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Street Fighter characters M. Bison and Juri as Bryan Fury and Zafina respectively.


Tekken characters Christie Monteiro and Lei Wulong as Juli and Dan respectively.

The Swap Costume is an alternate costume designed for the playable characters of Street Fighter X Tekken, available as part of a Downloadable Content (DLC) package.


Each side's costumes are inspired by the other franchise; alternate costumes for Street Fighter characters are based off Tekken, and vice versa. Several of the Swap Costumes directly copy - or else are inspired by - the costume of another character of the opposing side. Capcom's official Japanese website has a rumor section accompanying several pictures, providing the source of inspiration for each costume.

The five PS3 and PS Vita exclusive characters (Mega Man, Pac-Man, Cole, Toro and Kuro) do not have Swap Costumes, nor alternate costumes.


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Unused Swap Costume[]


  • Some Swap Costumes are based on versions of characters rather than the specific character in the game. Examples include Ibuki's, it is based off Yoshimitsu's Tekken 5 era outfit and Ling Xiaoyu having Chun-Li's Alpha timeline outfit.
  • Chun-Li and Yoshimitsu are both tied with 2 characters of the opposite franchise being based on them.
  • Cross gender costumes are also in the game. Rufus having his Swap Costume based off Angel and Nina Williams having her Swap Costume based off Rolento.
  • Swap Costumes were not released for the post release DLC characters in the PC steam edition (alternate outfits were not included at all).
  • Before the added decorations and hat, Ibuki's swap outfit bares a resemblance to how Ibuki looked without her ninja top in one of her SFIII winposes. The biggest difference is the top is extended to look more like a leotard similar to Cammy.
  • Steve's Swap Costume may be a reference to a real-life Irish boxer also named Charlie Nash. This is further evidenced by his pants resembling the Irish flag.
  • An unused outfit for Ibuki suggest her originally planned swap Namco character would have been Nina Williams.
  • While Ibuki's swap is Yoshimitsu, he has an unused outfit that is the other way around and would have been him dressed as her.
  • Ling Xiaoyu's originally planned swap outfit was going to be Poison. It was probably scrapped as Lili's own swap ended up being based on Poison's instead and it would have had two characters based on the same.
    • Though it should be noted that both Julia and Xiaoyu ended up having swaps based on Chun-Li. In this instance one is based on the Chun-Li in game and the other (Xiaoyu) ended up being based on another version of her being Chun's Alpha outfit.. A similar instance happened with Yoshimitsu where Vega and Ibuki both got outfits based on him but Vega's is based on the game's version and Ibuki's is based on his Tekken 2 appearance.
  • An unused swap outfit for Poison would have been Anna Williams, the younger sister of Nina Williams who appears in the game.