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A Shadow Falls is the title of the cinematic Story Mode in Street Fighter V. The mode (referred as "General Story" in the in-game menu) is one of the game's two story modes, the other one being Character Story.


A Shadow Falls is a cinematic story mode that was released in June 2016 as a free downloadable content for Street Fighter V. The mode can take three to four hours to finish and it comes in two difficulty levels, "Normal" and "Extra". Finishing A Shadow Falls in normal and extra mode granted players 30,000 and 50,000 fight money respectively,[1] before the release of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition.


The plot takes place in between the events of the Street Fighter IV series and the Street Fighter III series.

Act 1: DisasterEdit

Scene 1: Dark AvengerEdit

Years after he was defeated by M. Bison, Charlie Nash has nightmare of a sheep turning into Necalli and trying to devour him only to be staved off by a butterfly glowing in a blue-white light. Jolting awake, Nash finds himself in a tomb being tended to by a woman called Helen, who is relieved to see him alive when he sees Phantom Bison and rushes out to attack.

  • FIGHT: Nash vs. M. Bison
    Despite appearing to be an illusion, this Bison can hit and be hit back. Nash, remembering his skills and spurred on by his rage, is able to turn back the Bison image.

The Bison image disappears after Nash shoots it with a double Sonic Boom, after which Helen instructs Charlie to retrieve a "piece" that will help him destroy Bison from a man in a photograph: his old friend Guile.

Scene 2: ConflictedEdit

In India, Dhalsim is talking to his student, police officer Mahesh, when Ryu approaches him in need of help understanding his fist.

  • FIGHT: Ryu vs. Dhalsim
    Both martial artists fight hard during this friendly spar, and though Dhalsim notices Ryu is struggling a bit to focus, Ryu is able to overcome the yoga master.

Dhalsim advises Ryu to face the Satsui no Hado instead of suppressing it as he has lest it overwhelm and control him. Necalli suddenly appears, some of his clay melting as he stalks at Dhalsim and Ryu, then transforms into his red glowing V-Trigger form, aiming to consume their souls.

  • FIGHT: Ryu vs. Necalli
    The enigmatic savage promptly overwhelms Ryu, who is completely unprepared for his incredible power.

Despite being outmatched, Ryu is not willing to give up. However, the Satsui no Hado begins to possess him as he and Necalli launch attacks at each other. Dhalsim intercepts Ryu's fist with his back while blocking Necalli's lunge, telling Ryu not to let the Hado take him over, before taking Necalli on himself.

  • FIGHT: Dhalsim vs. Necalli
    With his controlled mastery of his yoga powers, Dhalsim is better able to neutralize the beast.

As both warriors are pushed back, Ryu notices a dark purple spherical object eclipsing the view of the sun. Angrily, Necalli seemingly projects a vision of seven flying objects and an evilly grinning M. Bison into Ryu, then deforms into clay. Dhalsim explains the legend of an ancient being that appears in times of great crisis when many warriors are needed and consumes warriors' souls.

Scene 3: In Search of A FriendEdit

As a jet-powered aircraft lands on a Shadaloo base, various communications, including a call by Ken Masters to Karin Kanzuki to watch over his family in response to news about "The Black Moons", and a status report by a man with an accent conducting an infiltration involving the serial disappearance of hackers, are overheard through a cellphone-like device being held by Rashid. He turns off the device and, noticing two Shadaloo members in sinister cloaks and skull masks surrounding a scared little girl, descends upon the guards, kicking one of them down.

  • FIGHT: AS-M vs. Rashid
    Rashid quickly takes down the remaining Shadaloo guard to force him to release the girl. Despite his training, the guard is no match for Rashid's skill and mastery over wind.

When Rashid reassures the girl that everything's fine, Li-Fen declines his rescue. Though confused, Rashid shows her a picture of a friend he's looking for, and she points him in the friend's direction.

Scene 4: Put in MotionEdit

A scientist with short red hair is running away from F.A.N.G, who saunters about calmly while waving around his arm-concealing long sleeves. She runs herself into a dead end as he catches up to her and laments that, despite her scent not being so bad, any traitor to M. Bison is his enemy, and with that he disintegrates her with his poison hands. F.A.N.G picks up some of the purple dust and finds the smell of the remains even better.

As F.A.N.G is walking back out of the corridor, Rashid runs into the area. Rashid states that he's looking for someone, while F.A.N.G laughs that he's "just a tiny bit late", before taking notice of the sun-shaped chess piece-style item in his hand. Rashid tries to negotiate a trade: the piece for his friend. F.A.N.G instead threatens to destroy him for the piece.

