The Sumo Smash (スーパー百貫落とし Sūpā Hyakkan Otoshi?, "Super Hundred Kan Drop"), also known as the Sumo Splash and informally as the "Butt Slam", is one of E. Honda's special attacks, introduced in Street Fighter II': Hyper Fighting.

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Executed by charging down and then pressing up and kick, E. Honda soars diagonally forwards into the air before performing a front flip in midair and descending buttocks-first vertically toward the ground.


How far upwards and forwards Honda soars before slamming down is determined by the kick button used. The Light and Medium kick versions can also hit standing or airborne opponents (with Honda's head or back) during the jump animation; in addition, the descent is always an overhead attack.


The EX Special version introduced in the Street Fighter IV series executes both parts of the move in very fast succession and hits twice (on the way up and again during the descent), regardless of the standing opponent's height. The jump itself has a wider angle while the descent deals more damage. In Street Fighter V, the ascent can be controlled during the EX version. E. Honda is also invincible to throw attacks during the startup frames of EX Sumo Smash. Additionally, only the EX version puts E. Honda plus on block, making it a decent escape tool.

The attack can hit the opponent while Honda rises and while he crashes down, making it more difficult, though certainly not impossible, to counter in mid-execution than some other aerial moves such as the Shoryuken, which leaves the user vulnerable during descent.

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