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Character Story, also known unofficially as Prologue Story, is one of the two story modes (the other being A Shadow Falls) in Street Fighter V.


Character story offers a background prologue of each playable character. In addition, the endings for the base game characters set up their roles in A Shadow Falls.




Fierce Beast

Thinking that his car was missing, Abigail was standing around crying and making various bad impressions of car sounds. He is encountered by Ibuki, Zangief, Juri, and Vega who were puzzled and insulted by his behavior. This was specifically due to his habit of making really bad impersonations of car noises (in the cases of Ibuki and Vega as he was making the sound of a fart and pig respectively), saying he felt "flat" which insulted Juri by making her think he was talking about her bust size and crying/booing Zangief. Only Alex was able to recognize Abigail's sounds (in this case, a 6.5 liter V8 Turbo Diesel engine) of which one is Abigail's missing car, but two of them fought anyway just because he needed to vent his anger out on something.

After that fight, J, Axl, and Roxy show up and remind him that he originally let them borrow the car for the day. The trio mock Abigail for forgetting this, causing him to fly into a rage and thrash them all into the car as he walks away casually.


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Girl Power!

Coming August 16th



Mudo Tensho!

Akuma and Gen fight once again. Akuma becomes victorious in the battle, but was criticized by Gen for leading to the path of discarding humanity. He then finishes and seemingly kills Gen off for good. He then sees a vision of Ryu rejecting the Satsui no Hado, much to his frustration. Necalli appears and challenges Akuma for his soul. Not only did Necalli lose to Akuma, but he attempts to devour Akuma and fails. Akuma does the Mudo Tensho to destroy Necalli completely. He then seeks Ryu and battles him, in a Satsui no Hado Vs. Mu no Ken clash. Akuma defeats Ryu in battle, but does not kill him. Instead, he questions if there is no one that can match him. Ryu, smiling while laying on the ground, asks questions to Akuma, claiming that his fists will continue to communicate with Akuma on opposite ends. Akuma, then flees, letting fate determine when those two will meet again.



Untamable New Blood

Alex is fixing his trailer car as Patricia arrives and informs him of his invitation mail that was sent to her house. Later, she gives him a basket full of sandwiches before she left, in his trailer car, after eating the sandwiches in the basket, he falls asleep, unaware that three Shadaloo foot soldiers are approaching him.

In his dream, he wakes up in unfamiliar surroundings and is watched by F.A.N.G who calls him as Shadaloo test body number 222222 and he begins his AUS simulation. Alex is confronted by reimagined fighters; Dan, E. Honda, and Hakan. After beating three reimagined fighters, he decides to go back to his trailer and F.A.N.G continues to test him as he reveals to Alex that he was kidnapped by Shadaloo to become one of their experiments to be tested with and he forces him to fight a reimagined Birdie.

After defeating Birdie, Alex decides to find the exit and escape but failed as F.A.N.G continues to test him in his amusement as he fights a re-imagined Chun-Li.

After defeating it, Alex. wanted to get out of here as F.A.N.G notices his resilience to escape and warns him if he escapes he will die as he fights a reimagined Ryu. Ryu manages to inflict a scar on Alex's upper cheek during the fight before Alex beats him with a Power Bomb causing F.A.N.G to get panic after noticing Alex's wrestling and kickboxing moves. Alex angrily warns him to bring another of his toys just to destroy his laboratory as F.A.N.G orders some of his men to get him out for destroying his lab before he unleashes the poison cloud in the surroundings.

Alex soon wakes up knowing it was a dream as Patricia sees he ate the sandwiches and also informs him about Tom's invitation and some of his mail as well as she noticed the scratch on his face. When Alex looks in the mirror, he found himself to have scars on his cheek.



Binary Star of Corruption

F.A.N.G is impressed to see Balrog had found the bandaged boy from the S.I.N laboratory who is revealed to be Ed. Balrog angrily punched him but dodges as F.A.N.G informs him about their plan of Operation C.H.A.I.N.S. is now in full swing and not to say anymore secrets but he remarks about his actions is considers as betrayal causing Balrog to fight him. After the commotion, Balrog manages to knock F.A.N.G's hat as he tells him that he has work to do before retreating. When he calls Ed to come out, Ed manages to burn the hat into ashes as Balrog convinces him to both of them to make more money to get and he has his own agenda to do. 

At China, Balrog and Ed meets up with Urien until Necalli arrives to confront them to devour their souls. Urien tells Balrog if defeats Necalli down and gives him some reward money which Balrog excitedly agrees as he fights off Necalli. When Necalli was defeated, he turns into dust as Urien pays him the reward and wants him to deliver the data of Operation C.H.A.I.N.S. in exchange for his service at Shadaloo. Balrog accepts the payment. 

Back at the Shadaloo Base, Ed remarks Urien's behavior was more of a jerk as Balrog reveals that he will work for him until he will bash his face once the job is done. Ed agrees to his plan as both he and Balrog walking away. 



On the Run: Extreme Hunger!

Birdie is shown running away from Shadaloo and escaping F.A.N.G; after losing them, and fending off Chun-Li (who was trying to arrest him for questioning), he ends up at the Kanzuki Estate. He fights Karin, and leaves her impressed with his skills; when she asks why he left Shadaloo, Birdie (while having a sumptuous meal) casually answers that he "didn't like how they handled business" (while it's shown that he was actually irritated by having to wear a hat, hiding his hairdo). Karin decides to offer Birdie to stay at the Estate as her guest, wishing to test her leadership abilities (reasoning that, if he were to betray her, it would mean she is unworthy still); he eagerly accepts when he is reassured that it means free and unlimited food, whenever he wants. As first order of business, Karin smugly presents him with the challenge of facing one hundred of her bodyguards, much to his shock.



The Amazon Threat

Blanka is selling dolls known as "Blanka-chan" in Brazil until he bumped into Laura who accidentally stepped on one of the dolls. After defeating her, Laura apologizes and calls Sean to help Blanka out, Sean advises him to sell the dolls in Japan.

At the Japanese arcade center where he tries selling the dolls, two schoolgirls noticed the dolls inside an arcade machine causing him to get angry and shake the machine, claiming Blanka-chan to be cuter and claiming the dolls inside the machine look like rat, but his rage accidentally broke the machine (referring his crazy actions in Sakura's character story) and regrets it, saying that the machine can't even last a day in the jungle. He tries to flee as soon as Sakura arrives to see what he had done. Sakura immediately recognizes Blanka, and Blanka himself apologizes her for breaking the machine. Sakura decides to tell the arcade manager about the Blanka-chan dolls to be put inside the machine. With that, his dolls became popular to almost everybody, unaware to Blanka.



