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Story Mode is a feature in fighting games that focus on the plot of the game and/or the events of the playable characters. It tends to be different from the Arcade Mode which usually features a simple prologue and ending for a character (although this depends on the fighting game). Storylines in the fighting genre are usually ancillary and disposable, thus story modes during the early years of fighting games were non-existing, it wasn't until the "fighting game boom" during the 1990s the-then rare mode started appearing in some games. Nowadays, a story mode is considered a common feature in fighting games.

Rival Schools: United by FateEdit

The first installment in Capcom's Rival Schools series of 3D fighters, United by Fate featured a single player mode that served as a story mode. The structure of the mode varied depending on how characters were selected; if two characters from the same school were selected (with a few exceptions), it would play in a progressing story with fights predetermined beforehand and each fight preceding and ending with short 2D cut-scenes to explain the story. If two characters from different schools were chosen, the single-player mode would instead play similar to an Arcade Mode in most other fighting games, with the player's chosen team fighting against random teams of opponents before facing the boss. In the arcade, character selection was initially limited to selecting two characters from the same school and free selection of any character was accessed through time; the PlayStation versions, which included all characters unlocked by default, had no such restrictions.

Street Fighter VEdit

Street Fighter V is the first game in the series to feature a proper Story Mode (with the execption of the Street Fighter: The Movie home version game). There are two types; one is the "Character Story" mode and the other is a full fledged cinematic story mode titled A Shadow Falls which was released in June 2016 as a free DLC expansion.

Character StoryEdit

This mode offers a background prologue of each playable character and the endings for each character sets up their role in A Shadow Falls.

A Shadow FallsEdit

Filling the gap between the events of Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter III, this cinematic story expansion depicts the ultimate battle between Shadaloo and the World Warriors who rise up against the evil organization. The mode can take three to four hours to finish and it comes in two difficulty levels, "Normal" and "Extra".[1]


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