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The Super Jump is an ability introduced to the Street Fighter series in Street Fighter III: New Generation. This mechanic later became exclusive to two characters in the Street Fighter IV series.


Ibuki's Super Jump in action

Characters in the Street Fighter III series can execute a super jump by pressing down just before jumping in any direction. In the Street Fighter IV series, only Crimson Viper and Ibuki would be able to super jump, as well as cancel into them. The jump apex reached is higher than a regular jump.


Super jumps can be used to retreat or to gain ground. Certain moves can be super jump canceled, allowing players to follow their juggled opponents to land follow-up hits. (E.g., the last hit of Chun-Li's Houyoku Sen in 3rd Strike can be super jump canceled, allowing her to tag her opponent with a jumping normal move.)

Ibuki using her Super Jump Canceling ability to give Pandora to her partner

Combo potential is not only subject to follow opponents in juggles. The super jump can be canceled in it's pre-jump frames. E.g., Chun-Li can super jump cancel her close heavy kick and Super Cancel before she leaves the ground. Also, off of certain normal moves, Crimson Viper and Ibuki can combo into Burst Time and Hashinsho respectively.

A Super Jump has 20 recovery frames after landing on the ground. It is recommended that a super jumping player do any normal attack as it reduces their recovery significantly from 20 to 4. Furthermore, only the first pre-jump frame for Ibuki and Viper is immune to Grabs and Throws, making this a poor defensive option


  • A Super Jump Cancel should not be confused with a Jump Cancel, the main difference is that a Super Jump Cancel requires the "Down Up" input to super jump out of while a jump cancel simply will cancel by holding up when the action connects.
  • So far, all retainers of the Super Jump ability have been female in the main series of games.
  • The Super Jump should not be confused with a Wall Jump, in which the character jumps off the wall, compared to a higher normal jump of the Super Jump.