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Strike Back is Cammy's V-Reversal in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V Arcade-Stick-Right+Arcade Button Kick x3 (During guard)


Executed by pressing forward and all three kicks after blocking an attack, Cammy spins behind the opponent and delivers a kick to knock them backwards.



Cammy using Strike Back to put Chun-Li back in the corner.

Like most V-Reversals, the purpose is to stop opponent's pressure or to get out of tough situations. Cammy's Strike Back is a solid escape option. While it doesn't lead into a combo, she can turn the tide and bring the pressure back to them. If her opponent has her trapped in a corner, she can use her V-Reversal to switch sides with her opponent.

Care must be taken with the distance of the opponent. Characters with long pokes or those that can manipulate their hurtboxes can bait this move, due to it's unique attacking angle. It is also -6 on block. If her opponent anticipates her V-Reversal and successfully defends it, they can punish Cammy with a full damaging combo.