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A Shadow Falls is the title of the cinematic Story Mode in Street Fighter V. The mode (referred as "General Story" in the in-game menu) is one of the game's two story modes, the other one being Character Story.


A Shadow Falls is a cinematic story mode that was released in June 2016 as a free downloadable content for Street Fighter V. The mode can take three to four hours to finish and it comes in two difficulty levels, "Normal" and "Extra". Finishing A Shadow Falls in normal and extra mode granted players 30,000 and 50,000 fight money respectively,[1] before the release of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. Additionally, there are stages that can only be fought exclusively in A Shadow Falls.


The plot takes place in between the events of the Street Fighter IV series and the Street Fighter III series.

Act 1: Disaster[]

"One of the Black Moons in the sky explodes above New York City, ominously heading the start of the evil Shadaloo's Operation C.H.A.I.N.S."

Title Summary Stamp Card
Dark Avenger Jolting awake from a nightmare of Necalli trying to devour him, Nash finds himself in a tomb being tended to by a woman called Helen. In the midst of remembering what happened to him, Nash sees Phantom Bison and hobbles out to attack.
*Nash vs. M. Bison
The Bison image disappears after Nash shoots it with a Sonic Boom, after which Helen instructs Charlie that if he wants to destroy Bison, he must to retrieve a "piece" from a man in a photograph: his old friend Guile.
Conflicted In India, Ryu approaches Dhalsim in need of help understanding his fist.
*Ryu vs. Dhalsim
Dhalsim advises Ryu to face the Satsui no Hado instead of suppressing it as he has lest it overwhelm and control him. Necalli suddenly appears and targets Dhalsim and Ryu, aiming to consume their souls.
Ryu vs. Necalli*
Despite being outmatched, Ryu refuses to give up. However, the Satsui no Hado begins to possess him as he and Necalli launch attacks at each other. Dhalsim intervenes, telling Ryu not to let the Hado take him over, before taking Necalli on himself.
*Dhalsim vs. Necalli
As both warriors are pushed back, a dark, spherical object eclipsing the sun. Necalli projects a vision of seven flying objects and M. Bison into Ryu, before deforming. Dhalsim explains the legend of an ancient being appears during a great crisis when many warriors are needed.
In Search of a Friend While Rashid is overhearing various communications on his mobile device, he notices two cloaked Shadaloo members surrounding and escorting a scared little girl. He descends upon the guards, kicking one of them down before engaging against the other.
AS-M vs. Rashid*
Rashid successfully "rescues" Li-Fen, even though she thinks otherwise. Though confused, Rashid shows her a picture of a friend and ask where they could be. Nervously, she points Rashid in the direction toward an area of the Shadaloo base.
Put in Motion After disintegrating a scientist for betraying M. Bison, F.A.N.G encounters Rashid and notices the piece in his hand. Rashid tries to negotiate a trade, but F.A.N.G threatens to destroy him for the piece.
*F.A.N.G vs. Rashid
Rashid collapses to the floor, and F.A.N.G collects the piece, mildly upset that he only had one, before happily retreating indoors flanked by the two hooded guards.
