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|series = Street Fighter
|series = Street Fighter
|engine = Unreal Engine 4<ref>http://www.eventhubs.com/news/2014/dec/18/street-fighter-5-will-run-unreal-engine-4-capcom-press-release-reveals-partnership-epic-games/</ref>}} 
|engine = Unreal Engine 4<ref>http://www.eventhubs.com/news/2014/dec/18/street-fighter-5-will-run-unreal-engine-4-capcom-press-release-reveals-partnership-epic-games/</ref>}} 
{{Nihongo|'''''Street Fighter V'''''|ストリートファイターV|Sutorīto Faitā Faibu}} is the fifth main installment in the ''[[Street Fighter series|Street Fighter]]'' series. It was released exclusively on the PlayStation 4 and PC, on which cross-platform multiplayer is available.<ref>http://www.capcom-unity.com/haunts/blog/2014/12/06/street-fighter-v-announced-exclusively-for-ps4-and-pc</ref> Yoshinori Ono has confirmed that there will be no arcade release as Capcom is gravitating towards crane and one-off games in the arcade business. <ref>http://www.eventhubs.com/news/2015/nov/22/ono-explains-why-theres-no-arcade-release-street-fighter-5/</ref> It was released on February 16, 2016.
{{Nihongo|'''''Street Fighter V'''''|ストリートファイターV|Sutorīto Faitā Faibu}} is the latest main installment in the ''[[Street Fighter series|Street Fighter]]'' series. It was released exclusively on the PlayStation 4 and PC, on which cross-platform multiplayer is available.<ref>http://www.capcom-unity.com/haunts/blog/2014/12/06/street-fighter-v-announced-exclusively-for-ps4-and-pc</ref> Yoshinori Ono has confirmed that there will be no arcade release as Capcom is gravitating towards crane and one-off games in the arcade business. <ref>http://www.eventhubs.com/news/2015/nov/22/ono-explains-why-theres-no-arcade-release-street-fighter-5/</ref> It was released on February 16, 2016.
== Gameplay and Features ==
== Gameplay and Features ==

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  Street Fighter V (ストリートファイターV Sutorīto Faitā Faibu?) is the latest main installment in the Street Fighter series. It was released exclusively on the PlayStation 4 and PC, on which cross-platform multiplayer is available.[7] Yoshinori Ono has confirmed that there will be no arcade release as Capcom is gravitating towards crane and one-off games in the arcade business. [8] It was released on February 16, 2016.

Gameplay and Features

The overall gameplay appears to be toned down from Street Fighter IV: attack animations appear a bit more slower, and the character art and models are redesigned to feel more realistic. Revenge Gauges and possible Super Arts were features originally shown at the Capcom Cup; the former appears to have been scrapped, while the Super Art appears to have been retooled in the form of the Critical Art.

The current features as shown at E3 place are closer in style to the Street Fighter Alpha series. EX Special moves return from the most recent games, along with a Guard Break meter like the one seen in the Alpha games. New features include the V-Gauge, a separate meter used for attacks such as the V-Skill, V-Trigger and V-Reversal, which are unique to each character. Another new addition to the series is the presence of destructible walls and other similarly interactive elements, such as a bus that characters can be knocked into.[9] Currently only Bustling Side Street has this feature.

Unlike Street Fighter IV, gameplay expansions and changes will not come in new installments but rather gradually be added to the game over the long term. Players will have the choice of paying for new characters as they are added via in-game Fight Money or by purchasing Zenny currency.[10]

No on-disc DLC will feature.[11]

A cinematic story mode will be released as free DLC in June, 2016. The game will feature some single-player, character-focused content that focusses on character backgrounds.[12] The mode will specifically flesh out the gap between Street Fighter III and IV. Finishing singleplayer content will grant players fight money.[13]


At launch, the game will include 16 fighters, which includes eight veterans that have appeared frequently in the series, four veterans that have not been playable since Street Fighter Alpha 3, and four new characters. Additional characters have been confirmed to be released at later dates.[14] It was revealed that six characters are to be added throughout 2016 as DLC, bringing the roster count to 22 fighters. The 2016 DLC fighters will include four more frequent veterans and two fighters that have not been playable since Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike. As of November 19, 2015, Ono confirms to have a second wave of DLC characters after the first six.