  • FIGHT: F.A.N.G vs. Rashid
    Not interested in any bargains, the assassin holds no quarter as he outclasses the Arab man with his mastery over poison.

Rashid collapses to the floor, and F.A.N.G collects the piece, mildly upset that he only had one, before happily retreating indoors flanked by the two hooded guards.

Scene 5: Young GeniusEdit

Two combatants are in a CWA wrestling ring, when one, who turns out to be Alex, quickly fells the other with two punches. Victorious, Alex waves to the cheering crowd.

Scene 6: The Black MoonEdit

Inside the Kanzuki estate, Karin Kanzuki is telling some well-dressed journalists that her family's Red Spider-Lily satellite is monitoring an object called the "Black Moon" orbiting Tokyo, while Birdie, her rotund bodyguard, gorges on a luxurious buffet meal. Ibuki, seated next to him, is initially bored until she takes notice of the CWA show playing on the big-screen TV on the wall.

Scene 7: The Heat Up DuoEdit

Alex stands bored in the corner of the ring with his World Champion trophy in hand, when ring announcer Don Sauvage, in a sequined suit and top hat, announces through a bullhorn that there will be an exhibition match. Zangief and Rainbow Mika are introduced as they acrobatically enter the ring one after the other, both in similar wrestling gear with HEAT UP written on the pant sides, for a handicap match. However, the scantily-clad Brazilian Laura Matsuda enters as well, objecting to the idea of a handicap match being thrilling and entering herself in the match as Alex's partner. Zangief and Mika accept this, celebrating in the ring with Laura as Alex looks on confused.

Scene 8: Operations C.H.A.I.N.S.Edit

F.A.N.G walks into a laboratory at the Shadaloo base and places the piece he collected from Rashid down on a tile in some sort of machine in front of a dark sphere similar to the one that eclipsed the sun in India. The scientists surrounding him report as the Psycho Power inside the large object increases up to 250%.

Scene 9: ExplosionEdit

The dark spherical object, with a golden Shadaloo skull symbol on one of its ties, starts sparking with electricity, opening up, and moving about its pieces. When it closes up again, a massive shockwave bursts from it which engulfs a satellite above New York and wipes out the city's electrical power.

Elsewhere, a remote server disconnects, much to the dismay of a young man playing a game on a handheld console with the CAPCOM logo on it. As he looks up to the sky, the satellite is shown in space, in pieces next to the sphere.

Scene 10: Declaration of WarEdit


Ibuki joining Karin

The TV on the wall of the Kanzuki estate suddenly goes static, getting Ibuki's attention. Looking on, Karin calls on her steward, Shibasaki, who reports on the electromagnetic pulse attack on New York. She deduces that the sphere, visible in the night sky outside, is the cause. Shibasaki states that "one of the seven" was detonated, and also that the Red Spider-Lily monitor satellite was affected and forced to shut down. Flanked by Shibasaki and Ibuki, Karin threatens that the culprits had better prepare.

Scene 11: Amidst the ChaosEdit

In a US military base, two communications officers report on the situation as the Black Moon damaged several parts of New York and wiped out all communication in those areas. As General Byron Taylor, a rugged-looking black man, wonders what could've caused this, another soldier, Guile, enters and posits that a situation with missing hackers might be related. Remarking on the soldier's perfect timing, Taylor turns to Guile and assigns him to go to New York and determine if the incidents are connected. Chun-Li steps out and offers to come with Guile, which he accepts.

Scene 12: The Four KingsEdit

The next day, Shadaloo officers are patrolling a ruined New York City as three of Shadaloo's Four Kings, F.A.N.G, Balrog, and Vega, stand "inside" the torn-open First NY Bank. F.A.N.G declares the success of the "AS" demonstration of Operation C.H.A.I.N.S, but Balrog points out that only one moon has gone off. F.A.N.G reminds him that the other control keys were stolen by a programmer, at which point the three start bickering about who's to blame. The leader of the Four Kings, M. Bison, appears through a vortex and revels in his generals' strife, stating "This is delicious entertainment!"

Seeing that Bison's Psycho Power has gotten stronger, F.A.N.G reveals in the success of the demonstration. Bison asks for news on "the other device", at which point F.A.N.G brings two of the Shadaloo soldiers, stating they were made stronger by the Psycho Power as well. As Balrog and Vega are skeptical of the "puppets", F.A.N.G offers they test them out in battle.

  • FIGHT: AS-Y vs. Balrog
    Despite being enhanced by Psycho Power, the thin soldier still has only basic combat training and timid forms of Bison's moves, thus stands no chance against the skillful and angry boxer.
  • FIGHT: AS-D vs. Vega
    Despite being enhanced by Psycho Power, the portly soldier still has only basic combat training and timid forms of Bison's moves, going down quickly at the hands of the disgusted Spanish Ninja.