Choices and Burdens

Cammy remembers her encounter with Decapre, who angrily attacked her due to her strong hatred. Then, she also remembers that she had hurt so many people in the past. As Cammy begins to doubt about her deserving the right to be the protector of others, she is contacted by her superior, informing her that Shadaloo is on the move. Before leaving, she decides to keep trying to save the others. As she travels through India, she encounters several Shadaloo soldiers. In the midst of fighting the solders, she is also encountered by Birdie. Curious about seeing Cammy somewhere before, the two of them fight.

After defeating him, Birdie recognizes Cammy as one of Bison's Dolls that wore a mask and that she was already brought in for recalibration; confusing her for Decapre. However, before the surprised Cammy can ask any questions, Birdie escapes as the police arrive. Arriving at the Shadaloo base, she is attacked by F.A.N.G, who seeks to terminate her due to defecting from Shadaloo. He challenges her and Cammy remarks to him that he is Shadaloo's new best lackey.

After defeating F.A.N.G, Cammy asks him about Decapre's whereabouts, as well as the other Dolls. F.A.N.G laughs, stating that it is hilarious and recognizes her by her code name, "Killer Bee," which Cammy does not want to hear. She is later blocked by Shadaloo soldiers, when F.A.N.G, informs her that the Dolls are being used in "Operation C.H.A.I.N.S." and warns her that if she interferes, he will kill her with no mercy, causing Cammy to flee.

When Cammy returns to London, she is reunited with Juni, noticing she has a permission to go out. As the two are talking, they are cornered by Shadaloo. Vega attacks her, when Juni begins to recognizes the claw that Vega wields is much like Decapre's, and Cammy is forced to fight Vega while protecting Juni. After defeating Vega, he falls back, noticing Cammy's dangerous actions. Juni worries for Cammy as she remembers how F.A.N.G told her about the operation. Cammy decides to stop Shadaloo and to save her fellow dolls. Juni encourages her and tells her to come back after she saves them.

As Cammy leaves the scene, Juri is revealed to have been observing the whole event while spying on her.



The Power of Belief

Chun-Li engaged in a conversation with a Chinese girl named Li-Fen, presenting her with a yellow ribbon and studded wristbands from the Alpha series. Li-Fen expressed her desire to learn how to tie the yellow ribbon and to become a courageous police officer like Chun-Li. In response, Chun-Li proceeded to demonstrate how to tie the ribbon into ox-horn shapes on both sides.

She shared a tale of her bravery a few years ago when she attempted to apprehend Vega, who had taunted her about her beauty resembling that of a rosebud. As Chun-Li continued her pursuit, she encountered Guile and Charlie, who emphasized that she couldn't fight alone. In order to assess her strength, Charlie engaged in a battle with her. After the intense fight, he conveyed the message that she needed their assistance.

When they finally confronted Vega once again, their path was obstructed by Birdie and a group of Shadaloo soldiers, intent on attacking them. However, through a combined effort, Guile and Charlie swiftly incapacitated Birdie and several Shadaloo soldiers using their Flash Kicks. This allowed Chun-Li to continue her pursuit of Vega.

Engaging in another fierce battle, Chun-Li ultimately emerged victorious, defeating Vega. She then proceeded to interrogate him about her father. Vega revealed that her father had been killed by someone unknown before escaping in a helicopter. Although Chun-Li failed to apprehend Vega, her bravery was commended and supported by both Guile and Charlie.

Chun-Li successfully finishes tying Li-Fen's hair into ox-horn shapes, much to Li-Fen's amusement. Inspired by Chun-Li's strength, Li-Fen expresses her desire to become strong like her. Chun-Li encourages Li-Fen, emphasizing that anything is possible if they work together. With determination, Chun-Li tells Li-Fen to prepare herself, and Li-Fen eagerly accepts the challenge.



Mayor's Schedule

In a cab, Cody is sitting alongside his assistant Marlowe, who informs him on a delayed appointment. She becomes annoyed that he doesn't seem to listen to her and informs him to fix his behavior as the mayor, explaining how about the previous mayor, Mike Haggar, asked her to support Cody. Cody quickly stops the cab and sees a monster truck illegally parked, he discovers the owner is his former enemy Abigail. After getting into a fight with him, Cody informs Abigail that he illegally parked his truck and the latter immediately recognizes Cody much to his surprise. Cody tells Abigail that he wants to improve the qualities of Metro City and to make everyone smile by taking down "garbage" like Abigail.

Cody reflects about how he has gone from a vigilante, to a jailbird and now as the mayor of Metro City. He suddenly sensed someone's presence, revealed to be Zeku. Zeku informs him that he could help him manage the local government, Cody challenges him into a fight, wanting to see his skills. After defeating him, Cody turns down the offer, knowing he can't have shady work in his position. Marlowe turns up and scolds Cody for his actions in street fighting, especially since he had damaged one of the street lights during his fight with Zeku.



Power up Saikyo-Style

While pondering about the lack of interest of his Saikyo-Style, Dan comes across a store and overheard a pair of students praising the Blanka-chan dolls inside a crane game. Dan immediately recognizes the identity of the mascot. As he envies over the success of his former student, Dan accidentally breaks the machine; scaring the students and prompting Sakura to chase after him. After a brief confrontation, Sakura explains how the Blanka-chan doll was popular among teens. This gives Dan inspiration and asks Sakura for some money.

Dan travels to Brazil and spars with Blanka. After complimenting about the popularity of the doll, Dan happily decided to make his own business besides finding students to master his current fighting style by selling the Saikyo-Boy Dolls. Blanka frequently corrects him that the Blanka-chan Dolls are not creepy and that not involving the Saikyo-Style. Dan is last seen continuing to make taunts about the Saikyo-Style being so cool.



The Path of a Yogi

Dhalsim is talking to an Indian police officer Mahesh. At some other point, he is with Karin. During Karin's character story, Dhalsim begins to teach Mahesh the fundamentals of teleporting, but gets a surprise visit from Karin, her butler Shibazaki, and Birdie. Having heard of Oro's presence in India days prior, the young head of the Kanzuki family came to seek him out. He tells her that the Senjutsu master has been gone by a few days; Karin however promptly decides to challenge Dhalsim, who did not expect the sudden developments. After a very long match in which neither gain the upper hand, they both commend each other for their own respective skills (Dhalsim's mastery of Yoga, and Karin's "pure fist") before the yoga master teleports away to continue teaching his pupils.

