The Super Armor (スーパーアーマー), also simply referred to as "Armor", is a property that certain attacks in the Street Fighter series and other fighting games have.


Streetf4 fei long 001

In Super Street Fighter IV, Fei Long uses Super Armor to absorb Ryu's Hadoken.

Introduced to the main games in the Street Fighter III series, Super Armor, grants the ability to absorb a single attack without being hurt or even being stunned. Such an ability is bestowed by certain EX Special attacks and, in the Street Fighter IV series, by Focus Attacks (where the manual refers to it as Hyper Armor).

When struck while employing Super Armor, the armor disappears, and a portion of the user's Health Meter is greyed out as provisional damage, instead of losing it outright. The health meter recovers gradually to what it was, with health slowly filling the grey segment if the player is not hit again; however, if the player is hit and suffers damage, the amount of health represented by the grey segment which has not yet recovered is permanently lost, as well as whatever other damage the second attack inflicts.

One of its most advantageous qualities is that the being hit once does not interrupt whatever attack the armored character is performing. However, in addition to having the armor broken by a series of repeated jabs or the like, the user must also beware throws (which do not strike, and thus bypass the armor) and certain special attacks which possess the Armor Break property, explained below.

Armor Break

In the Street Fighter IV series, Armor Break attacks are introduced. Each character has at least one Armor Break attack (such as M. Bison's Psycho Crusher or Guile's Flash Kick). Moves with this property completely ignore Super Armor and deal damage normally.

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