In-story, both fights occurred at the same time. Finished with the soldiers, Balrog and Vega threaten F.A.N.G.

Chun-Li and Guile, noticed by Bison, take notice of the carnage, before finally seeing Bison. Chun-Li rushes over to confront them as Bison steps forward and engages her himself, stating she was foolish to come here.

  • FIGHT: Chun-Li vs. M. Bison
    While Chun-Li is determined to stop Shadaloo here and now and avenge her father's death, Bison warns her to know her limitations. The dictator's power is stronger than ever, and the detective's judgment is clouded. Bison dominates this fight.

With a burst of Psycho Power, Bison throws Chun-Li to the floor. Guile rushes to her aid, but is intercepted by Vega.

  • FIGHT: Guile vs. Vega
    The clash between Guile's precise attacks and Vega's agility and claw techniques is ostensibly evenly matched, though Vega maintains has a slight upper hand.

Just as Bison steps in between the fight to finish off a barely-conscious Chun-Li, Cammy White, Delta Red agent and former Shadaloo right-hand Doll, dashes in and rescues the Interpol detective. Cammy and Guile retreat with Chun-Li, and F.A.N.G tries to go after them only for Bison to stand him back.

Scene 13: ReunionEdit


Balrog about to fight Ibuki.

That night, the three heroes reconvene at another devastated part of the city, with some cars on fire. While briefly chastising Chun-Li, who's still injured, for completely losing her head in the earlier fight, Cammy states she was following Shadaloo since the Black Moons appeared, and according to her information, the control keys for the Black Moons were stolen from Shadaloo so they can't activate all of them. Guile and Chun-Li mention it might be connected to the earlier-referenced hackers incident; wherein computer hackers of varying ages, genders, and nationalities all went missing around the same time, which they'd been investigating for a long time even before the moons appeared.

Cammy then pulls out a package another Interpol agent had tried to send to Chun-Li. Said agent had been attacked by Shadaloo. Taking the package, Chun-Li opens it, and Guile recognizes it as being "the same" as one that he has in his pocket. Both are pieces similar to Rashid's, except Chun-Li's is crowned like a star-pointed sun, while Guile's is a crescent moon. Just then, they notice the mutilated-and-stitched-together form of Charlie Nash walking ominously towards them. Rashid and his butler Azam cheerfully emerge from the other side, but are ignored as Guile focuses his attention on the form of Nash, not certain that it's really him at all.

  • FIGHT: Nash vs. Guile
    Though the two men's techniques and abilities are similar, Nash is laser-focused on taking Guile's piece while Guile is clearly shocked and confused, allowing the teacher to overcome the student.

Still not convinced that his foe is really Charlie, Guile stands up and launches a Sonic Hurricane. Nash puts a hand up to block it, only to find that he's actually absorbing the blast. While Nash wonders what's happening with his body, Rashid of the Turbulent Wind steps forward and introduces himself, engaging Chun-Li with intent to take the piece as Azam keeps Cammy at bay.

  • FIGHT: Chun-Li vs. Rashid
    Rebuffing her request to tell her what the pieces are, Rashid uses his wind powers to overwhelm Chun-Li, who is still injured from the earlier fight with Bison.

With humble apologies, Rashid grabs Chun-Li's piece, then tries to go after Guile's only to find that Nash has already acquired it and started taking his leave. Azam stops his master from going after Nash, as Rashid laments they can only take the one they already have before the two make their leave via mini-tornado.

Act 2: GatheringEdit

Scene 1: To Each Their OwnEdit

At an abandoned bar and arena hidden in Russia's windy snow, Rashid shuts off communication as Shibasaki tries to talk about World Butler Alliance Journal article. As Charlie stoically walks in, Rashid comes to understands they were both acting on the same information, before Helen explains that he was tracking pieces to make sure they don't get into Shadaloo's hands. Juri bursts into the room and eyes Helen's "personal toy soldiers" skeptically, engaging Rashid to test his skills.

  • FIGHT: Rashid vs. Juri
    Before Rashid can object, Juri comes at him with a mad assault using her Tae Kwon Do based skills. She takes down the Arab man, wanting him to fight her for real.