E. Honda[]


Honda Bathhouse Instructions

E. Honda, who owns Honda Sento, attempts to teach some of the guests (specifically Laura, Rashid and Ryu) in his bathhouse the proper manners to do after taking a bath. As many female guests appear on his bathhouse (particularly, Menat, Juri, R. Mika and Ibuki), Honda decides to make it into a perfect business.



The Nimble Boxer

After being rescued by Balrog, Ed was taken into the Shadaloo Base by the boxer. Despite being taken into refuge, Ed would constantly suffer nightmares that would go on as he prematurely ages into a teenager. He and Balrog would then travel to India but Ed was still unsettled by the nightmares he's facing. Suddenly a fortune teller appeared behind Ed, she foreshadows that he would have difficult times ahead. Balrog would then meet Guile and Zangief and ask Ed's help in combating them.

Later on, after the fall of Shadaloo and the death of Bison in A Shadow Falls, Ed and Balrog take refuge near a waterfall at New Zealand. However, Ed experienced another one of his nightmares and was about to be possessed by the spirit of M. Bison himself. Ed fought off the spirit and prevented it from possessing him before leaving the tent they're sleeping in to travel elsewhere. Balrog woke up and asked him what was troubling him. Ed somberly replied that he feared if they stay together, Balrog would eventually get hurt, to which Balrog stated that Ed is too weak to hurt Balrog and that chumps like Ed should shut up and follow orders.

Angered and annoyed, Ed retorts that he's no chump and that the boxer's nothing without him before telling him to go away, while at the same time remembering fonder times together when Balrog was training him and praising him. This erupts into a fight between the two of them, with Balrog insisting that he can't hurt, but Ed prevails. Balrog, in a very uncharacteristic moment, expresses sadness by sobbing while he tries to hide behind his usual wall of toughness and anger, revealing that he didn't want Ed to leave and genuinely cared, and likewise, so did Ed, who leaves behind his only friend and paternal figure.

Months pass and Ed would grow into a muscular young adult. He then states that his destiny is controlled only by himself, and sets out with several new companions by his side, now the commander of an organization known as Neo Shadaloo.



Predator and Prey

F.A.N.G is introduced as leader of the Nguuhao, one of the largest cartels in Asia and one that is infamous for kidnapping children to train into assassins. As one of these children, F.A.N.G was forced to learn the ways of the Poison Hand by way of exposing him to poison in controlled environments and with the hope of eventually teaching him to turn the natural poisons in his body into a weapon. F.A.N.G grew up watching children all around him die, but he emerged as the cartels strongest ever user of the Poison Hand, being dubbed "the Fang of the Nguuhao". Eventually, his profile grew large enough for him to be sent on a mission to assassinate M. Bison with the assistance of other Nguuhao assassins (who apparently feared and despised F.A.N.G).

Attempting to lower Bison's guard by pretending to swear fealty to Shadaloo, F.A.N.G and his fellow assassins attacked M. Bison, only to be easily defeated due to Bison's immunity to their poisons. With the other assassins being slaughtered one by one, F.A.N.G continued to fight, driven by an intense desire to live. Sensing F.A.N.G's strength after killing every other Nguuhao assassin, Bison spares his life when F.A.N.G tries to surrender, telling F.A.N.G that he does not demand loyalty, but power, and that being of use will give him a life in Shadaloo. Gaining an intense respect and devotion towards M. Bison due to his power and wisdom, F.A.N.G works his way up Shadaloo's ranks, eventually becoming one of Shadaloo's Four Kings, and heading research and administrative operations.

He is one of the masterminds behind the Dolls project and plays an integral role in the planning and initiation of Shadaloo's latest bid to take over the world: Operation C.H.A.I.N.S.



Breaking Free

One day, after having nightmares about M. Bison, Ed came to Falke's rescue and they both were able to escape Shadaloo. Falke and Ed teamed up to search for others like them in need of help.

Sometime later after founding Neo Shadaloo, the two sparred with one another, Falke noticing how Ed's movements are inefficient and wondering who taught him to fight. When Falke is victorious, Ed figured that she could've easily escaped herself, recognizing how strong she is. However, Falke stated that she would've been trapped and rotting away in Shadaloo if Ed hadn't came to her rescue. Seeing Ed's determination to rescue the others and to become stronger, Falke agrees to become stronger together with him.



Let's Fight G

G is a mysterious man calling himself the "President of the World". He wishes to unify the world as its president and decides to spread his message through social media. Initially, he doesn’t receive much attention until Rashid comes across his videos and decides to help amplify G’s message to the people.

Afterwards, G was challenged by Menat who was given an errand by Rose to test his skills. He was predicted on one of their fortune cards as "The Fool". After defeating her, G continues to announce the citizens.



The Emperor Doesn't Look Back

With the fall of Shadaloo and the death of Bison after A Shadow Falls, Gill and his secret organization continues with his plan. His secretary Kolin, requested him to have a match against G to test his strength and abilities and his efforts to be seen all over the world by live streaming.

He has successfully exposed his figure to the world, but this would anger his brother, Urien. He forcibly orders Kolin to bring Gill to him which she reluctantly agreed.

Gill immediately defeats his brother and became angrily frustrated from being defeated. Gill states about his reason of his defeat because everything in the prophecy has been written. Urien replies that he wanted to destroy this accursed prophecy. Gill berates his brother Urien that his time for being his replacement will come to an end and that remark caused him to get mad thinking it was an insult. Gill continues to berate him that he will never be his replacement and never serve any purpose because he himself is the one who achieve the wishes in the Secret Society as their Emperor and that dream was in the last two thousand years. Despite Urien's fury, Gill informs him about the long-awaited wish that he needs to fulfilled. The prophecy between them as brothers and the tenets who followed will disappear and he let his brother to live anywhere he wants. Gill dismissively leaves when Urien continues to call his name in a fit of rage.



Those Who Fight On

Guile saves Abel from F.A.N.G who attempts to finish him off with his poison by hitting him with his Sonic Boom. After the fight, F.A.N.G escapes with the use of his poison cloud and angrily wants to make Guile pay for his interference. Guile informs Abel about catching him will leads him to another trap as Abel wants to go after him. Guile also noticed Abel's injuries and gives him an advice that recklessness and bravery aren't the same thing.