Character Japanese voice actor English voice actor Origin
Birdie Hidenari Ugaki T.J. Storm Street Fighter
Cammy White Miyuki Sawashiro Caitlin Glass Super Street Fighter II
Charlie Nash Kohsuke Torumi Mike McFarland Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' Dreams
Chun-Li Fumiko Orikasa Laura Bailey Street Fighter II
Dhalsim Daisuke Egawa Christopher Bevins Street Fighter II
F.A.N.G Shigeru Chiba Jesse Merlin First appearance
Karin Kanzuki Aya Endo Lauren Landa Sakura Ganbaru!
Ken Masters Yuji Kishi Reuben Langdon Street Fighter
Laura Matsuda Yoko Hikasa G.K. Bowes First appearance
M. Bison Norio Wakamoto Gerald C. Rivers Street Fighter II
Necalli Takashi Matsuyama Marc Swint First appearance
R. Mika Hiromi Igarashi Bonnie Gordon Street Fighter Alpha 3
Rashid Tarusuke Shingaki Ian Sinclair First appearance
Ryu Hiroki Takahashi Kyle Hebert Street Fighter
Vega Junichi Suwabe Doug Erholtz Street Fighter II
Zangief Kenta Miyake Peter Beckman Street Fighter II

Downloadable Characters

First Wave DLC

Character Japanese voice actor English voice actor Origin
Alex Kenichiro Matsuda Patrick Galligan Street Fighter III: New Generation
Balrog Satoshi Tsuruoka Bob Carter Street Fighter II: The World Warrior
Guile Hiroki Yasumoto Travis Willingham Street Fighter II: The World Warrior
Ibuki Ayumi Fujimura Kat Steel Street Fighter III: New Generation
Juri Eri Kitamura Jessica Straus Super Street Fighter IV
Urien Tomokazu Sugita Lawrence Bayne Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact


Name Country Similar Stages
Apprentice Alley India Exciting Street Scene
Bustling Side Street* China Crowded Downtown
City in Chaos U.S.A Skyscraper Under Construction
Forgotten Waterfall New Zealand Inland Jungle
Hillside Plaza Brazil Festival At The Old Temple
Kanzuki Estate Japan Mishima Estate
Lair of the Four Kings Unknown Secret Laboratory
Shadaloo Base Unknown Small Airfield
The Grid Unknown Training Stage
Underground Arena Russia Cruise Ship Stern
Union Station England Snowy Rail Yard

*: Denotes stage has cinematic knockout zones/secondary areas.


The fifth installment takes place in between the events of the Street Fighter IV series and the Street Fighter III series. Shadaloo creates a Death Star-like weapon with the capacity to destroy cities, and M. Bison, who has gotten a little older since SFIV, plans to use it to conquer the world. At the same time, Charlie Nash is brought back from the dead to destroy Bison once and for all, and while on his journeys, Ryu encounters a mysterious warrior named Necalli.


In 2011, former Capcom employee Seth Killian suggested that Street Fighter V would arrive before 2019, saying "If I have anything to say about it, and I do, you will not have to wait ten years for Street Fighter 5".[15] In July 2013, Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono commented that while he desired to make a Street Fighter V for an eighth-generation console, such as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, a next-generation game would require a large staff and a large budget. He also stated that making the game a free-to-play title was an option, though he was not fully open to it, and confirmed that the game was currently not in development.[16] In June 2014, Ono refuted claims that Street Fighter V would include a "pay to win option", citing that Street Fighter V is still in the early planning stages.[citation needed]

On December 5, 2014, a teaser trailer for Street Fighter V was unintentionally released by Capcom to the public before being taken down again. The official announcement was made at Sony's PlayStation Experience event on December 6.

