The cover to Street Fighter IV Issue 2

Street Fighter IV Issue 2 is the second issue of UDON's Street Fighter IV comic series. It was released in April 2009.


Seth flashbacks to the early days of S.I.N. during the Human Incubator Project. M. Bison had several bodies taken to different Shadaloo facilities across the world, where they would be augmented to surpass human limitations. Seth reveals that he was more unique than the other clones, since he was more intelligent. Back in the modern time, Seth meets up with Crimson Viper, who has brought him another fighter. She then tells him that she has one left to get: Sakura Kasugano.

Meanwhile in Russia, a man is seen doing business with Vincent, an employee of S.I.N. as Abel watches the deal through binoculars. He throws a smoke bomb, drops in, and fends off several other fighters so he can get to Vincent. Abel intimidates him for information, and Vincent reveals that fighters around the world are disappearing because Crimson Viper was hired to take them. He also tells Abel that she is heading to Japan next to get her last target.

Three days later in Japan, Sakura, El Fuerte and several other people are lined up to compete in a comptetition called the Samurai Warrior Challenge. El Fuerte tells Sakura that she did good in a Hot Dog Eating contest she participated in, while Sakura tells El Fuerte that she watches El Fuerte's wrestling matches all the time. El Fuerte is then surprised when she finds out that Sakura knows R. Mika and then reveals to Sakura that R. Mika is his hero. El Fuerte decides to give Sakura a flyer to his restaurant, but Dan who also entered the competition to get money for his dojo to make his deceased father proud, comes by and tells Sakura not to trust strangers.

After El Fuerte finishes his run on the circuit, Rufus flys through on a motorcycle, asking Sakura where Ryu is. Dan interrupts and challenges Rufus, but his Shinku Gadoken bounces off Rufus's stomach. Rufus easily finishes Dan off with his Space Opera Symphony. After the fight, Crimson Viper steps in and says she will be needing Sakura. Rufus begins to charge at Viper, but she uses Burst Time on him, finishing him off. Sakura refuses to come with Crimson Viper and decides to challenge her instead, with El Fuerte helping.

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