Stopping Juri from continuing to threaten Rashid into a serious fight, Helen explains that she gathered all of them to stop Shadaloo's plans by gathering the pieces which can control the Black Moons. Citing the chaos one Moon's EMP attack caused in New York, she explains that the Moons can also inflame extreme negative emotions, which are the source of Bison's Psycho Power, and they intend to siphon this energy in order to render him and his forces invincible. Rashid asks Helen to tell him who she really is before he agrees to strike an alliance; she begins to do so when her boss, Lord Urien, appears and chastises her for forming secret plans in such a rundown place. Seeing Nash there, he decides to test Helen's "precious clay doll", as he helped in "its creation" and wants to see if his tech didn't "make an average puppet".

  • FIGHT: Urien vs. Nash
    Urien tells Nash to struggle for him as he demonstrates his esoteric powers. Beating Charlie down, he deduces Nash isn't worth his time.

Urien continues to attack Charlie after he's down but is halted by Rashid blocking his arm. Urien turns to Rashid in anger that such a commoner touched him, but Helen urges him to calm down and he takes his leave to watch their alliance with amusement. Lamenting that Charlie hasn't mastered his body because he is in fact dead, Helen presses the gem in his forehead with her index finger, causing it to glow with energy and healing the damage he sustained in the latest battles. She finally explains that, while she does hate Bison, she knows of someone else who's a "more suitable" world leader.

Scene 2: AssailantsEdit

Back at the Kanzuki Estate, Shibasaki finishes a report to Karin from the family ninjas when the two are interrupted by Rashid and Azam jumping down from their rooftops. While stating that she matches how Helen described her, Rashid describes the shape of one of the pieces, asking her it give it to him. Unimpressed with his bad manners, the Kanzuki heiress offers that, per her family motto he should fight her for it and obtain it on his own merit.

  • FIGHT: Rashid vs. Karin
    To Rashid's chagrin, he is once again pulled into a fight he wasn't prepared for against a "scary" woman. Karin handles him fairly easily.

Stretching his arm, Karin surmises that the Black Moons are related to Rashid coming for the piece. Conceding the fight, he and Azam retreat, but not before revealing the two pieces he already has and promising to never use them for evil purposes. Karin tells Shibasaki to contact all the top-ranked fighters on "the list".

Scene 3: Pinky SwearEdit

Ken Masters finds Ryu meditating at a certain New Zealand waterfall, and begins to inquire as to his "special training" before realizing that they prefer communicating through sparring a lot more. As both get into stances, Ken excitedly tells him to bring it on.

  • FIGHT: Ken vs. Ryu
    The two students of the Anasatsuken are content to begin another round of sparring. This time Ken is able to take down Ryu, though it is a close one.

As Ryu compliments Ken on his offense, a Kanzuki ninja appears and implores them to join the effort to stop Shadaloo from using the Black Moons to drive the world into chaos. Ken decides that he alone shall join for the time being, covering for Ryu so that his friend can finish his special training and obtain "the answer that lies beyond" — in exchange for seeing the fruits of Ryu's effort for himself when it's complete.

Scene 4: InformationEdit

Back at the estate, Ibuki and Rainbow Mika argue about who's being arrogant and who'd beat who to a pulp, while Cammy is present and talks with Karin and Shibasaki to exchange information. Shibasaki reveals the Kanzukis were able to acquire a master list of individuals the pieces were sent to, and are trying to ascertain who else gained access to the list. Cammy, meanwhile, confirms that the kidnapped hackers were used to develop the Black Moons and likely made the pieces as well, and that Guile has a contact inside Shadaloo getting more information. More rooftop invaders come in the form of the Dolls Marz and Decapre, flanked by two Shadaloo soldiers. Karin steps forward to teach them some manners.

  • FIGHT: Marz vs. Karin
    Karin welcomes Marz to try and eliminate her. Karin's mastered Kanzuki fighting style is too much for the Doll, who she remarks may have underestimated her.

Karin continuously intercepts Marz' attempt to escape, trapping her in an armbar. Her trademark laugh even interrupts Mika and Ibuki's bickering, which she promptly halts by offering to fight them if they're not satisfied with each other. Meanwhile, Decapre is down to one knee favoring her head in pain, causing Cammy to worry for her clone "sister" as she ultimately retreats on her own.

Scene 5: Piece HoldersEdit

Finally arrives at Karin's estate, Guile divulges his intel. The pieces are keys to control the Black Moons, which can be used to activate their launch and shut down programs once recognized by a control device in Shadaloo's base. Moreover, Shadaloo has the same list that the Kanzuki and Helen's team have, meaning all three groups know everyone who has the pieces. As Ken, Chun-Li, Zangief, and Dhalsim arrive, Karin notes both Ryu's absence among them and the last unaccounted-for piece holders on the list: Zangief, a wrestler in New York, and a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu artist. The Red Cyclone recalls leaving it with a friend in India and he and Guile offer to retrieve it; Dhalsim plans to head for New York, as all its communication and transportation systems are inoperative; and Ken, Chun-Li, and Cammy are all headed for Brazil. Meanwhile, Karin plans to scout the Shadaloo base with Ibuki and Mika.

