The Sunburst (サンバースト, San Baasuto) is one of Ingrid's Super Combos in Capcom Fighting Evolution and in Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX.

All appearances Arcade Stick QCFArcade Stick QCF + Arcade Button Punch


Exeuted by performing two quarter-circle forward motions and pressing punch, Ingrid fires an advanced version of Sunshot, which explodes on impact or after a short distance. This move has a total of 5 hits.


The movement of the fireball is slow (similar to Psycho Stream and Yoga Catastrophe), and the explosion impacts half the screen, which is perfect for mid-screen or anti-air battles. While Sunburst is a fast damaging Super Combo that takes up 1 level of the meter, it takes time to reach the opponent. Parrying or using Ultimate Guard makes it a two-hit attack.



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