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The Street Fighter shared universe refers to the various series that take place within the same collective continuity of the Street Fighter series, crossing over common plot elements, settings, and characters.

List of series set within the shared universe[]

Street Fighter[]

The origin series of the namesake series, centered around the inspiring famous worldwide fighting tournament that draws fighters of many disciplines and backgrounds to compete against all odds for the ultimate title that one can achieve through the might of their own fists: the title of "The World's Strongest".

Final Fight[]

A spinoff series originally intended as Street Fighter '89 (1989), this series is centered on the wild disparate American metropolis of Metro City. Featuring 2D beat 'em up gameplay, Final Fight focuses on the heroes of Metro City as they personally take it upon themselves to clean the streets of both its violent gangs and criminal activities.

Slam Masters[]

A series similar to Street Fighter but with a wrestling twist, Slam Masters focuses on the explosively popular professional wrestling scene within the Street Fighter world, and the inner federation wars between two of its greatest organizations: the Capcom Wrestling Association (CWA) and the Blood Wrestling Association (BWA).

Rival Schools[]

Set in the Tokyo area municipality of Aoharu City, Rival Schools is a fighting game series evocative of school setting martial arts shounen manga and anime. A city renowned for its youth education and schooling, Aoharu soon becomes the center of a great battle between high schools regarding mysterious kidnappings and assaults on its students, and the quest of its students in turn aiming to unravel a great mystery to bring the perpetrators responsible to justice.

Series possibly set in the same universe[]

Captain Commando[]

The 1991 science fiction beat 'em up game Captain Commando is generally assumed to take place in the future of the Street Fighter universe due to its numerous references to Final Fight, such as being set in Metro City and Ginzu being mentioned to have been trained in Bushinryu. However, in Yuta Homura's Shadaloo C.R.I. profile, it states that he can clear a game of Captain Commando with Mack the Knife in a single credit on the arcade, which draws this into question.[1]


Street Fighter character Zeku shares many similarities and thematic elements with Hiryu, the main protagonist of Capcom's Strider action game series, as noted in the former's character biography. Because of these connections, it is theorized that the Strider series exists within the same shared universe as the Street Fighter series. Additionally, Hiryu was originally intended to be featured in Capcom Fighting All-Stars, the only member of a series with no direct connections to the Street Fighter franchise to do so. Whether or not the connections between the series are intended to convey a shared universe or if they are simply referential in nature is unconfirmed, however.

Red Earth[]

In the Japanese only Street Fighter V Arcade Edition - A Visionary Book II, Street Fighter V's director Takayuki Nakayama states that the crystal ball Menat owns is called the "Left Eye of the Lion", which was created from a product of a god-beast believed to have once protected the phantom desert kingdom of Alanbird. Alanbird (Sangypt in the English version) is one of the nations in Red Earth. And the name of her crystal ball is a reference to the Egyptian deity Sekhmet, who carries a lioness appearance and the epithet "Eye of Ra". Red Earth features its own version of Sekhmet, the lion chimera-like living statue Secmeto (known as Ravange in English) whose name is just a misromanization of Sekhmet (both are written the exact same in Katakana), and official material for the game has referred to Secmeto specifically as a "god-beast", using the same kanji as in the commentary.[2]


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