It zooms into a flashback where Charlie teaches Guile his fighting style and gives him an advice not to get so heated knowing of his hot temper and Guile understands his advice to keep the heart hot but the mind cool as they make a friendly sparring match afterwards both ends up in a draw as Charlie happily remarks that both of them are losing their cool.

Back in the present day, Guile decides to help Abel lead into the abandoned S.I.N Laboratory but was met by Juri who eventually escapes. Both Guile and Abel discovered that Shadaloo's next plan is about Operation C.H.A.I.N.S much to their horrible shock until the lab crumbles as Abel got crushed into its debris as Guile helps him to escape stating that he does not want to make his friends die.

Back in China, Abel was happy that Guile saves him until he senses Vega attempts to ambush them. Guile prevails as Vega warns him about the stage of death before escaping as Guile tells Abel that fighting in the battlefield while staying in control to survive and they're the ones are gonna win it until the end.



The World is My Oyster!

Ibuki finally finishes her ninja assignment and is called by Sakura. She informs her about the party invitation sent from Karin Kanzuki. Ibuki replies that she hasn't read it yet while she was getting home to the ninja village before she almost fall into the roof. Sakura tells her to travel to the Kanzuki Estate by plane and she also tells her that she can't come due to conflict schedules before hanging up. Ibuki ponders what she could wear at the party and she never met Karin before. It zooms into a flashback where she was invited in Karin's party. Arriving at the Kanzuki Estate, Ibuki is excited to get through the party only to be ambushed by Birdie which forces her to fight him.

After defeating Birdie, Ibuki tells him that she also has an invitation on the party as Birdie rudely replies that she does not except her invitation as Karin intervenes and knocks Birdie with a single kick heavily on his butt much to her shock and scolds him for his rudeness to her guest. Karin finally introduces herself to Ibuki who Sakura highly recognizes of her. Ibuki also introduces herself which she recognizes Karin in Sakura's stories as Karin tries to make a blow which she avoids by surprise as she tells her that she will fight her as her introduction.

After the fight, Karin manages to make a hit point on Ibuki who informs her that she had a talked with the Glade of Ninjas about working with her. Since Karin recognizes Ibuki as Sakura's friend, she let her stay at the party due to her love of handsome guys and gives her the contract which has been approved by the Glade of Ninjas, Ibuki signs it and she happily accepts to enjoy the party.

Ibuki remembers about the party when she meets Guile, E. Honda, Hakan, and other characters who have been invited to Karin's party and her arguments with R. Mika when she rejects her offer on muscle training until she was called by Sarai who tells her not to get late as Ibuki agrees before hanging up and she happily returns to her home village.



Grin of the Poison Spider

Juri faces off Bison in a sadistic manner in an attempt to avenge killing her family and damaging her eye. However, Bison quickly gets behind her, attacks her with Psycho Power and grabs her head, noticing her Feng Shui Engine in her left eye.

In the present day, Juri meets up with Helen, who asks her about her newly replaced eye, that Juri had found at an abandoned S.I.N. base, and offers her to join them, when they are interrupted by Balrog, who's looking around for S.I.N. agents. Wanting to test out her new eye, Juri fights him, before Ed intervenes and informs him about their plan in the base where they retreat to. Juri later meets C. Viper, who informs her that the only reason she's not in jail is because she is not the primary threat and warns her about Shadaloo's motives.

Later at the Shadaloo base, looking around for data on Shadaloo, Juri confronts and fights F.A.N.G, who becomes insulted from her remarks on being Bison's second in command. Their fight ends with F.A.N.G using his poison clouds to make Juri retreat.

Juri, who now realized their motives, secretly calls Helen by phone and finally accepts her offer to take down Shadaloo in a rather sultry manner. She was shown helping someone in the story mode.



Where Satsui Leads...

Ryu is shown meditating at a dojo in the middle of a storm, with the only source of light coming from a lit candle. As the storm grows stronger and lightning begins to flash, Ryu's shadow on the wall caused by the candle takes the shape and form of Kage, urging Ryu to give into the Satsui no Hado and claims that, without it, Ryu is nothing.

The scene then shifts similar to the first fight between Ryu and Sagat with Ryu having been replaced by Kage. The two fight and Kage easily pummels Sagat, however the latter is not pleased as the one who beat him is not the same man as the one he is looking for: Ryu. Kage disappears abruptly, with Sagat acknowledging what Ryu is dealing with.

Following his fight with Sagat, Kage then manifests behind Akuma, who briefly thought it was Ryu before realizing it was a "soulless silhouette" before him. Kage taunts Akuma and the two fight. Believing he had won, Kage taunts Akuma claiming that the latter's law of heaven holds him back. However unlike Sagat, Akuma is nowhere near badly beaten, and then mocks Kage claiming that it would never understand as it merely thinks of only strength and fighting, before delivering a Houten Seikengeki punch to Kage, making him disappear. Afterwards, Akuma wonders if Kage is the path Ryu has truly chosen.

Transitioning back to the initial scene, Kage then angrily insults Ryu and forcibly attempts to corrupt him. Ryu replies that he wouldn't be fighting back. The two fight at the top of Suzaku Castle with Ryu claiming that he isn't fighting to win but isn't fighting to lose either. After Kage beats Ryu and mocks Ryu one last time, Ryu dismisses it and says Kage can do whatever it want. If it wants to corrupt Ryu then it may, if it wants to exists then it may exists and if it wants to leave then it may leave. Kage is distraught and confused, asking why Ryu isn't afraid. Kage then vanished as Ryu is unaffected by the Satsui no Hado's influence.



Seeking Worthy Challengers

Now the head of the Kanzuki Zaibatsu (and currently engaged in direct relationship with the Prime Minister and other head of states), Karin returns to the Kanzuki Estate, where Shibasaki and Birdie are waiting for her (in the latter's own backstory, it is revealed that Karin invited him to stay as his guest, impressed by his improvements and as a test of her own leadership); after a sparring match with Birdie which leaves her victorious, but unsatisfied, Shibasaki tells her that a worthy challenger could have been found: a mysterious Senjutsu master who fights with an arm sealed. Promptly, Karin decides to go to India.

There, she meets Dhalsim, who tells her that the Senjutsu master has been gone by a few days; Karin decides to make up for the lost opportunity and challenges the Yoga master. After a very long match, they both praise each other's skills (Dhalsim's increased mastery of Yoga, and Karin's "pure fist") before the latter teleports away.