Young Genius In a CWA wrestling ring, Alex quickly defeats his opponent with a Flash Chop. Victorious, Alex raises his arm up in victory as the crowd cheers.
The Black Moon Birdie and Ibuki lounge while, Karin Kanzuki informs journalists that her family's satellite is monitoring the "Black Moon" orbiting Tokyo.
The Heat Up Duo Alex is about to face Zangief and R. Mika in a handicap match. However, Laura Matsuda interrupts and enters herself as Alex's partner for a tag team match.
Operation C.H.A.I.N.S. F.A.N.G places the piece he collected from Rashid in a machine in front of a dark sphere similar to the one that eclipsed the sun in India, thus commencing Operation C.H.A.I.N.S. commences.
Explosion The dark sphere in space activates, producing a massive shockwave burst that engulfs and detroys a satellite above New York; wiping out the city's power; resulting in server disconnects, to Sean Matsuda's handheld game.
Declaration of War Shibasaki reports to Karin that "one of the seven" spheres was detonated, causing an electromagnetic pulse across New York. Flanked by Shibasaki and Ibuki, Karin prepares for battle.
Amidst the Chaos General Byron Taylor assigns Guile to go to New York and determine if the incidents are connected. Chun-Li steps out and offers to come with Guile, which he accepts.
The Four Kings F.A.N.G, Balrog, and Vega, bicker about the success and failures of Operation C.H.A.I.N.S. When Bison appears for a report of "the other device", F.A.N.G brings forth two Shadaloo soldiers to test out against Balrog and Vega.
AS-Y vs. Balrog*
AS-D vs. Vega*
Finished with the soldiers, Balrog and Vega threaten F.A.N.G. Chun-Li and Guile appears and notice of the carnage, before finally seeing Bison. Chun-Li confront them, despite Guile's efforts to stop her. Bison steps forward and engages her himself, stating she was foolish to come here.
Chun-Li vs. M. Bison*
With a burst of Psycho Power, Bison throws Chun-Li to the floor. Guile rushes to her aid, but is intercepted by Vega who challenges him.
Guile vs. Vega*
Just when M. Bison is about to finish off a barely-conscious Chun-Li, Cammy dashes in and rescues the Interpol detective. Cammy and Guile retreat with Chun-Li. F.A.N.G tries to go after them, but Bison stands him back.
Reunion That night, the three heroes reconvene to discuss the relationship between the Black Moons, the stolen control keys, and the missing hackers incident. Just then, Nash walks ominously towards them. Rashid and Azam cheerfully emerge, but are ignored as Guile focuses on the form of Nash.
*Nash vs. Guile
Still not convinced that his foe is really Charlie, Guile stands up and launches a Sonic Hurricane. Nash puts a hand up to block it, only to find that he's actually absorbing the blast. Meanwhile, Rashid introduces himself, engaging Chun-Li with intent to take the piece while Azam keeps Cammy at bay.
Chun-Li vs. Rashid*
With humble apologies, Rashid grabs Chun-Li's piece. He tries to go after Guile's only to find that Nash has already acquired it and started taking his leave. Azam stops his master from going after Nash. Upset that they can only take the piece they have, Rashid creating a mini-tornado to make their escape.

