Super Bison is a powered-up version of M. Bison that appears in the arcade version of Street Fighter: The Movie, as the final boss in the game's secret Tag Team mode.

He is fought in a night-time version of the Temple Ruins stage. He cannot be selected, unless cheats are used.


After being defeated by the player's two characters, Bison is revived by his computer, gaining more strength in the process.


His appearance is identical that of the normal Bison, except that he wears a black outfit with gray gloves and knee pads.


He was inspired by the movie's post-credits scene, which shows Bison's hand rising from the rubble after his fight with Guile.[1]


Super Bison retails all of his normal form's attacks, is noticeably faster, and deals slightly more hits and damage. He can use all of his special moves in mid-air, and he also gains a mid-air sliding kick, resembling his crouching hard kick.

When controlled by a human player by accessing him through third party cheat devices, his special moves require less "charge" time.


  • Despite not being officially selectable, Super Bison appears in the game's audits menu alongside the other playable characters, and has his own character slot.
  • Beating the game with him through cheats reveals an unused ending for Blanka.
  • In the Movie Battle mode in the home version of Street Fighter: The Movie, Bison's computer revives him in the same way after his defeat, and he has to be defeated twice. This, however, has no effect in gameplay, unlike in the arcade version.
  • Super Bison is the equivalent of Bison II from Street Fighter EX.


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