Just then, Zangief arrives on the scene, being chased by Shadaloo hitmen; Karin dispatches them (apparently with a secret Kanzuki technique), and after that she and Zangief have a match. They part ways satisfied, and Karin returns to Japan. There, she is met at the estate by a friend she has not seen in a while, Sakura; after greeting each other amicably, Karin is quick to assume a battle stance, to which her rival laughs that she hasn't changed a bit, but that's just how she likes it.



A Bond Enduring

Ken, Eliza and Mel are invited to a party hosted by Karin. Ken reminisce the fights between him and Ryu. The family gets lost on the way to the party and encounter Birdie who thinks they’re trespassing, resulting in a fight with Ken. Karin arrives and offers Ken a pre-meal fight as an apology for Birdie attacking him to which Ken accepts. Ken and Eliza talk about Ryu not being at the party.



Frozen Blade

Kolin is sitting reading the Book of Miraha outside Nash's tomb, waiting for him to wake up. She remembers her time in the army and when her unnamed home country was destroyed.

Guile wanders by searching for Nash. Kolin tells him to be quiet, saying her "little brother" is sleeping nearby. Guile says that the person he is searching for was like a brother to him, and Kolin says family and friends are useless because they will only die and leave you to mourn them. Guile tries to walk past her into the tomb, and she attacks him. Guile is astonished and asks if she was once in the military.

Kolin defeats Guile and disappears. Byron Taylor appears and tries to convince Guile to move on because Nash is dead. Kolin, who is hiding, calls them disgusting dogs. She blames men like Taylor and Guile for waging war like the one that destroyed her homeland.

Kolin recalls her despair when she was the only survivor of her unit. In a flashback, she wanders into the tundra and collapses with a dead flower in the snow. Gill appears to her and asks for her name; she says she has none. He asks about her country and she says it is gone. He offers to build a new "country of God" where she can live, if she desires it. A butterfly begins to hatch from a chrysalis on the dead flower.

Back in the present, Kolin says Nash now has a purpose higher than that of any soldier, and he should feel privileged. She goes to the tomb to prepare for his awakening.



Matsuda Jiu-Jitsu Fighting Tour

Laura looks for opponents to fight and to promote her fighting style. Before leaving her house to seek strong fighters, she hugs and teases Sean a bit. She encounters Birdie and offers him a free meal if they fight, afterwards Laura asks Birdie if he knows any strong fighters to which he points her in the direction of Karin.

After their fight, Laura asks her if she knows any strong fighters, Karin replies by telling her about Ryu, after finding and fighting the wandering warrior, he talks about the Satsui no Hado.

Later on, Laura meets and fights against Zangief who gives her tickets to a wrestling scouting event. At some point, Laura is fighting against R. Mika in a sparring wrestling match while Zangief is watching. In the main story, she is shown to be excited about something. The story ends with Sean sitting on a step in Hillside Plaza with his handheld and basketball wondering where in the world did his sister go.



Lucia's Patrol Log

Lucia Morgan was making instant ramen noodles until Mike Haggar visits her who reminiscing about their previous mission to deal against the Mad Gear gang. At the request of Haggar, she then investigates the scrap metal house owned by Abigail, thinking he was still part of a Mad Gear gang and beats him. Upon realizing that Abigail is no longer with the Mad Gear gang as both she and Roxy were mocking him because of his ruined facepaint during the fight. Later which takes place after Cody's character story where he fought Guy's master Zeku and being scolded by Marlowe for damaging the street lights, she had a sparring match with him and Cody loses. Cody also remembers the old times when they teamed up together to deal against the Mad Gear gang and Lucia realizes that Cody is the same mayor who deals against people who do the shady work at night by making hands-on in his business. Upon returning home, Lucia was horribly shocked that she forgot to eat her ramen noodles for lunch and her noodles are revealed to be overcooked.


When American father and son spending their times at mall, a father discovered a terrorist attack on the same location where IED bomb has been implanted. The father warns his son, and other civilians to evacuate the building, while the former sacrifices his life to stop the bomb and the terrorists.

The boy is known as Luke Sullivan. Having lost his father, Robert in the terrorist incident, Luke joins a military force to combat the incoming terrorist attacks. Unfortunately, his time at the military did not give him a true answer he needs to honor his late father because of his line of work. While training with a sandbag, Luke gets visited by Guile, who challenges him to a quick sparring match. Later at a bar, Guile reveals that he was asked by Luke's CO to confront his desire to leave the military. As Luke remarks his doubts about the path his life has taken, Guile suggests his junior to pursue competitive fighting elsewhere. Thanks to Guile's advice, Luke founds new path in life, in hopes become a man just like his late father.

M. Bison[]


Bringer of Destruction

C. Viper is about to infiltrate the rooftop of the Shadaloo base, but before doing so, she recounts what happened to Charlie Nash during his pursuit of M. Bison.

Charlie finds Bison and is about to arrest him. He goes into a fight with him, not knowing what Bison is capable of using the Psycho Power. Bison defeats Charlie easily and throws him into a waterfall, leading to his disappearance and alleged death. On the rooftop, as F.A.N.G appears, C. Viper thinks about when he was a member of Nguuhao, which was obliterated by Bison. F.A.N.G was the only member whom Bison left alive, owing to his power. Following his defeat in a fight with Bison, F.A.N.G swears alliance to him and joins Shadaloo.

Back to the present, Bison has a meeting with Vega, Balrog, F.A.N.G, Enero, Xiayu, Jianyu and some of his foot soldiers and wants to know about the status of the operation. F.A.N.G tells him that everything's in place and soon they can carry the operation out, which is to conquer the world. C. Viper is stitching the pieces of information together when she is spotted by Bison. Bison reassures his people that the operation cannot be stopped and soon everything will come to an end.



Insights from a Fortune Teller

Menat appears behind Ed, warning him about his fate and that he and someone else would come across hard times. After fighting Ed, Menat warns him once more about his fate before disappearing. She later meets Oro and tries to warn him about her predictions (which he already knew about). Afterwards, her crystal ball glows, showing M. Bison. She is confronted by lower-ranked Shadaloo soldiers and Aprile. After she defeats them in annoyance, she warns them about Bison's fate before escaping.



The Man Who Lost It All

After his unsuccessful attempt to take down Bison and his then believed demise in the explosion, Charlie is found by a blonde-haired woman named Helen who asks him if he remembers who was responsible for his severe injuries. He remembers back when he was dispatched by Bison and falling through the waterfall (referring to his ending in Alpha 2) and lastly he was informed by Guile about his commander's orders to locate him which Guile notices his changing behavior.

