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Street Fighter V: The Life and Death(s) of Charlie Nash is a Street Fighter comic book from UDON that was first available at the San-Diego Comic-Con 2015 and later released as a one-shot comic in March 2016. It is UDON's first Street Fighter V-related comic and as the name suggests, it focus on Charlie Nash and the past stories which cover both his background, including his previous military work and encounters with Guile, and every instance of him "dying" up to and including Street Fighter Alpha 3. The comic also cover the details behind his "revival" leading up to his appearance in Street Fighter V, as well as Charlie's Shadow persona.


In this issue, Charlie is wandering through the desert until a helicopter finds him. Inside the helicopter appears Kolin and Urien who says that they had been looking for him. Charlie thought that he had been forgotten and lost forever. Kolin tells him that a great warrior like him can never be forgotten and that they came to take him by welcoming him aboard the helicopter. Charlie was feeling confused and he didn't know why and how long he had been wandering in the desert. Kolin tells him that she could help him, if he lets her. Charlie agrees to it and she began to go over his entire life leading up to when they find him. He was first recruited into the U.S. Marines Corps when he was eighteen years old. He was said to be really intelligent and really strong for someone his age and even out perform his superiors and he was giving the job to be a strategy consultant for an operation in Afghanistan called "Operation Eagle Eye."

They wanted Charlie to work behind closed doors but he preferred to be in the battle. He led the charged in Afghanistan and discovered that Shadaloo was smuggling the weapons to terrorists. After this successful mission Charlie would then join the U.S Air Force the following year and he would later meet his future best friend Guile. Charlie would take Guile on the more dangerous missions to uncover what Shadaloo was doing. They discovered a Shadaloo laboratory and that they were using Psycho Power to do mind control and he found the marines used as Shadaloo test subjects. When Charlie and Guile rescued the marines and took them back home, one of the Marines pressed a button in his thumb and self-destructed. As Kolin was telling the story of Charlie's time in U.S. Air force, Charlie became more confused. Kolin asked him if he wanted her to stop she would but he wanted her to finish the story. Charlie's next mission was travelling to Japan to gather more information about Shadaloo. When the base was self-destruction he would find Abel and rescue him. Charlie vowed he would do everything he could to bring Shadaloo to justice once and for all. He would return to the middle east to gather more intelligence.

He found a man who worked for Shadaloo and interrogated him until he revealed the base in Thailand. The base turned out to be the central headquarters and it was a training ground for the female assassins known as the Dolls. Charlie witnessed Cammy killing the detective who was later revealed to be Chun-Li's father. Charlie himself would be captured by M. Bison. Though the government presumed him to be dead he was actually another subject to Bison's brainwashing experiment which would turn him into Agent Shadow. While under the control of Bison, Charlie would carry out assassinations for him. This would eventually lead him to Chun-Li and Guile who he unwillingly attacked. Guile snapped him out of it, by giving him back his dogtags. When Charlie came to his senses, he joined Guile and Chun-Li on their mission to stop Bison, but he was shot down by a helicopter piloted by Bison. Charlie was believed to be dead and Guile was ready to avenge him.

While Chun-Li and Guile fought Bison in a losing effort, the Psycho Power within Charlie would revive him and he fought Bison alone. Knowing that his life was coming to an end, he destroyed the cliff and plunged himself and Bison into the sea. Kolin then states that he was then dead. This would disturb Charlie to where he lashed out at Kolin, but then he was restrained by Urien. Kolin tells him that his body was dead but not his mind. The Psycho Power was keeping his brain and memories alive. Charlie then asked her if he's dead then how did she find him in the desert. She then revealed to him that she works for the "Secret Society" and that they recovered his body and took it to their lab.

The whole helicopter was just an illusion and that she was simply talking to him mentally. She tells Charlie that he has a second chance, if he gives them his commitment. If he would refuse, then he would once again go back to wandering the desert. Before leaping out of the helicopter, Charlie states that when he became a soldier his life was never his to command. He swore to protect everything under God's creation and turned himself over to his duty. After Charlie left the helicopter, Urien asked Kolin if this would work. Kolin tells him that it will, since Charlie is willingly allowing them to control him whereas Bison tried to force it. She then says that "A mind can be controlled when it agrees to be controlled." The comic ends with Charlie awaking in their lab and his body reconstructed while Gill is overlooking him.


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