Ibuki Super Charge small

Ibuki super charging her Raida

The Super Charge is a gameplay mechanic introduced in Street Fighter X Tekken. Each character has an already-existing special attack that is given the ability to be Super Charged. They are similar to Focus Attacks, due to the charging mechanics.


Super Charges are performed by holding down the button during input (e.g. holding punch during Ryu's Hadoken). Naturally, charging causes the attack to do more damage, and may even change properties if charged long enough (the maximum being 3 levels), though this leaves the user vulnerable.[1]

Ibuki Super Charge EX

Ibuki hitting Ling Xiaoyu with her Medium Kick then canceling into her EX Raida, holding the buttons to Super Charge. EX attacks that are super charged require significantly less time for the Super to come out and immediately get the Counter Hit benefits when dash canceled.


  • Level 1 - The move is performed as normal. If an attack is canceled into the EX special that allows Super Charge and held then the EX super charge bypasses this step.
  • Level 2 - The move becomes an EX Special, though it does not take up any portion of the Cross Gauge and the character does not become yellow. EX Specials can also be performed normally and then charged.
  • Level 3 - The move becomes the character's Super Art, though it still does not take up any portion of the Cross Gauge.

Due to how the level mechanics work, only the "basic" versions of Super Arts are chargeable (e.g. Ryu's Hadoken can be Super Charged into a Shakunetsu Hadoken, and then a Shinku Hadoken).

Dash CancelEdit

The charge can also be canceled via dashing; if a Level 2 Charge is dash canceled, the next attack the user performs will be a Counter Hit. This property can make certain normals crumple, stagger or ground bounce. It can also lead some attacks combo that otherwise not combo.

Side Benefits Edit

Dudley Super Charge

Dudley using his Super Charge's secondary effect to avoid Ryu's projectiles.

Some Super Charges can have unique side benefits from character to character, with some making the act of super charging itself more desired than fully charging a super. Zangief and Hugo both get 1 point super armor during their super charges and can do damage after absorbing a hit. Dudley can avoid Fireballs with his Super Charge.

List of Super Charge movesEdit

To see all moves that can be Super Charged, see List of moves in Street Fighter X Tekken.



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