Back at the present day, he was seen with Helen who was happy to get his memories back which she wants to know how he confronted Bison. Charlie finally explains to her everything as he remembers the time he confronts Bison in his territory.

After defeating Bison, Charlie now asks him about his connection with the military and Shadaloo but ends up being gunned down due to the trap made by him. Helen realizes how it happened to him when he was missing in action and his demise in the explosion. She then lets him have a good time in a few.

A few days later, he meets Ed which he interrogates him to know where Bison is as Ed demonstrating his Psycho Powers and taunts him for being a dead body. It was interrupted soon by F.A.N.G to take Ed with him. After defeating F.A.N.G, he states to Charlie that he was annoying as he quickly takes Ed with the use of his smoking poison to escape. Back in Russia in another few days, Helen tells him to start to meet his old friends to think he was dead. Soon after, he finally stands in front of Guile, Chun-Li and Cammy about his revival and his thoughts are nothing more but to kill Bison and nobody will stand in his way.



Prophecy of Old

Necalli's character story is narrated by the "Warrior Prophet", an Aztec warrior-priest, from a place called "Ancient Altar". The Warrior-Prophet monologues the story of Necalli's legend. The Warrior-Prophet foresees that during the next 'Hour of Battle', Necalli will consume the souls of Ryu ('The one who agonizes to proceed on his path'), Dhalsim ('The one who serves the God of Fire'), and M. Bison ('The one who fills the world with destruction'). During the current 'Hour of Battle', it is revealed that Necalli has come to devour the soul of the Warrior-Prophet. The Warrior-Prophet takes solace in knowing that only the strongest warriors witness Necalli.

After a short battle, the Warrior-Prophet is defeated and consumed by Necalli. However, upon consuming the Warrior-Prophet, Necalli's appearance changes from his original form to a much more human-looking one. The scars and markings on the Warrior-Prophet are transferred onto Necalli's person. In the epilogue, a flash-forward to the next 'Hour of Battle' reveals the prophecy being played out; as Necalli confronts Ryu and Dhalsim. However, Necalli's altered form indicates the prophecy might not occur as predicted earlier.



Musings on a Still Night

Coming August 16th



Move Over

Poison returns to New York after she and Hugo had a massive fallout between them. She reunites with Roxy and Abigail who now owns a scrap metal house, which leads Poison to test his strength. Despite Abigail's defeat, Poison scouts him to replace Hugo for the tour only to be scolded by Roxy for her selfish acts. Poison then apologizes after seeing Abigail's job as an owner. She then visits the city hall and spars with Cody who is now the mayor of Metro City. Cody tells her that he will hang out with her once his term as mayor is done until the arrival of Lucia who thought that Cody was attacked by a thug which he informs that it was just a "conversation" in the old days. As Cody leaves, Lucia noticed Poison was upset because of the massive fall out between her and Hugo as she explains to her about it. Poison sadly leaves after hearing Lucia's words about how she had talked to Cody is how she had talked to Hugo.

As soon as Hugo returns to see her again, Poison finally gives him another chance as her partner once again.

R. Mika[]


Kindred Muscle Spirits

R. Mika reunites with her idol, Zangief as he wants to tests her in-ring strength after they did not met each other. After Zangief was defeated, he decides to be acquainted with her in a journey of training to attain her muscle spirit when he gives her advice.

At India, she encounters Birdie who became angered for his crimes of getting too much food without paying. After defeating Birdie, she tells him that he was not near towards Zangief in strength and also he has no muscle spirit which Birdie could not understand her words. To Mika's confusion, Birdie leaves the scene as Zangief watches her leave.

Back at the wrestling ring, R. Mika was confronted by Laura as Zangief watches them outside the ring. During their match, Laura was amazed by her tougher attitude to which R. Mika replies that she is okay and Zangief was on her side who taught her so much. Zangief steps in to fight Laura as both are ready to face off. To Mika's dismay Zangief's fight with Laura was interrupted by a large bear as Mika attempts to fight off the bear but to no avail as Zangief saves her by lifting and throws the bear outside of the wrestling ring. Mika tells him that her skills are developed yet and Zangief happily compliments her that she had already gained her passionate spirit from him and remarks her that she is fearless when she tried to stop the large bear and spirit feels with burning passion much to Mika's surprise. Zangief also tells her about the fusion between a muscle and a spirit was a Muscle Spirit and gives her an advice to continue her muscle training and Mika was happy by it. Zangief considers her as his comrade and he wants to fight side by side.

It soon changes outside the Kanzuki Estate where Mika is acquainted with Ibuki. She wants to travel the world and teach them about muscle spirit. Ibuki rejects her offer stating that she can't anything from someone like Mika who is passionate and bossy. This angers Mika which she realizes that Ibuki did not listen to her words at all and Ibuki replies that she was shouting at nothing which is why she rejects her offer. Mika becomes enraged by Ibuki's words causing an argument between both of them and she challenges her in a fight which Ibuki shuts her up if she wins Mika will leave her alone as Mika rants her for picking up a fight and calls her arrogant while Ibuki calls her a bossy.




Rashid is the eldest son of an old Middle Eastern family who's traveling the world in search of a missing friend who has been kidnapped by Shadaloo. Rashid is eating with his servant, Azam, discussing how his friend has gone missing and how Shadaloo is involved. He sees Birdie and fights him. He later talks to his friends online and one of them, a person named Maya, tells him to fight Ryu in order to see if he can take on Shadaloo.

Rashid and Azam find Ryu, who is with Gouken as he introduces himself as the hero who travels the world. Gouken wonders why a hero like Rashid comes here. Rashid wants to have an appreciate match to test his mettle by challenging Ryu which he also wonders when he assumes his fighting stance he does not hesitate to fight back which he asks Ryu if he's not up to fight which Ryu silently accepts his challenge. After beating Ryu in a challenge, Rashid becomes exhausted after seeing how powerful he is and Ryu manages to knock him down with a single blow and a Shoryuken to defeat him. Rashid finally accepts his defeat to Ryu as they both had a friendly shake hands after the fight and he will tell his great story to everyone in his hometown and learning more of his own skills. Rashid was very thankful for fighting Ryu which he accepts in a friendly manner.

