Sunset Wheel (サンセットホイール Sansetto Hoīru) is one of Laura's special attacks, introduced in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V Arcade Stick HCB+Arcade Button Kick

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Laura putting Cammy in a Shoulder Lock during Sunset Wheel.

Executed by performing a half-circle back motion and any kick button, Laura grabs a hold of her opponent and hits them with a debilitating elbow strike to the underside of their arms. Next, Laura swings her opponent on her shoulders and performs a high-flying somersault, rotating herself several times in midair. Laura then slams her opponent back-first to the ground, locking them in a devastating Shoulder Lock.

The strength of the punch button indicates the number of somersaults Laura does in the air before slamming her opponent into the ground. During the Light version, Laura flips over once. During the Medium version, Laura flips over twice. During the Heavy version, Laura somersaults three times. The EX version has Laura flipping herself and her opponent four times before slamming them to the ground and isolating their shoulder joint.

Tactics Edit


Laura striking Cammy's arm before performing Sunset Wheel.

This is a great command throw that has a fast startup and inflicts more damage than any of Laura's normal throws. However, all of her command throws have a lot of recovery frames, leaving Laura defenseless if she whiffs. It is commonly used for whiff punishing, after a Standing Light Punch or Medium Thunder Clap. It can even be used to surprise her opponent's by quick approaches after her V-Skill, Light Bolt Charge or even after a reset.

Because it's a command grab, this move cannot be blocked. It is great for keeping the opponent guessing, as well as utilizing tick throws. With it's fast startup, she can use this move to break down their defenses and deal a large chunk of damage at the same time. Laura can condition her opponent to constantly block her offensive pressure and frametrap normals, and surprise them with her command throw. A common tactic is to use Laura's Thunder Clap to create an opening for her to dash in and grab the opponent.

Additionally, the strength of the punch button determines the move's range and damage  The Light version has the longest range, but inflicts the least amount of damage. The Heavy version inflicts the most damage, but has the shortest range. During the EX version, the move starts up with a short dash that's similar to her V-Skill, allowing Laura to close the distanced before performing the Sunset Wheel. This is highly effective when the opponent is blocking Laura's Thunder Clap. She can dash in and catch the opponent off-guard at an unexpected distance. However, this move has no armor and can be stuffed if the opponent reads it correctly.

By utilizing her command throws to pressure the opponent, Laura can break down their defense and shut down their offense.

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