Act 2: Gathering[]

"Although their motivations may differ, the fighters unite in a bid to foil Shadaloo's nefarious plot."

Title Summary Stamp Card
To Each Their Own Rashid and Nash rendezvous with Helen at an abandoned arena. As she explains how Nash is tracking pieces to make sure they don't get into Shadaloo's hands, Juri bursts into the room. Skeptical about Helen's recruits, she engages with Rashid to test his skills.
Rashid vs. Juri*
After the battle, Helen explains her plans to stop Shadaloo by gathering the pieces which can control the Black Moons. Rashid asks Helen to tell him who she really is before forming an alliance. However, Urien, appears and chastises her. Seeing Nash there, he decides to test him.
*Urien vs Nash
Upon defeating Nash, Urien takes his leave. Helen presses the gem in Nash's forehead, causing it to glow and healing the damage he sustained earlier. She finally explains that she knows of someone else who's a "more suitable" world leader.
Assailants Rashid and Azam infiltrates the Kanzuki Estate, where they encounter Karin and Shibasaki. After asking Karin to kindly give him the piece she has, she answers by challenging him to a fight; much to Rashid's reluctance.
Rashid vs. Karin*
Conceding the fight, Rashid and Azam retreat, but not before revealing to Karin the two pieces he already has and promising to never use them for evil purposes. Karin orders Shibasaki to contact all the top-ranked fighters.
Pinky Swear Ken finds Ryu meditating at a certain New Zealand waterfall. Ken drops in his stance to assess Ryu's "special training". Ryu accepts as the two prepare to spar.
*Ken vs. Ryu
At the conclusion of their sparring, a Kanzuki ninja appears and implores Ken and Ryu to join the effort to stop Shadaloo from using the Black Moons to drive the world into chaos. Ken decides that he alone shall join for the time being, covering for Ryu so that his friend can finish his special training.
Information While Cammy, Karin, and Shibasaki exchange information regarding the control pieces for the Black Moons, more rooftop invaders come in the form of März and Decapre, flanked by two Shadaloo soldiers. Karin steps forward confidently to teach her unwelcome guest some manners.
März vs. Karin*
Karin effortlessly traps März in an armbar and promptly halts Mika and Ibuki's bickering. Meanwhile, Cammy holds off Decapre, who is favoring her head in pain. Before Cammy can help her, Decapre retreats on her own power. Cammy looks down with concern and worry.
Piece Holders Guile reveals to Karin that pieces are keys to control the Black Moons, which can be used to activate their launch and shut down programs. Most of the fighters break off into groups to go after the remaining pieces, while Karin plans to scout the Shadaloo base with Ibuki and Mika.