After his defeat, Azam asks him if he would not continue to search for his friend, Rashid finally realizes something important to him in his fight with Ryu. He felt something about Ryu's fist about his passion to keep moving forward. Rashid decides to save his friend from Shadaloo even if he is alone. He also asks Azam if he is coming along to save his friend as Azam agrees to go with him to save his friend at the hands of Shadaloo.



Return to Alpha

In the marina of Italy, Rose is sparring with her apprentice, Menat. After her training, she travels to India where she meets Oro, who informs her of a powerful individual with a neutral affinity compared to Bison's, who was long dead following his battle with Ryu. After defeating G, Rose discovers that she sees a terrifying vision of the world's end, a vision that G somehow shares with her. Out of confusion and despair, she returns home, cursing herself for thinking that she could divert the world's fate simply by defeating M. Bison. However, while in the bath, she comes up with an idea to inform her past self of G's ambitions, wondering if there is a way to return to zero.



Finding True Strength

In Ryu's dream, he was fighting against his evil self, which tells him to make him stronger which Ryu ultimately rejects it. It soon changes where he was seen fighting his master, Gouken in a sparring match which Ryu charging himself in a dark aura and hits his master with a single Hadoken as it explodes in a flash of light.

Ryu soon wakes up in his dream as Gouken noticed who states to him that he was nearly consumed by the Satsui no Hado. Ryu was later confronted by Rashid who finally introduces himself as the hero who travels the world. Rashid wants to challenge Ryu in a match which is to test his mettle. Gouken gives Ryu an advice of fighting his opponents which lies in a heart of battle and himself. Rashid asks him if he is not up fighting today as he silently accepts his challenge. After Rashid was defeated, he accepts his defeat and both are seen are having a friendly shake after the match. As Rashid leaves with his servant, Azam, Ryu decides to leave while handling his duffel bag to understand more about his own power as Gouken tells him to meet Ken who is worried for him.

Ryu finally reunites with Ken who notices their master about the Satsui no Hado. Ryu wants to know more answers about the fist of destruction which does not lead to it as Ken decides to fight Ryu in a friendly sparring match. After that, Ken states it is not too shabby and he tells Ryu if he is controlled by the Satsui no Hado he will help him snap out of it. He also tells him to relax and go fight.

Arriving in China, Ryu encounters one of Shadaloo's soldiers only to be brutally intercepted by a revived Charlie. Ryu feels the Satsui no Hado within his fist as Charlie wants to challenge him in a fight just to understand more of his power and limits. Ryu replies that he wants to know more. After fighting Charlie to a draw, both are seen clashing each others' fists with their own chi. After this, Charlie calmly remarks that the Satsui no Hado within Ryu wasn't expecting to be as Ryu replies that he was struggling to suppress it completely until he made up his mind once he finds the answer to what lies ahead about his power. He will keep moving and fighting no matter what the answer is. Charlie finally realizes that he and Ryu are not looking for the same thing but he gets something out of it and he thanked Ryu for their fight as they parted ways.



The Path of the King

Sagat was training as usual when he is tormented by the Satsui no Hado. Seeing Namupun, in a demonic visage, instilling him to "kill them" (possibly referring to other fighters), Sagat manages to overcome this power and his desire to kill by unknowingly tapping into the Power of Nothingness. Then he starts to fight against the evil energy, seeking the same path as Ryu.



The Future Me

After a match against Karin, Sakura asks why she always picks a fight with her for no reason, to which Karin replies that a fight with Sakura is the best way to test her skills. Sakura states that neither of them are kids anymore and questions not only if their fights are the best way to use of their time but also if becoming stronger is the right way for her to live. Karin wonders if Sakura would say the same thing if Ryu was present, to which Sakura gets excited and asks if Karin has seen him, the latter explains that she saw him during a recent crisis when she summoned a group of fighters from around the world, and that she is certain that Ryu is still training.

At her workplace, Sakura thinks about how she wish she could see Ryu again, but realizes how she must continue at her part-time job and not travel around the world at a whim like she used to. She goes back to work when one of the customers notifies about someone "going crazy" at the arcades. On her way home, Sakura thinks about her life and future when she bumps into Ryu who mentions that Karin summoned him because of Sakura. After a fight to ease Sakura's mind, Ryu praises her for growing stronger and more mature. Sakura asks Ryu about his life, stating that no matter how strong he becomes, he will eventually grow old and die, wondering if that's the right life for him. Ryu asks if she means he should take on a disciple to carry on his skills to the next generation, stating that he is still in training and can't take one. Sakura says she meant having children to create new bonds in life. Ryu replies that he never thought of it but considers it another type of strength. Sakura agrees and thanks Ryu for his answer, now knowing what she wants in life. In a short awkward moment, a slightly embarrassed Sakura quickly corrects herself by saying she is not planning on having children right now.



Personality Malfunction

Juri attempts to revive Seth, the former leader of S.I.N. into a model known as Doll Unit Zero. She manages to revive him, despite his warning to her. But she doesn't care just as long the newest model works. She succeeded at reviving him, but an error occurred in the personality system of the Doll Unit Zero, causing Seth to become deranged, intensifying his hatred of M. Bison to the point that he is unable to distinguish Falke and Ed from M. Bison. It also impacted Seth’s feelings towards his own individuality, making him feel anguished at the idea of being called by number rather than name, or being told he is faulty or defective.



A Night to Conspire

Urien is in the Illuminati laboratory with Dr. Woo inspecting the G Project's progress. He inspects the creation Eleven as Woo states that a duplication capability has been implemented to it and that it is with this creation that the strongest warriors can be mass-manufactured. Urien requests to fight Eleven so he can deem its worth. After defeating Eleven, Urien remarks that Eleven is nothing more than a failure as Woo nervously apologizes. Urien tells him to accelerate the program to improve its potential which he agreed as he thought about his own plan.

Then, Urien meets up with Gill's secretary, Kolin, who is under the name Helen, and wants to know her report. Helen reveals to him about Shadaloo led by M. Bison and his plans for world domination about Operation C.H.A.I.N.S. She also informs him about their plans to restore the corpse of Charlie Nash and she needs him to provide the empty vessel 11 in his laboratory. Urien becomes concerned about her actions and remarking her obsessions to revive the mud doll. Helen tells him that Charlie's desire for revenge against Bison and his combat skills will serve their purposes perfectly. Urien knows that the council would be pushed but it has a price to be made to conform to his designs and is not definitely cheap. Helen was impressed to his conducted research is doing well beyond what was agreed from the councils as Urien angrily shuts her up telling her that she shouldn't fail her own concerns behind the council and he agrees to give her the empty vessel that she needs her desire to revive Charlie which she appreciates the offer.

