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Artwork of the Sumo Headbutt in the Street Fighter II series.

"Dosukoi! (ドスコイ!?)"
—Edmond Honda using his Sumo Headbutt technique

The Sumo Headbutt (スーパー頭突き Suupaa Zutsuki?, "Super Headbutt"), sometimes known by its informal nickname "Sumo Torpedo", is one of E. Honda's special attacks, introduced along with him in Street Fighter II.

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Executed by charging backwards and then pressing forward and punch, Honda launches himself head-first towards the opponent in a horizontal trajectory like a flying torpedo (hence its "nickname" above), while shouting his signature sumo battle cry. Upon making contact with his opponent (on hit or on block), E. Honda performs a front flip, landing back on his feet.


The startup, speed and distance traveled are determined by the punch button used: light punch version starts the quickest but flies the slowest and goes about one third of the screen (also grants some invincibility at startup, and is safe on block); medium punch version starts slower but flies faster and goes roughly three fourths of the screen; and heavy punch version starts the slowest, but flies the fastest and travels the whole screen. In the Street Fighter IV series the move has gained armor breaking properties.

The EX Special version introduced in Street Fighter IV starts faster than the light punch version (giving Honda larger invincibility frames during the startup), flies faster than the heavy punch version (while also covering the same distance) and is also much safer on block. He also yells the attack's name while doing that. E. Honda gains one-hit of armor during the EX Sumo Headbutt.

The move's main uses are to travel safely above ground-based attacks, finish combos and get closer to opponents faster (or away from them if they are airborne), as long as there is not any projectile or higher-priority move, such as the Shoryuken, at the ready to counter it.


  • In the original World Warrior version, the hitbox of this attack had higher priority than Blanka's Rolling Attack 1-on-1 and would trade with M. Bison's Psycho Crusher, which was a good situation for Honda as both attacks would make the users take double damage. In later games, the Sumo Headbutt and Rolling Attack would have the same priority and would both lose to the Psycho Crusher.

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