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Street Fighter Legends: Ibuki is the title of a four-volume mini-series based on Ibuki and her storyline in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, released by UDON Entertainment. Each volume was collected into a single book for Street Fighter Legends, a sub-series in UDON's Street Fighter comic book series. Ibuki herself appears in volume 3 of this series, preceded by Chun-Li and Sakura, and followed by Cammy.


Years ago, when the Geki clan discovered an abandoned baby girl in the forest, they decided to raise her to be the perfect ninja, untouched by the impurities of modern life. However Enjo believed she should have a choice and left the Geki, burning down their village to cover his escape with the girl in tow.

Enjo established his own village called the Glade of Ninjas and Ibuki was raised there, but allowed to also live normal life and attend school, with the promise that she could decide what life she wanted once she graduated from high school.

Ibuki and her non-ninja friend Sarai begin their senior year in high school when Makoto transfers to their school; when Makoto gets into a fight with bullies, Ibuki intervenes to help her but all this does is gain her attention and Makoto challenges her to a fight after school, assessing Ibuki to be a tough opponent to challenge.

However before the fight can take place, Ibuki is attacked by a Geki ninja who has finally found the Glade of Ninjas, and she knocks him to the ground in front Makoto, who is shocked to learn Ibuki is a ninja. Before she can finish the Geki off, another ninja appears from nowhere and knocks him out and runs, saying that he'll explain the next time they meet. Ibuki gives chase leaving Makoto and the unconscious Geki behind, but is unable to catch him.

Ibuki then returns to Makoto at her dojo, and Makoto attempts to fight her but Ibuki says that after such an ambush, she has to focus on maintaining her cover and figuring out who the ninja was (Enjo has not told her of her origins), promising that they can fight later. The two become friends, and when they return to school they discover that their school has another new transfer student: Elena. Ibuki befriends her too and Sarai becomes jealous that as a non-martial artist she isn't interesting enough for Ibuki anymore, and the two have a falling out. Ibuki's life becomes far more hectic as she tries to juggle her remaining friends, her studies, her search for a good university (which she eventually decides will be Sarusuberi University, and is even more certain after being charmed by a handsome Sarusuberi student), her ninja duties (which her elders increase to challenge her more) and her attempts to figure out who her assailant was.

Eventually Sarai comes to apologize for her jealousy but surprises Ibuki, who throws four kunai at the approaching presence by reflex. Sarai blocks all four with her schoolbag and after the two apologize to each other, Ibuki expresses amazement that Sarai had been able to block all four kunai completely without training, and says that after she completes her own secondary ninja training, she will suggest Sarai to her elders as a new ninja student.

Her elders, impressed with how she has managed every duty that has been thrown at her even while balancing her school life, tell her she is ready for her final ninja exam: to challenge the ancient master, Oro. They warn her that in addition to being too powerful to defeat head-on, his extraordinary senses make him impossible to catch by surprise.

Ibuki redoubles her martial arts training and spars against Elena with coaching from Makoto, however Elena managing to dodge all her attacks and Makoto's insistence that defeating Oro will be nigh-impossible only serve to demoralize her. Finally, after her teacher tells her to shift her weight further into her punches, Ibuki - overwhelmed by everything expected of her - very nearly gives up and runs away from the Glade of Ninjas, but decides to stick with it and refocuses her mind totally on the most immediate challenge in front of her.

Together with her friends, she goes to the shrine on Mt. Atago, where Oro has travelled to meditate. There she challenges him to fight, and Oro expresses disappointment since he thought she was here to ask him on a date (although this is probably facetious). Oro, with one arm bound, blocks, dodges or counters every attack she throws at him, and goads her to show him her true power. She responds with a Yoroitoshi, which Oro also blocks - barely. However, he exclaims that she actually made him think about using both hands, and tells her that although the fight is over since he doesn't want to hurt her, he commends her on an entertaining challenge. He finishes by saying that she has dug deep, faced her fears and discovered new power, and that there is nothing more for her to do: that she has succeeded.

