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Street Fighter II Complete File is the soundtrack released on November 15, 1992 in Japan containing music from Street Fighter II. The soundtrack also includes a book with information from the series.


Track listing[]

  • 1. Theme of World Warriors (Title Demo)
  • 2. Ryu (Sound Profile)
  • 3. Ken (Sound Profile)
  • 4. Guile (Sound Profile)
  • 5. Patio de la Noche (Balrog)
  • 6. A Violent Emotion (Guile)
  • 7. Zangief (Sound Profile)
  • 8. Dhalsim (Sound Profile)
  • 9. Blanka (Sound Profile)
  • 10. Fight it Out (Ken)
  • 11. E. Honda (Sound Profile)
  • 12. Chun-Li (Sound Profile)
  • 13. Go Flying Through the Air (Sound Profile)
  • 14. Solid and Tough (Zangief)
  • 15. M. Bison (Sound Profile)
  • 16. Balrog (Sound Profile)
  • 17. Sagat (Sound Profile)
  • 18. Vega (Sound Profile)
  • 19. Recollection (Ending Theme Medley)
  • 20. Special Remix Medley from "Street Fighter II"
  • 21. Ready to Fight! (Staff Roll)


Artwork Character Description Artist
Complete File Street Fighter II-Chun-Li.jpg Chun-Li Even though Chun-Li has returned to being a "young single girl," training continues to be an important part of her daily routine. Akiman
Complete File Street Fighter II Ryu.jpg Ryu Watching these young boys reminds Ryu of his own youth, spent training alongside Ken day after day. SHOEI
Complete File Street Fighter II Zangief.jpg Zangief Zangief faces off with a brown bear that he shook awoke from hibernation. "I can't train with humans, they break too easily!" Development Staff
Complete File Street Fighter II Guile.jpg Guile Major Guile, who is often called the strongest man on Earth, becomes a dedicated father at home. He is the very image of happiness as he paints with his daughter. Development Staff
Sf2 04.jpg E. Honda To E. Honda, cleaning the baths is a fine method of training. "Hey, put your backs into it and scrub!" Development Staff
Complete File Street Fighter II Blanka.jpg Blanka Jimmy is going grocery shopping with his mother, as usual. He has adapted to modern society, but society hasn't quite adapted to him... Akiman
Complete File Street Fighter II Dhalsim.jpg Dhalsim The perfect image of a happy family. Dhalsim regales his son with stories of how he won the fighting tournament. Development Staff
Ken-eliza-car.jpg Ken Ken goes on a drive with his new wife, Eliza. Are the strenuous, demanding days of his martial arts training now far behind him? SHOEI
Complete File Street Fighter II-Guile.jpg Guile A vision from the past: Captain Guile, as he was known back then, is deep into a mission. Akiman
Complete File Street Fighter II Vega.jpg Vega Strength is beauty, and that which is not beautiful or strong is not permitted to set foot within Vega's mansion.
Complete File Street Fighter II Sagat.jpg Sagat Sagat vows to one day reclaim the title of the world's strongest warrior, training hard every day. Development Staff
Complete File Street Fighter II-Zangief.jpg Zangief Zangief catches a purse-snatcher while strolling through New York. "All this crime makes me skittish." Akiman
Complete File Street Fighter II-Blanka.jpg Blanka Onlookers can't help but stare and wonder aloud about Jimmy's strange appearance. "Sit, could you please eat those somewhere else?"
Complete File Street Fighter II M.Bison.jpg M. Bison The wounds of battle have not yet healed for the peerless fighting king, M. Bison. He can't hide the mounting irritation on his face. "Guess I'm losing my edge."
Complete File Street Fighter II Balrog.jpg Balrog Balrog, no longer a star attraction, is alone with his grief. "I used to be the strongest in Vegas..." Development Staff
Complete File Street Fighter II-Vega.jpg Vega "I have the face of a loser. Disgusting."
Complete File Street Fighter II-Ken.jpg Ken "He's gotten so strong!" Ken carefully reviews his loss to Ryu, vowing to beat him in their next, inevitable battle. "I'll surpass you, Ryu, I swear." SHOEI
Complete File Street Fighter II-E.Honda.jpg E. Honda Sumo master E. Honda enters the venue. Yet another furious battle is about to begin.
Complete File Street Fighter II-Balrog.jpg Balrog Balrog's opponent didn't stand a chance. "I was flirting with this girl when some guy got in my way. Three punches and it was a K.O."
Complete File Street Fighter II Chun-Li.jpg Chun-Li "Ugh, I look terrible. I'll never be married looking like this..." Akiman
Complete File Street Fighter II-Dhalsim.jpg Dhalsim Dhalsim enjoys a peaceful time without fighting, playing in the river with Kodal.
Complete File Street Fighter II-Ryu.png Ryu While traveling through Asia seeking new challenges, Ryu wins yet another village fighting tournament. "Marry my daughter!" says the village chief. Ryu freezes. SHOEI
Complete File Street Fighter II-Sagat.jpg Sagat "Battle is the greatest pleasure. Victory is true happiness." Akiman
Complete File Street Fighter II-M.Bison.jpg M. Bison After his fierce battle with Ryu. M.Bison vanished without a trace. But there is no doubt that he will return one day, as a demon of vengeance. SHOEI