Act 3: Fierce Battle[]

"The quest to obtain the "pieces" sets the fighters on a head-on collision course with Shadaloo. The noose around Shadaloo's neck has begun to tighten..."

Title Summary Stamp Card
The Definition of Family Ken spends time with Mel as Chun-Li and Cammy watch on and discuss about "family". Karin bids them farewell and plans to meet them all at the Shadaloo base.
The Dangers of Abstinence Birdie guards März while the other fighters are away. März offers Birdie her food, which distracted him enough for Aprile attack. Birdie attempts to stop the Dolls from escaping.
Aprile vs. Birdie*
Despite defeating Aprile, Noembelu blindsides and easily knocks him down while he celebrated.
Brazilian Heat In Brazil, Sean Matsuda runs into F.A.N.G, who threatens him and his sister if he doesn't give up the control piece that she has. Ken shows up and saves Sean before engaging against F.A.N.G.
F.A.N.G vs. Ken*
After F.A.N.G retreats, Chun-Li and Cammy rejoin with Ken. He asks Sean to give them piece that belongs to her sister. Suddenly, Laura appears after defeating a pair of Shadaloo soldiers. She then confronts Ken, believing that he's trying to steal something from Sean.
*Laura vs. Ken
Knowing that this has been a misunderstanding, Laura gives Ken the piece in exchange to join their mission and promote Matsuda Jiu-Jitsu. The group is then confronted by a brainwashed Decapre.
Iron Arms Vs. Pure Muscle After retrieving the control piece in India, Zangief and Guile are attacked by two Shadaloo soldiers. Balrog appears with Ed, unimpressed how weak the soldiers still are. Santamu jumps off of a rooftop and engages against Guile.
Santamu vs. Guile*
While Santamu and Guile are still fighting, Balrog battles Zangief; who easily endured one of his punches. As Balrog prepares to fight, Ed observes Zangief curiously.
Balrog vs. Zangief*
Ed informs to Balrog that Zangief may have one of the control pieces. While Balrog attacks and distract Zangief, Ed uses Psycho Power to retrieve the piece. The two make their escape while Santamu and another Shadaloo soldier holds off Zangief and Guile.
Sleeping Lion Alex is fixing his trailer car in New York, when Dhalsim suddenly appears before him. He angrily mistakes Dhalsim as a mugger as the two fight.
*Alex vs. Dhalsim
Dhalsim corrects that he is not a mugger and asks Alex to give him the chess piece in his trailer. After Alex gives him piece, Dhalsim informs him about his future before the Yoga Master teleports away.
Worth Saving Decapre hobbles toward Cammy and the group. While Cammy tries to recall what happened to Decapre, Laura volunteers to stop her; believing that she may be an enemy. However, Cammy intervenes and fights Decapre to be certain who's side the latter is on.
*Cammy vs. Decapre
Cammy is victorious and the Psycho Power around Decapre fades. Just then, Sean arrives with the police; who has orders to arrest the Decapre. Cammy's protective nature of the Dolls kicks in, causing her to fight against the police officers with fierce determination to save Decapre.
Peter vs. Cammy*
As Cammy holds off the police, Juri arrives on a motorbike; knocking out the last officer. She offers Cammy a ride, which Cammy accepts with Decapre in tow. As the three ride away. Vega watches with amusement, obsessed with his own mission of subjugating Cammy.
Crossing Paths Rashid, Azam, and Nash return to the Shadaloo base. Nash is focused on stopping Bison, even forgoing the initial mission of stopping the Black Moons. While he agrees that it's not right to abandon Rashid, Nash ultimately makes his decision and walks away.
Entrusted Responsibility Rashid and Azam reunites with Karin and her group. She confirms that they have the location to the control room. As Rashid cheerfully joins the group, they are approached by two Shadaloo soldiers. Karin steps up with beaming confidence to fight them.
*Karin vs. AS-R
As the group defeats the soldiers, the base's lockdown protocols activate. Rashid and Karin become separated, but not before he gives both of his pieces to her; entrusting her for their safekeeping.
Getting Lost Ibuki and Mika blame each other when they become separate from the group. A Shadaloo soldier rushes behind Mika, but Ibuki stops him with a kunai. Mika thanks her, but then spots Balrog and Ed passing by with a control piece. Balrog challenges the two, in which Ibuki obliges.
Balrog vs. Ibuki*
Despite her efforts, Balrog doesn't stay down. He attacks, but Mika saves Ibuki to return the favor. As Mika takes her turn in fighting Balrog, Ibuki focuses on the oncoming Shadaloo soldiers.
Balrog vs. R. Mika*
Balrog remains standing, but Ibuki and Mika nod to each other as if they have a plan. Mika grapples Balrog, which prompts Ed to assist; only to be foiled by Ibuki's smoke bombs. They steals the piece from Balrog and make their escape. Shortly after, they catch up to Karin and Shibasaki.
The Flame of a Sage Chun-Li arrives at the Shadaloo base. However, since the facility is on lockdown, a bunch of Shadaloo solider rush in to stop her. Dhalsim appears before the officer and takes out the soldiers. He gives the control piece to her. As Chun-Li enters the base, Dhalsim holds off more soldiers.
Chance Meeting While venturing through the corridors of the Shadaloo base, Chun-Li is met by Li-Fen. The young girl recognize the officers as one of the piece holders. Chun-Li wants to help Li-Fen escape, but she declines and runs off.
Stopping the Moon Karin and Chun-Li burst through the doors of the control room. With all six pieces gathered, they approach the control panel; only to be interrupted by F.A.N.G. Karin gives Chun-Li the remaining pieces and proceeds to stop F.A.N.G.
F.A.N.G vs. Karin*
Chun-Li uses the control pieces to shutdown the Black Moons. Shocked, F.A.N.G retreats. A hatch below the control panel opens, which Abel (the undercover agent) reveals that this is their main headquarters. Just then, an outside source is attempting to hack into the control room.