The first gameplay demonstration of Street Fighter V took place at the Capcom Cup grand finals tournament on Saturday, December 13 2014 in San Francisco, CA. In the gameplay trailer presented at the end of the Cup, Street Fighter Alpha character Charlie was hinted at during a quick sequence, appearing at the trailer's end. Yoshinori Ono also dressed up as Charlie to further promote his appearance in the game.[17]

On February 24, 2015, Capcom released a new gameplay trailer that demonstrated Charlie's moveset for the first time. It also announced the forthcoming beta test for the game's online function, as well as teasing M. Bison as a future character.[18]

M. Bison's official reveal occurred on May 19, 2015.[19] There was not a new character teased at the end of M. Bison's trailer, but at E3 2015 on June 15, Capcom revealed two characters simultaneously: Cammy and Birdie, who is making his first appearance since 1998's Street Fighter Alpha 3.

On July 9, 2015 at the San Diego Comic-Con, Capcom revealed Ken as the seventh returning character.[20] Featuring a changed playstyle from his traditional "Shoto" roots, Ken plays faster and more aggressively than past iterations of the character. His appearance appears to have undergone a change as well. At the end of his reveal trailer, the first new character for Street Fighter V was teased (a gruff-looking Aztec man with gray skin and markings on his face). This character would be officially unveiled at the Evo 2015 tournament and goes by the name "Necalli". Vega would be revealed as the next character on the inital roster on August 3, 2015. R. Mika was officaly revealed as the next character in August 27th. On September 11, 2015 at Dubai Game 15, the second new character, Rashid got revealed. Karin got revealed in the Tokyo Game Show 2015 on September 16. On October 1, Ono posted two screenshots, which reveals a new stage based on wrestling, you can see R. Mika in the background in the first screenshot. The second screenshot shows a golden wristband or a belt very similar to Zangief's, the character will be revealed in Electronic Game Show in Mexico on friday. Zangief was indeed officialy revealed in his trailer. A new third character named Laura was leaked by Famitsu and later formely confirmed in her trailer. During the Paris Game Week the launch of the entire game between both PC and its consoles will release at February 16, 2016 and Dhalsim is also confirmed as the final returning character and being revealed in his trailer in Paris Game Event. F.A.N.G., the last new character was confirmed in the Playstation Experience.

The 2016 Season for SFV will include the return of Alex, Guile, Balrog, Ibuki, Juri, and Urien. Each character will cost 600 Zenny individually.

Dates Characters
March 2016 Alex
April 2016 ????
May 2016 ????
June 2016 Street Fighter V Story Mode
July 2016 ????
August 2016 ????
September 2016 ????

Leaked Videos or Picture

October 2015

The original poster on NeoGaf also posts some more screenshots of what the Street Fighter V code has, which includes Urien, Alex, Guile, Dhalsim and confirms FAN to be a character. The poster points out that FAN has a lot of rigging meaning there could be a lot of tentacles so this character could be a boss.

Ibuki and Juri were also found but with a lot of rigging so that makes them more than just background characters. The poster states that their code is in the same folder structure as playable characters, but it should be noted that Yamato Nadeshiko, who is R. Mika’s V-Trigger is also in this folder.

Brazilian fighter Laura has been revealed slightly earlier than intended — images of the character leaked via Famitsu accidentally, so there might be an accompanying trailer on the horizon imminently. However, for now there’s plenty for fans to speculate about based on the glimpse of the character that’s been made available.

The character is seen going one on one with Ryu, performing kicks and what seems to be multiple variants of an armbar. These techniques seem to suggest that Laura’s speciality is Brazilian jiu-jitsu, a martial art that has become rather popular in recent years thanks to the Gracie family’s efforts to integrate it into MMA.


Promotional Art and Packaging



Street Fighter V - Gameplay Trailer (2014)

Street Fighter V - Nash Trailer

Promotional captures


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