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"Street fighting is all about analysis, prediction and reaction. That's it."

Street fighting is a core concept and martial arts methodology central to the Street Fighter series.


Regardless of the multiple names and variants (Underworld Brawling, Jailhouse rock, Bare-knuckle boxing, etc, and even self defense), Street fighting proper is a form of hand to hand combat in where an individual faces another opponent formally or informally in a nearby setting. Unlike sport fighting, street fighting entails an "everything goes" situation which is avoidable and can be regulated with certain codes of conduct, but in where there are potentially no ground rules to hold back combatants and nothing is barred, be it from fighting styles to weaponry, to allow the fighters to win.

As a form of fighting, street fighting in its "purest" form is usually a mix of boxing, kickboxing and amateur wrestling. Almost any other fighting styles, techniques and martial arts a fighter has seen or learnt can also been used, but these three are the most popular and thus easier to learn/watch.

Due to its imagery as unrestrained conflict, street fighting is also associated with extreme forms of self defense and a great accumulation and application of street smarts and survival tactics, including using the nearest surroundings for any advantage, adapting makeshift weapons with whatever is near, and drawing out enemy weakness, be it through psychology or exploiting weak points. This is due to the previously aforementioned so-called "street rules", where, for a lack of words, anything goes; there are very few, if any, rules that are followed and there is very little chance of a fair fight, as one fighter might have to take on unforeseen scenarios and chances that may be against them in some way and form. This may range from facing someone with more experience, using a martial arts style that has an advantage over them or have not seen before, or is stronger and fitter in form; in some of the more dangerous and intense scenarios, this includes facing someone who's intoxicated, has a weapon, has a group of friends ready to fight, or intends to kill.

Historically, while street fighting pertains a modern and urban image to its vernacular connotations, it should be noted that the martial arts and the need of them on travel have always existed hand in hand in the world of mankind since the dawn of history. Even in olden times, whether it be bandits and highwaymen, to even an overeager member of the warrior caste hoping to strike down another to make a name for themselves or to test out their might and skills on an unsuspecting passerby, the need for self defense and facing other warriors as a probable danger on one's travels was still a possible, if not more occurring scenario within these periods.

Depiction in the Street Fighter universe[]

Street Fighter series[]

Within Street Fighter proper, the street fights themselves as depicted within the series usually range from a mix of sport tournament fighting, formal dueling, and street fighting proper. Though formal in that it is an organized global competition and that fights are not allowed for the intentional death of participants, competing fighters within Street Fighter tournaments can choose whatever locale they wish to fight at, and it is presumed that the many playable characters are master martial artists, extremely skilled and experienced fighters, prodigies of martial arts, and powerful rising newcomers who have shown to hold their own in both formal martial arts duels and the extremes of self defense.

Final Fight series[]

Within Final Fight, street fighting as depicted within the series is shown in the more intense form of street fighting, being that of urban combat and anti gang hand to hand warfare. Fighting within the series entails also a strategic and tactical approach to take out gangs, as well as the use of weapons, including guns and hand bombs than formal dueling, as the need to be aware of one's surroundings is crucial in a one against many gang fight.

Known Practitioners[]


Out of all the playable fighters, Cody is arguably considered the one most associated with the concept of street fighting.

Although most characters will generally qualify as street fighters, Cody in all versions in particular is associated with this concept.