In the abandoned S.I.N. building, Urien realizes that another of M. Bison's vessels is in someone's hands only to be confronted by C. Viper who questions him and she mistakes him being the next potential leader of S.I.N after Seth (despite Urien actually holding the Vice President of Illuminati). When C. Viper continues her interrogation at him, Urien manages to hit her with Aegis Reflector as she dodges his attack as he continues using a multiple of Aegis Reflector forcing her to escape as Urien calls her a useless bug and he decides to name the place within the abandoned S.I.N. building.

In China, Urien pays down-payment cash to Balrog to deliver the data of Operations C.H.A.I.N.S in exchange for his service and gives him the reward for his desire after he defeated Necalli. Balrog notices a blank check which Urien replies that it's none of his concern. Balrog accepts the payment and remarks him for being such a big job and knowing a big deal to sweeten the down payment. That remark causes Urien to get snapped in rage and scolds Balrog for questioning the terms of the agreement, forcing both of them to fight. Balrog is no match against Urien as he tells Ed to use his power but Urien dispersed it and became interested to see Ed has inherited Bison's Psycho Powers as Balrog wants to know how he knew of their true plans and Urien coldly leaves stating not to make this incident happened anymore while walking away his thoughts are nothing more but to take down Shadaloo out of its misery and he will wait for it.



Ballad of Greed

Vega is keeping tabs on the Dolls and thinks that F.A.N.G is foolish for making them loyally follow the commands of Shadaloo.



A Red Omen

Zangief is shown beating an opponent with a Spinning Piledriver to win a wrestling match in the New York Fighting Tournament. After the match, he reads the latest edition of a wrestling magazine "Muscle Soul Fighers", sent by Rashid's servant, Azam.

Zangief then flies to London, where he reunites with R. Mika who refers to him as "Master Zangief". Zangief wants to test her in-ring strength in a fight, and Mika happily complies. After she is defeated by him, Mika comments on how she wants to follow in Zangief's footsteps to become a "great professional wrestler", and Zangief replies by telling her that the only way to properly follow in his footsteps is to have what he calls "Muscle Spirit". He proposes that the two embark on a training journey, fighting around the world to build muscle and obtain the strongest Muscle Spirit they can muster. Mika gladly accepts the offer, and the two fly to their first destination, China.

Once in China, Zangief meets with an old friend Azam as well as Rashid. Mika is surprised that Azam and Zangief are acquainted; Zangief tells Mika that Azam is the adviser of the "Muscle Soul Fighters Club" as he introduces him to her. Rashid, too, is surprised that Azam and Zangief know each other, as Rashid is a fan of Zangief's, having watched his wrestling victories on the internet and remarking that his muscles are amazing in person. Zangief comically challenges Rashid to a wrestling match on the spot, offering to (literally) throw Rashid "as [a] greeting", much to Rashid's surprise and terror.

After Zangief demonstrates his moves on Rashid, the latter remarks that he was tremendously powerful; Zangief states that this strength comes from a "great power and dedication of muscle". Mika also challenges Rashid, again much to Rashid's shock and terror. Zangief laughs, saying that Mika and Rashid should have a great match together. While the two go at it, Azam informs Zangief about Laura's message that he received, reading only "The usual place". Azam also reminisces when both are guided by their masters a lifetime ago. Zangief soon notices that Mika has beaten Rashid for not the first time, as she excitedly challenges Rashid to have "one more match" to keep working on her muscle spirit as Rashid tries to make an excuse for why they shouldn't fight again. Zangief and Azam laugh, the former remarking to Rashid that fiery spirits help everyone, not just pro wrestlers, and Azam tells him that the spirit that he inherits from his ancestors will fuel his power as a fighter and turn into muscle. Azam's statement confuses both Mika and Rashid, giving Azam and Zangief a hearty laugh.

Back in New York, Zangief now teams up with Mika, both in different costumes, in a tag team match. Mika gets extremely nervous, due to this being her first match fighting alongside her hero. Zangief encourages her not to get so antsy, as her muscle spirit is ready for anything as is as well-trained as his own. Mika thanks him, and the two enter the ring.



Greetings, I Am Zeku.

Zeku's story begins with a brief history of the 600-year art of Bushinryu, but after teaching the art to Guy, Zeku is ready to branch out and craft a new style of martial art. His search for disciples in the new art leads him to the Kanzuki Estate, where he (in his young form) is first greeted by Ibuki; the two fight, with Zeku, afterward extending an offer to Ibuki to join his new order, but Ibuki doesn't even consider the offer, disappointed at Zeku's true age.

Zeku eventually finds Karin and extends an offer of his services; after initially turning down the offer, Zeku insists on hiring her, naming numerous services that he can perform as a ninja "in these globalized times". Karin asks for a demonstration while she considers, and when she loses the fight, she is left impressed by his skill. Zeku leaves, assuring Karin that she can contact him when he is needed.

Zeku is later seen contemplating his evolved art's possible contributions to modern society. He concludes a name is needed for his new art, but after considering the name "Shin Bushinryu", he decides the name should be English to better suit the modern era. The story ends with him being beside himself on the art's new name, giving consideration to the name "Striders" among others.

Support Characters[]


  • Certain character stories happen after Street Fighter III.[1]
  • Karin's high stamina and ability to instantly recover after a battle shown in some story modes such as Ibuki's and Birdie's is highly contradictory to her gameplay, as when the game was released Karin had 900 HP, which was tied for the lowest in the game. This meant Karin would actually go down faster than most characters in the cast aside from other 900 HP characters who would go down at the same time.
    • Though it should be noted that since her debut Karin has received a 25 HP buff and now has 925, it is still a good degree lower than the 1000 HP average, which means that only a few select characters will go down faster than she would when taking damage.
    • Every character Karin has faced in either her, or their own story mode either has, or has had, higher HP than her.
      • Ibuki is an interesting example. When Ibuki and her story mode debuted both characters were at 900 HP each. Ibuki later was buffed to have 950 (same HP as R. Mika), Since then Ibuki has been nerfed to 925 and Karin has been buffed to the same value. This means they are both tied once again, but Ibuki has had a higher total than Karin in both of their Street Fighter V existence.


  1. Nakayama-san: "In the Street Fighter timeline, this title precedes the events of Street Fighter III, but for certain characters, their stories of what happens after Street Fighter III are also told." from Street Fighter V’s Final Season Brings New Life to the Historic Series