On their way home, the girls encounter the ninja who had helped Ibuki before, who tries to warn her that the Geki have found her and that they are coming. However, he is too late and they are caught in a net. They fight their way free and defeat their ambushers, then rush to the Glade of Ninjas which more of the Geki have set on fire. They fight off the Geki and save Ibuki's clanmates, but Alpha, the leader of the Geki clan, surprises and captures Ibuki again and confronts Enjo while an underling holds her hostage, revealing to Ibuki her origins and the plans the Geki had for her. However Enjo helps her free herself by throwing some shuriken in her captor's arm, and he and Alpha attack each other, impaling one another on each other's weapons. Ibuki helps Enjo out onto the field of battle and he tells the Geki that their leader is gone and that as they are all ninja, they need not stay divided. At this, the Geki kneel to Enjo and the battle ends.

Ibuki graduates from high school and as she heads to university for her first day, she is congratulated by her clanmates, including new recruit Sarai who thanks her for everything. Ibuki counters that Sarai earned her place.

Once Ibuki reaches university the handsome student who helped convince her to choose Sarusuberi tells her that she should join his club. She agrees and goes with him, only to be shocked to discover that his "club" is the next stage of advanced ninja training, and that he was the mysterious ninja who had helped her.

After a while Makoto and Elena visit her on campus and Makoto says Ibuki's probably gone soft. Ibuki performs a quick-change into her ninja uniform and responds that she's ready for their fight whenever Makoto is. Makoto, delighted, begins immediately.

Differences from the main games[]

While this comic is based on Ibuki's story in the games, it features several differences with her own and overall Street Fighter lore like with the rest of Udon's Street Fighter comics.

  • Sarai is a regular girl who isn't from the Glade of Ninjas, in the main series she is also a ninja alongside Ibuki. Sarai also becomes a ninja at a much older age at the recommendation of Ibuki in the comic.
  • Ibuki is shown learning her ultimate attack Yoroitoshi against Oro. In the main series she has been able to use this attack ever since the Street Fighter IV era.
    • To this end, it is not known if Raida was known prior or was acquired as a side effect of learning Yoroitoshi, as Ibuki isn't shown using Ki before or using Raida after learning her ultimate attack. In the games they both debuted at the same time.
  • Makoto is shown wearing the same school uniform as Ibuki. In the main series she has her own.
  • Geki refers to a rival ninja clan (that Ibuki originated from in this story) while in the main games it is the name of another ninja.
  • Ibuki appears to be rather hesitant to fight and train. In the main games Ibuki has never shown such hesitation or was against training.
  • Elena's official bio states she makes up for her lack of strength with her fightstyle, however in the comic she can lift Makoto and Sarai for extended periods of time with no problem.




Alternate Covers[]


  • This comic showed a "what if" alternate version of Ibuki if she was brought up in a more hostile environment (like the Geki clan) compared to the more nurturing Glade of Ninjas. So far this version of Ibuki has not been used in the main series.
  • The only game where all 4 of the playable characters of the comic appear together (Ibuki, Elena, Dan, and Makoto) Ibuki has the lowest HP out of all of them. Ibuki having 900 HP, Makoto and Elena both having 950 and Dan having 1000.
    • Also in Third Strike when Oro is taken into account and Dan isn't Ibuki still has the lowest total HP out of all the playable characters, Ibuki at 1035, Oro and Elena at 1120 and Makoto at 1200.
  • When Ibuki was called "Cutie" while searching for potential universities being called cutie was a reference to her Third Strike ending where she gets baited into joining a ninja club unknowingly via usage of the same word.
  • With the release of the Free Comic Book Day Back To School Special a lot of retroactive information about this specific mini-series was revealed.
    • The name of Ibuki's high school is called "Agato Gongen High School"
    • Ibuki is at least one grade higher than her friends, as all of them were still in this high school wearing the school uniform while Ibuki was wearing her story mode dress from the fifth game initially.
    • The events of Street Fighter Unlimited took place somewhere during this comic, as Ibuki was shown alongside Makoto and Elena in her Agato Gongen high school uniform and inside the school watching Gill's announcement. This is confirmed when Makoto recognized Karin from the event at the school's college fair. It is unconfirmed if the events of Some Wisdom is canon however.
    • Ibuki still keeps communication with Makoto, Elena and Sarai after graduation.

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