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Street Fighter 6 (alternatively spelled Street Fighter VI) is the seventh main installment in the Street Fighter series. It was announced on February 21st, 2022. The game will be released in 2023 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S and PC via Steam.


"Street Fighter 6, the next game in the iconic series, will release in 2023! Take part in the Fighting Ground, which focuses on the classic fighting game experience with modes from previous games in the series. Two new modes will be available alongside: World Tour, an immersive single-player story experience, and Battle Hub, which will further expand the scope of player communication and engagement. Your Moment. Your Fight."


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The Drive gauge

The major new feature of Street Fighter 6's gameplay revolves around the "Drive" system -- a bar below the characters' vitality meters that enable the use of several abilities that draw on it. When emptied it leaves the fighters in a "burnout" state, which will stun them and change their stance, but will automatically restore over time.

  • Drive Impact: A heavy attack that can absorb an opponent's incoming attack, similar to a Focus Attack. When performed near the corner it can pin the opponent to the wall even if they are blocking.
  • Drive Parry: Deflects an incoming attack and replenishes the Drive meter. A "Perfect Parry" can be performed if an attack is deflected in perfect sync.
  • Overdrive: The replacement for EX Special moves in previous Street Fighter titles. An enhanced special attack that adds hits or improves the properties of its base move.
  • Drive Rush: A fast dash that can be performed out of either a Drive Parry or a cancellable normal strike. Rushing out of a normal move costs more Drive gauge than a parry.
  • Drive Reversal: Akin to an Alpha Counter or V-Reversal -- the user blocks an incoming strike and retaliates with a low damage move.

A simplified control scheme, somewhat similar to Marvel vs. Capcom 3, is available as an optional alternative to the standard six-button scheme to ease players into the game. Punch and kick attack strengths are removed and players play with three generic "Attack" buttons of varying strength and a Special Move button to perform special attacks, which are performed by using the Special Move button in conjunction with a directional input. Techniques such as Drive Parries and Drive Impact are performed with a single button press and a combo assist button allows players to easily string attacks together when held down. However, the input mechanics of the specials and supers being in simplified buttons dated back in Ryu and Chun-Li's guest appearance in Lionsgate's Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid. In addition, Taunts will also return for characters to use in Street Fighter 6 as well as alternate character colors, and all characters also have a unique victory animation for them on the Result Screen after a match, like in previous games, as well as battle damage shown on their faces. Also, each character in the game's roster all have their own vocal theme song for them in Street Fighter 6.

The VS Screen of Street Fighter 6

The VS screen for this game now shows unique information for each character chosen before the battles as they enter the stage, and all characters have two versions of their intro walk animations that are used depending on if the character is chosen by P1 or P2. It also introduces the "Game Face" feature to it, which allows a character to have one of four different facial emotions and expressions by pressing the controller's directional buttons, first dated back in Bandai Namco's Soulcalibur II until Soulcalibur III. The pre-fight intro cutscenes before the first round of the match are now shortened down to 2 seconds, compared to the previous games; Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter V.

The game will feature an in-game commentary feature, a series first,[1] as well as online rollback netcode and cross-play. Street Fighter 6 also runs on Capcom's RE Engine[2], the realistic game engine that was previously used in their recent games such as Resident Evil VII, Devil May Cry 5, and Monster Hunter: Rise.

It marks the return of using multiple supers during gameplay since it was first utilized in Street Fighter Alpha series, and being the third game to do so since the multiple Super Combo usage mechanic was lastly utilized in Ultra Street Fighter IV' "Ultra Combo W" variant. However, this game only has 3 super moves and each of them based on 3 levels respectively.[3] When a character's vitality is low, the Super Arts change to Critical Arts.