Act 4: Resolve[]

"Formerly believed to have been deactivated, The Black Moons' countdown continues to tick away as Shadaloo begin their counter offensive."

Title Summary Stamp Card
Trembling Fingers F.A.N.G threatens a young hacker with her life, unless she executes the "Descent Program" for Operation C.H.A.I.N.S. Li-Fen fearfully follows orders as F.A.N.G dances triumphantly.
Descent Program In a military base, General Byron Taylor receives reports from two soldiers that the "Descent Program" has been activated; which will cause massive destruction once the Black Moons hit the surface in the next twenty-four hours.
Reckless Karin, Chun-Li, and Abel have also learned about the "Descent Program". Chun-Li soon discovers F.A.N.G threatening the little girl into compliance. Just then, Abel reels in pain as Psycho Power oozes from his body.
King of Shadows M. Bison appears as F.A.N.G continues to revels at the success of Operation C.H.A.I.N.S. Suddenly, Nash attempts and fails to attack Bison from behind. While Nash refuses to back down, Bison gladly accepts the challenge.
*M. Bison vs. Nash
Nash launches to strike Bison again, but he simply repels him with Psycho Power. Suddenly, Necalli drops into the control room with the intent to devour his soul. The wounded Nash retreats while Bison relishes in the opportunity to face the interloper.
*M. Bison vs. Necalli
Despite losing, Necalli rises back to his feet. This prompts F.A.N.G to attack, causing the mysterious being to retreat. Bison smirks with amusement as Necalli fades into the shadows.
Worried About a Friend While escaping through the corridors of the base, Rashid and Azam run Nash; who was still injured. Nash frustratingly admits that he couldn't kill Bison. Rashid shares about how his missing "friend" got caught up with Shadaloo. However, they are confronted by a hungry Necalli.
Escaping Shadaloo Outside the Shadaloo base, Ibuki and Mika notices Karin and Chun-Li are chased by a brainwashed Abel. Zangief drops down from a helicopter and knocks him out. As the fighters board the aircraft along with Rashid, Azam, and Nash after barely escaping an angry Necalli.
Escape's End Juri crashes through the window of an abandoned station. Decapre finally wakes up and writhes in pain. The Doll strangles and repeatedly punches Cammy's face. Juri watches on and laughs with amusement before Cammy knocks out the Decapre. Suddenly, Vega arrives and attacks Cammy.
*Vega vs. Cammy
Cammy lands stomach-first on the ground and passes out. Vega approaches the unconscious Cammy to admire her beauty, picking up one of her braids. However, before he gets the chance to admire her beauty, he is interrupted by Juri who claims that Cammy was hers since she pick her up first.
Vega vs. Juri*
As Juri holds off Vega, Cammy regains consciousness. Upon seeing Vega standing beside Decapre, she quickly kicks the mask off his face, causing him to back off. As Cammy defends the unconscious Decapre, Vega chuckles and retreats. Suddenly, Juri receives a phone call from a familiar source.
The Power of the Dead Back at the Kanzuki Estate, Karin and the rest of the fighters regroup. Meanwhile, Nash and Guile struggle to hold back against the brainwashed Abel. While Guile restrains him, Nash uses his power to neutralize the Psycho Power within Abel. Shortly after, Nash, Rashid, and Azam make their exit.
Preparation Nash, Rashid, and Azam return to the abandoned arena; where they are joined by Juri and Cammy. As Helen reveal her plan to stop the Black Moons, Nash admits to her that he is unable to kill Bison. While this causes Helen to degrade about Nash's limited time, he accepts his fate and leaves.
Devouring Darkness Necalli lands on roof of the Kanzuki Estate, where Ryu was waiting for him. The two exchange blows in midair before descending onto ground level. Ryu drops in his stance and prepares to fight against the mysterious being.
*Ryu vs. Necalli
Ryu controls the Satsui no Hado within him to deliver the final blow that reverts Necalli back to his original state. Dhalsim reappears and demands Necalli to leave, which he does. Chun-Li, Ken, and Karin arrive and express approval when Ryu finally decides to join them.

Act 5: Fight to the Finish![]

"The war against Shadaloo has raged long and hard, but the final battle is now at hand. Promises to friends, foe, and self will be put to the test...The fate of all rests on this, deciding conflict!"

