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Street Fighter V: Champion Edition is a 2.5D fighting game developed and published by Capcom, released on February 14th, 2020.

Announced in 17th November 2019, it is the second major updated version of Street Fighter V after Arcade Edition. New features include a second V-Skill, and Gill[1] and Seth[2] as returning playable characters.


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Excluding the Fighting Chance costumes, brand collaboration costumes and Capcom Pro Tour DLC, Champion Edition includes all content from both the original release and Arcade Edition.[1]


At launch, Champion Edition will have 40 characters, including all of the Season 1 through 4 fighters. Through 2020 and 2021, Season 5, the last wave of additional content,[3] will add five more fighters for a grand total of 45 fighters, the largest amount in the series, beating Ultra Street Fighter IV by one extra fighter. These will include two frequent veterans, a fighter that has not been playable since Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, a brand-new fighter joining the roster from Rival Schools and a final fifth fighter joining the roster for the first time. Additionally, purchasing the Premium Pass for this season will unlock a bonus 46th fighter, Eleven, who acts as a mimic character, taking on the form of one of the other fighters randomly before a match.

Characters Debut Season
Abigail Final Fight (boss, NPC) 2
Akira Rival Schools: United by Fate 5
Akuma Super Street Fighter II Turbo 2
Alex Street Fighter III: New Generation 1
Balrog Street Fighter II (NPC) 1
Birdie Street Fighter (NPC) Base roster
Blanka Street Fighter II 3
Cammy Super Street Fighter II Base roster
Chun-Li Street Fighter II Base roster
Cody Final Fight 3
Dan Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' Dreams 5
Dhalsim Street Fighter II Base roster
E. Honda Street Fighter II 4
Ed Street Fighter IV (NPC) 2
Eleven First appearance 5
F.A.N.G Street Fighter V Base roster
Falke Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition 3
G Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition 3
Gill Street Fighter III: New Generation(boss, NPC) 4
Guile Street Fighter II 1
Ibuki Street Fighter III: New Generation 1
Juri Super Street Fighter IV 1
Kage Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition 4
Karin Street Fighter Alpha 3 Base roster
Ken Street Fighter Base roster
Kolin Street Fighter III: New Generation (NPC) 2
Laura Street Fighter V Base roster
Lucia Final Fight 3 4
Luke First appearance 5
M. Bison Street Fighter II (NPC) Base roster
Menat Street Fighter V 2
Nash Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' Dreams Base roster
Necalli Street Fighter V Base roster
Oro Street Fighter III: New Generation 5
Poison Final Fight (enemy, NPC) 4
R. Mika Street Fighter Alpha 3 Base roster
Rashid Street Fighter V Base roster
Rose Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' Dreams 5
Ryu Street Fighter Base roster
Sagat Street Fighter (boss, NPC) 3
Sakura Street Fighter Alpha 2 3
Seth Street Fighter IV 4
Urien Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact 1
Vega Street Fighter II (NPC) Base roster
Zangief Street Fighter II Base roster
Zeku Street Fighter Alpha 2 (NPC) 2



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