List of fighters[]


Name Debut Type Effective Range Ease of Use Japanese Voice Actor English Voice Actor Theme Song
Chun-Li Street Fighter II: The World Warrior Speed Mid-Range Hard Fumiko Orikasa Jennie Kwan "Not A Little Girl"
Guile Street Fighter II: The World Warrior ??? ??? ??? Hiroki Yasumoto Ray Chase ???
Luke Street Fighter V: Champion Edition Tricky Mid-Range Normal Tomoaki Maeno Aleks Le "Taking Aim"
Ryu Street Fighter Standard Mid-Range Normal Hiroki Takahashi Kyle Hebert "Viator"

New challengers[]

Name Type Effective Range Ease of Use Japanese Voice Actor English Voice Actor Theme Song
Jamie Tricky Mid-Range Normal Shunsuke Takeuchi Stephen Fu "Mr. Top Player"
Kimberly ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???



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  • Genbu Temple
  • Metro City Downtown
  • A stage taking place on an anchored aircraft carrier at sea.
  • A Training stage, which has a design similar to the Training Stage from Street Fighter IV and The Grid from Street Fighter V.


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Street Fighter 6 takes place after the events of the Street Fighter III games.[4] From a chronological order, Street Fighter 6 is the latest title in the official timeline.





  • In the game's February 21, 2022 teaser trailer, Ryu did not wear his kasaya (buddhist robe) on his body.
  • In the June 2022 trailer of the game, a girl with the Capcom-themed jacket and headphone/glasses hybrid which has a panda motif is likely a grown up teenage Li-Fen. Whether she will be playable as well remains unknown.
  • Damnd, the first boss in the original Final Fight game, is shown prominently in the trailer. A close-up of his jacket is shown, followed by a distance shot of him over a rooftop. He also appears in the Metro City Downtown stage alongside fellow Mad Gear Gang members Edi. E, Andore, Jr., Poison, Axl and Two P.
  • Like Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter V, the game will have both new and returning English and Japanese voice actors to voice their respective characters, although there are some exceptions.
    • Chun-Li is now voiced by Jennie Kwan, replacing Laura Bailey whom voiced her in English-speaking media since 2008, and Guile is now voiced by Ray Chase, replacing Travis Willingham whom voiced him since 2008.
    • So far, Aleks Le and Kyle Hebert are the only two returning English voice actors reprising their roles from the previous two games for Luke and Ryu respectively.
  • Like the original versions of Street Fighter IV (which had "THE NEXT DOOR / THE NEXT DOOR -INDESTRUCTIBLE-" by J-Pop unit EXILE as the game's theme song) and Street Fighter V (which had "Survivor" by J-Rock band MAN WITH A MISSION as the game's image song), Street Fighter 6 will have a new theme song created for the game titled "Not on the Sidelines", performed by rappers Rocco808 and Randy Marx. The music video for the track first premiered on Rolling Stone's Twitch channel, which is produced by GRP and directed by Ross Harris, and also featured guest appearances by dancer Sumi Oshima, and graffiti artist Benny Diar.
  • Like Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, the game will have a hip-hop influenced soundtrack. When the game's producer Shuhei Matsumoto was recently asked why Capcom selected hip-hop for the game's main theme, Matsumoto responded, "Whether it’s the intro of Street Fighter, the characters quoted by famous rappers, or the art you see on the streets, we're aware that Street Fighter is a perfect match for street and hip-hop culture. And with Street Fighter 6, we pushed it to the forefront, and you can feel that flavor throughout the in-game sounds as well."[citation needed]
  • This is the first game in the Street Fighter series to have the in-game HUD show the title of a song before it disappears at the start of each round if a character's vocal theme is used in a stage, similar to Nintendo's Rhythm Heaven series of games, in which the song title appears at the start of certain Rhythm Games and Remixes that use vocal songs in the series.
  • On the character select screen, Chun-Li's pose for being unselected is a reference to her Street Fighter IV artwork by Kinu Nishimura, and Ryu's pose for being unselected is a reference to his Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character artwork.

Example of a Lucky Emblem in the VS Screen's cinematic of Street Fighter 6

  • In some places, such as during the VS Screen's cinematic, there are Lucky Emblems resembling the symbol of the number/roman numeral for "six" used in the game's logo.
  • This will be the first main Street Fighter series game to be released for the PlayStation 5, the third game released for the PlayStation 4 after Ultra Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter V, and the first to be released on an Xbox console (the Xbox Series X and Series S) since the Street Fighter IV series which were released in 2009 up until 2014 for the Xbox 360.


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