for a few months with Ryu because there's something he has to do. He tells her that it won't be safe for her and that she'll have to stay behind. Eliza asks him not to go; she says that there's something she needs to tell him.

Later, Ken meets up with Ryu, and Ryu asks if Ken talked to Eliza about their plans to train around the world. Ken replies that he talked to her and that he can't go. Ryu says that he understands, but Ken tells him that it's not a simple matter of not wanting to go: Eliza's pregnant. Ryu, surprised, congratulates him. Ken says that Akuma was right about him; his last thought before losing consciousness was not about the fight but about whether he'd ever see Eliza again. Ken says that he has too much to lose to ever truly concentrate on a fight. Ryu says that it's entirely possible that Ken is in fact a more complete fighter because his new family gives him a something to fight for. Ken apologises for making Ryu take his journey alone, but he is interrupted by Sakura who tells them that "Master Ryu" can count on her. Ryu tells her he can't train her, but Sakura insists that she won't take no for an answer.

In Rome, Killer Bee wakes up outside the British embassy. She finds a letter in her pocket which reads: "Welcome to your new life, Cammy. Do not waste it".

In her home, Rose hopes that Cammy will take hold of her future. As images of Guile, Chun-Li and Charlie flash across the screen, Rose tells Cammy not to let the ghosts of the past claim her, to let the dead bury the dead. Images of Ken and Eliza appear as Rose tells Cammy that the expanse of possibilities will appear frightening. Against an image of Ryu, Rose says that as every journey ends, another begins.

Ryu visit's Gouken's grave one last time and reaffirms his promise. Sakura catches up to him and asks if he's trying to ditch her. He tells her he isn't, though he wonders how he allowed himself to be roped into this. She insists that she won't disappoint her master, at which Ryu tells her not to call him that.



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