Title Summary Stamp Card
Impending Danger The attempts to stopping the Black Moons have been futile. General Byron Taylor watches helplessly as he receives reports that the cities haven't been fully evacuated.
The Prophecy As the city of Moscow burns, Helen reads from a book that describes a prophecy. While praying, Urien briefly appears to check on Helen and observe the chaos.
Further Enhancement Thanks to the chaos, Bison's power increases immensely. F.A.N.G hysterically dances while Vega calmly observes. Meanwhile, Li-Fen continues to work against her will.
Until the Moon Is Stopped Rashid, Nash, and Azam are back at the Shadaloo base. As they hide from the searchlights, Rashid instructs Nash to wait until he destroys the Black Moons.
The Kanzuki-Ryu Landing Op The other fighters arrived at the Shadaloo base on a helicopter. As the aircraft dodges multiple projectiles, the fighters jump out of the helicopter and descend toward the base.
Struggle at Shadaloo Base A brawl occurs at the Shadaloo base. Not long after, the Dolls (who have been brainwashed) joined the battle. As the Kanzuki ninjas and most of the fighters hold off the Shadaloo soldier, Chun-Li, Guile, and Ryu infiltrate the base.
Iron Muscle Satsuki takes on Zangief. The Doll strikes Zangief with her katana, but Zangief easily withstands the attack; breaking the blade with his muscles. As Ibuki and Mika watch in shock and awe, Zangief prepares to strike back
*Zangief vs. Satsuki
Upon defeating Satsuki, Zangief poses triumphantly. Mika continues to fawn over her idol, while Ibuki looks at the young wrestler in confusion.
The Fragrant & The Filthy Nearby, Février shoots at Birdie with her submachine gun. While Birdie uses the chains on his arms to deflect the bullets, he still feels the sting on his forearms. The two argue about using weapons during a fight, before actually engaging in battle.
Février vs. Birdie*
While Birdie eats a doughnut is celebration of his victory over Février, he spots Karin about to battle Enero. The two briefly scoff at each other and exchanges haughty laughs before getting down to business.
Enero vs. Karin*
After successfully defeating Enero, Karin effortlessly takes out another soldier coming from behind. Just then, she notices the Doll's body surging with immense amount of Psycho Power.
Limits Lifted Inside a monitor halls, F.A.N.G complains how useless the Dolls are; despite their enhancements. He then takes out a skull-shaped device and cranks it with the intent of destroying the fighters and the Dolls in the process.
Destruction Mode Outside the Shadaloo base, Enero slowly rises back to her feet and screams to symbolize her increase in power. Meanwhile, the other fighters notice the same thing happening to their opponents.
Sisters Cammy dashes through the base; stopping and gazing apprehensively at Juli, who is clutching her head in pain. The Psycho Power within her body increases, causing her to go insane. As the Doll spots her opponent and rushes in for an attack, Cammy drops in her stance and readies herself.
*Cammy vs. Juli
Cammy is victorious. Juli collapses to the ground and loses consciousness, causing the Psycho Power around her body to slowly subside. As Cammy approaches to check on the unconscious Doll, Vega appears and attacks Cammy from above. After dodging his slash, Cammy gets in her stance as Vega mocks her. Cammy tries to attack him with a Spiral Arrow. He avoids her attack and proceeds with the battle.
*Vega vs. Cammy
Vega slashes Cammy's midsection, reeling her back. However, before he can finish her, Decapre appears and saves Cammy. Juri arrives and confronts Vega, while Cammy and Decapre are approached by several brainwashed Dolls. Together, the two prepare to battle against their "sisters."
For a Friend Rashid infiltrates the control room to stop the Black Moons. As he approaches the control panel, a brainwashed März appears from behind the machine and attacks the intruder.
*Rashid vs. März
After knocking out März, Rashid inputs the command to stop the Black Moons. He answers the security question that begins the shutdown sequence, just as F.A.N.G appears. F.A.N.G throws a tantrum and admits killing Rashid's friend. This causes Rashid to snap and angrily lash out.
*Rashid vs. F.A.N.G
Despite winning, F.A.N.G wounds Rashid by inserting poison within him. The weakened Rashid slowly collapses and loses consciousness. However, as F.A.N.G is about to finish him off, he notices the device that controls the Dolls has broken.
Liberation Outside the Shadaloo base, Cammy and Decapre stand victoriously over the Dolls as the Psycho Power within them fades. One by one, the Dolls awaken. Just before several Shadaloo soldier can attack Cammy, the Dolls kick them aside. With the Dolls united, Vega makes his exit.
Personal Intent Before F.A.N.G can stop the shutdown sequence, März wrestles him away from the control panel. No longer under control, März takes on the indignant F.A.N.G.