Act 3: Fierce BattleEdit

As the warriors travel the world in search for the pieces, they are time and again attacked by Necalli, an ancient Aztec fighting god that appears in times of crisis to challenge the strongest living fighters in order to devour their souls, as well as by Shadaloo's minions and Dolls. In one of those fights, Cammy manages to defeat and capture her sister Decapre, but knowing that she was just being brainwashed by Shadaloo, she refuses to surrender her to the police and flees with her with Juri's help instead.

Once gathering all remaining pieces and more allies along the way, the warriors storm Shadaloo's base and successfully manage to get past enough of Shadaloo's forces to deactivate the Black Moons. However, F.A.N.G promises one last trick up his sleeve.

List of scenesEdit

  1. The Meaning of Family
  2. The Dangers of Abstinence
  3. Brazilian Heat
  4. Muscle vs Muscle
  5. Sleeping Lion
  6. Worth Saving
  7. Crossroads
  8. Entrusted
  9. Getting Lost
  10. The Flame of a Sage
  11. Chance of Meeting
  12. Stopping the Moon

Act 4: ResolveEdit

F.A.N.G threatens a young girl among the programmers that were kidnapped and forced to create the Black Moons to alter their course to have them fall on Earth instead, striking six main cities around the globe in 24 hours, in order to cause enough havoc to gather the Psycho Power they need nonetheless. Shortly afterward, Nash encounters M. Bison in battle but fails to defeat him due to the clear superiority of Bison's augmented Psycho Power, only being able to retreat when Necalli appears to try and devour Bison's soul and is similarly thrown back. Nash reunites with Rashid and Azam as they are forced to retreat from Necalli's charge at the same time as the other allies are leaving in the Kanzuki chopper. Rashid and Azam get on easily, and Nash follows suit with the help of Guile.

As the world is in chaos with the imminent fall of the Black Moons, Ryu returns from his training and defeats Necalli in combat, forcing the ancient god to retreat definitely. He then joins his companions in a second attack on the Shadaloo base.

List of scenesEdit

  1. Trembling Fingers
  2. Descent Program
  3. Careless
  4. King of Shadows
  5. Worried About A Friend
  6. Escaping Shadaloo
  7. End of the Escape
  8. The Power of the Dead
  9. Preparations
  10. Consuming Darkness

Act 5: Fight to the Finish!Edit

In the occasion, Rashid manages to stop the Black Moons completely using a hint that was meant for him, sent by his missing friend, but also discovers that she was killed by F.A.N.G long ago, much to his grief. Meanwhile, Charlie confronts M. Bison and fails to defeat him, but sacrifices himself to drain part of Bison's Psycho Power to weaken him and Ryu destroys him once and for all. As Chun-Li rescues the girl, the warriors evacuate the Shadaloo base as it collapses and the brainwashed dolls recover their senses, while Rashid receives a pre-recorded message from his now deceased friend, thanking him for helping to save the world and telling him to move on with his life.

During the credits, Helen, whose true name is revealed as Kolin, confides with her master, who claims that despite Bison was not destroyed the way they wanted, the time has come for their group to lead the world in order to restore its balance. In the post credits, after having a sparring match, Ken and Ryu ponder that their road to self-improvement will never have an end.

List of scenesEdit

  1. Imminent Danger
  2. The Prophecy
  3. More Improvements
  4. Until The Moon Is Stopped
  5. Landing, Kanzuki Style
  6. Conflicting Shadaloo
  7. Iron Muscle
  8. The Filthy & The Fair
  9. Unbound
  10. Destruction Mode
  11. Sisters
  12. For a Friend
  13. Liberation
  14. Personal Desire
  15. Clash
  16. The Turning Point
  17. 100%
  18. The Last Mission
  19. A Guardian Hand
  20. The Ultimate Destiny Of Power
  21. The Fall of M. Bison
  22. Beginning of a Legend
  23. The Never Ending Path

Unplayable OpponentsEdit

Shadaloo SoldiersEdit

The DollsEdit


Trivia Edit

  • If one is to move the Camera it can be seen that characters when they are off frame but are still needed for a later scene literally freeze in place until their next part. If the character's role in the scene is over they fall through the floor off camera.
  • All of the A Shadow Falls exclusive opponents like Peter and the Dolls are actually usable through the use of cheats with movesets.
  • Juri and Urien were both available to play in their specified battles in A Shadow Falls before they actually became purchasable.


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