Super Russian Kick is Zangief's second V-Skill in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V Arcade-Button-MPunch+Sf3 kick medium
(Punch hold to change properties)
(While Punch hold, perform a step to cancel)

Description Edit


Executed by pressing Medium Punch and Medium Kick simultaneously, Zangief pumps himself up and stomps violently on the ground as his entire body turns red to symbolize his intensity. By holding down the buttons, Zangief further charges the move for half a second. On maximum charge or upon release of the buttons, Zangief sidesteps toward his opponent and delivers a sidekick. If no directional input or button is pressed, Zangief performs his signature pose by pointing to the sky with both fingers before dropping back in his stance.


This move can be treated like a Focus Attack from Street Fighter IV. During the startup frames of the move, Zangief gains one-hit of armor as he's charging up the kick. Unlike his charged Standing Heavy Punch, Zangief has full body armor. This allows him to power through jumping attacks, as well as low attacks. While holding the Medium Punch and Medium Kick, Zangief can dash forward or backwards to cancel the charge. While absorbing the hit, Zangief's forward movement potentially puts him in range for a quick punish. On the other hand, the safer option is to release Medium Punch and Medium Kick to attack the opponent as they are recovering.

Super Russian Kick gives Zangief a decent mid-range attack. While the damage by itself isn't very high, it puts him at +3 on hit. On block, Zangief is at -4, which leaves him somewhat vulnerable unless properly spaced.

However, it's the fully charged version that is more rewarding. In order to perform it, Medium Punch and Medium Kick must be held for a total of 98-frames. While the range is still the same as the uncharged version, it inflicts more damage and causes a wall bounce on hit. After bouncing off of the wall, the opponent returns to Zangief in a free juggle state, allowing him to follow-up with any of his normals to put them in a standing reset. He can follow-up with Head Butt or Double Lariat for a hard knockdown and okizeme. He can also go for optimal damage with EX Borscht Dynamite. If the opponent blocks the fully charged Super Russian Kick, it causes a guard break. Like all guard breaks in Street Fighter V, it scales the damage output to 60%.

Zangief can cancel his second V-Skill into his V-Triggers. This makes his second V-Trigger even more of a threat, even on block. Even though the damage is scaled, Zangief can score a knockdown with Double Lariat and walk forward to put his opponent in a scary mix-up situation where they are forced to guess what move he's about to do next. With Cossack Muscle active, his command grab gets a huge increase in damage, which can keep Zangief's opponent on their heels or force them to make an incorrect guess.

While his first V-Skill gives Zangief more hits of armor and the faster recovery, Super Russian Kick is more suitable against opponents who try to keep him at a distance with mid-range pokes.


  • This attack is based off of a common wrestling move known as the Superkick. It is famously the finisher of WWE Hall of Famer, Shawn Michaels, who calls it Sweet Chin Music and occasionally adds theatrics before using the move. The Young Bucks also use the move as a tag team, as well as The Usos and the female WWE wrestler Carmella.


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