*F.A.N.G vs. März
Rashid surprises F.A.N.G by throwing a control piece at him, determined not to die just yet. With F.A.N.G distracted, März tackles him over the railing and down the reactor shaft. As the two plummets toward the reactor, Rashid stands his ground against more oncoming Shadaloo Soldiers
Confrontation The enhanced Bison easily defeats all of the Kanzuki ninjas. He then spots Guile, Ryu, and Chun-Li enter the control room. However, Nash appears to take on Bison himself. Guile stops Chun-Li to allow his partner to teleport up the platforms to confront Bison one last time.
Turning Point Nash arrives at the Four King's lair, where Bison is waiting for him. Despite Bison's claims that he cannot defeat his Psycho Power, Nash remains determined to achieve his own victory.
*Nash vs. M. Bison
Even though Bison remains standing, the base begins to fall apart; thus stopping his enhancement. Nash goes in for the kill, but Bison stops him with one hit. However, Nash focuses his power in his hand and places it on Bison's chest.
100% At the main control room, a bunch of Shadaloo soldier lay unconscious around the machine. A weakened Rashid gazes at the screen, successfully saving the world with twenty-eight seconds left to spare.
Last Mission Nash uses his power to drain Bison's Psycho Power. Despite using his full power and sacrificing himself, Bison remains standing; unaffected by Nash's efforts.
A Protecting Hand Guile and Chun-Li are about to head after Bison, only to be interrupted by F.A.N.G. Realizing that Li-Fen had told Rashid about the command code, he goes after her. Chun-Li intervenes and protects the young girl. She allows Ryu to battle Bison, while she takes care of F.A.N.G.
*Chun-Li vs. F.A.N.G
F.A.N.G is finally defeated. He falls on his back and passes out.
Power's Ultimate Destination Ryu and Bison meet each other once more. Ryu states that his strength was to push forward, rather than defeat. The two confront one another for the final time.
*Ryu vs. M. Bison
After the battle, Bison stumbles backwards and collapses on one knee in a weakened state.
The Fall of M. Bison Ryu hits Bison with a Hadoken infused with the Power of Nothingness. Bison's unleashes one last laugh as his body cracks and falls apart; causing a stumbling F.A.N.G to mourn while the base crumbles. Chun-Li briefly pauses to gaze at the dictator's cap before leaving with Ryu and Guile.
As Ryu, Guile, and Chun-Li escape, the reactor behind them explodes. Ryu fires a Denjin Hadoken at Chun-Li and Li-Fen. The beam serves as a tunnel of light, protecting Chun-Li and Li-Fen from the fallen debris. After thanking Ryu, they continue their escape.
The Dolls and the other fighters gaze at the destruction of the Shadaloo base, while the remaining generals make their leave. The fighters rejoice when Guile, Ryu, Chun-Li and Li-Fen made it out of the base in one piece.
While watching the destruction of the base, Rashid receives a phone call from his lost friend. She delivers one last message of gratitude, which almost put Rashid on the verge of tears. Remembering his friend's final message, Rashid and Azam set off on a new adventure.
The Beginning of a Legend During the credits, Helen kneels before a man sitting on a throne. She informs him of the defeat of Shadaloo, though the one who defeated Bison was not according to the prophecy. Fascinated with the turn of events, the man showers her in an icy mist; reverting her to regular form of Kolin.
The Never-Ending Path At the waterfalls in New Zealand, Ken finds Ryu gazing at the sky and focusing on his mind. Remembering the promise they kept to each other, both warriors get in their stance.
Ken vs. Ryu*
Despite losing, Ken understands how strong Ryu has become. Ryu's headband falls off, making Ken assume that he doesn't need it anymore. However, Ryu takes back the headband; knowing that the road to fighting is never over. The two exchange a fist bump to end the story.

Unplayable Opponents[]

Shadaloo Soldiers[]

The Dolls[]



  • If one is to move the camera, it can be seen that characters when they are off-frame but are still needed for a later scene literally freeze in place until their next part. If the character's role in the scene is over, they fall through the floor off-camera.
  • All of the A Shadow Falls exclusive opponents like Peter and the Dolls are actually usable through the use of cheats with proper movesets.
  • DLC characters of the season 1 were both available to play in their specified battles in A Shadow Falls, even if they are not purchased
    • Juri and Urien can play before they can be purchased date.
  • Although Kolin, Ed and Gill appear in the story, they can't change costumes, because the 3D model in the story are different from when they are playable characters.

Off and moved camera scenary.[]