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Street Fighter Gaiden (ストリートファイター外伝?) is a two volume manga series. Mami Itou is both the writer and illustrator. The manga centers on a chronology of short stories which are based on Super Street Fighter II X. Both volumes also contains the author's postscripts and sketches of certain Street Fighter II characters.


Volume 1[]

This volume contains the following chapters:

  • Ryu: Ryu fight against a Karate champion, to which he had never heard of, while giving his deceased master Gouken his respects.
  • Eliza: Eliza tells her niece, Amy, a story (actually a flashback) on why Ken always gets involved in fights.
  • Chun-Li: Chun-Li investigates a new drug created by Shadaloo in San Francisco, California, in this two part short story.
  • T. Hawk: T. Hawk fight against Balrog and Shadaloo to save his homeland.
  • Guile: Guile participates in a secret street fighting tournament headed by Shadaloo to stop a fellow soldier who is thinking of joining the organization.

Volume 2[]

This volume contains the following chapters:

  • Ken: Ken heads for Japan to participate a tournament but has a friendly exhibition match with E. Honda for one of Honda's students.
  • Cammy: This two part short story tells about Cammy's new life in Delta Red and how she becomes a target for Vega.
  • Cammy's Holiday: Cammy teams up with Chun-Li in her day off in this light-hearted story.
  • Akuma: Akuma test Ryu and Ken to see if they are worthy of mastering their fighting style, Ansatsuken.

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